Thoughts on effective parent-child communication courses

Talk about the key points and don’t nag. Nagging is a powerful weapon in destroying parent-child communication. The child will be very disgusted when he talks endlessly like Tang Monk behind the child\’s buttocks. By explaining things clearly and simply, children can better understand what went wrong and what to do next. More suggestions, less criticism. Excessive criticism and accusations can only destroy a child\’s self-esteem and enthusiasm. It\’s wrong to always scold your children, that\’s not okay. Children will only feel denial and blow, and they will have no motivation to get better. If you want your child to get better, give him more positive suggestions so that he has a clearer direction for improvement. Emotions first, problems later. When a child is unwilling to study or performs poorly, first pay attention to the child\’s emotional problems, ask him if he has encountered any difficulties, and what parents can help him with, so that the child can understand It will be better to ask specific questions after the parents are concerned and concerned about him, so that the communication effect will be better. Talk about things as they are, without labeling. Some parents habitually treat people wrongly when criticizing their children. If their children do a calculation question wrongly in a test, they will say that their children are careless. If their children lie once, they will say that their children are liars. etc. . As time goes by, the child\’s evaluation of himself will become lower and lower, and it is very likely that he will become the person his mother said he was. The most effective complete set of video courses on parent-child communication and coordination skills is written at the end: A good communication model can greatly promote the parent-child relationship. On the contrary, the wrong communication method is a major killer of destroying the parent-child relationship. Therefore, we must always reflect and actively improve the way we communicate with our children!

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