Three golden periods of baby brain development, missing them will affect your life

The brain of a newborn baby is not yet mature, but between 1 and 4 months after birth, the brain begins to change rapidly, and some new skills are constantly being developed. When a child reaches about two years old, his brain capacity has reached 75% to 80% of that of an adult. At about seven years old, it is basically mature. Whether a person is smart or not is not only related to heredity and genes, but also has an inseparable connection with the training and education of his parents. Brain development has \”stages\”, so if you want your children to become smart, the role of parents is crucial. Parents seize the golden period of baby\’s brain development and turn on the child\’s intelligence switch. It will be difficult for the child to think smart or not. There are three \”golden stages\” in baby brain development. \”Come on, baby, look here…does it look good? Yes, it looks good.\” Ever since Liu Li gave birth to her child, she seemed to be in a daze, talking to herself to her child every day. , this time my best friend couldn\’t hold it in any longer, and couldn\’t help but say one more thing: \”What\’s the point of asking endless questions and answers to your seven-month-old child all day long? He doesn\’t understand anything. Just hold her quietly and make sure the child doesn\’t cry or make fuss. Why are you still asking and answering questions to him? As for it?\” After hearing what her best friend said, Liu Li also explained it very seriously: \”Don\’t look at it. He is only seven months old and can\’t speak yet, but now is a critical period for children\’s brain development. We must interact with our children so that we can develop their brains and make their brain cells more active, and the children will also be able to do so in the future. Smarter, that\’s why I keep chattering to him, asking and answering questions.\” After hearing Liu Li\’s explanation, her best friend nodded in realization, but she didn\’t expect that there was this reason. I believe many mothers have heard the phrase \”the golden period of baby\’s brain development\”, but which stage is this golden period? How should parents grasp the golden period to make their children\’s brains develop more soundly and their IQs be higher? Next, we will take a closer look at the three main golden critical periods. Parents must keep them in mind and help their children turn on the \”smart switch.\” The first stage: 3 to 6 months of pregnancy (brain cells grow rapidly) The first stage is 3 to 6 months of pregnancy, before the child is born. A complete collection of 399 nutritional recipes for children aged 0 to 4 years old. Healthy babies are what they eat. When the fetus grows to 3 to 6 months, the brain undergoes the first stage of development. 250,000 brain cells grow rapidly per minute, so pregnant mothers We must seize this critical period and do the following three things. •Pregnant mothers should supplement nutrition to ensure healthy and balanced nutrition. •Properly carry out prenatal education and interact with the baby during pregnancy. •Pregnant mothers should maintain a soothing mood, which is helpful for fetal brain development. Second stage: 6 months after birth. ~ 3 years old (the sensory system is gradually taking shape) The second stage is from the sixth month after the child is born to the age of three. At this stage, the child\’s expression ability may not be mature yet, and all aspects of development are still incomplete. But it is precisely this stage that is a critical stage for children’s brain development, including the gradual formation of sensory systems. At this stage, parents, especiallyThe following two points must be grasped. •Interact more with children to stimulate brain development •Develop children\’s brains reasonably and engage in educational games appropriately The third stage: 3 to 6 years old (explosion of talent and logic) Speaking of the third stage, it is the child\’s 3 to 6 years old Years old, this stage is the stage where children’s talent and logic explode. When entering this stage, many parents will feel a headache. Children of this age are relatively naughty, and parents find it difficult to discipline them. However, the more naughty and active a child is, the more \”active\” the brain is, which means the smarter the child is. Parents should never forcefully discipline and restrain their children. They should let nature take its own course, give full play to their children\’s strengths, and train them appropriately. When children are at this stage, parents should pay attention to the following two points. •Respect and protect children\’s curiosity and tap their potential. Children\’s thinking space ability is based on their unlimited imagination, and an unconstrained brain makes it easier for children to use their imagination. When children become curious, parents should respect their children\’s ideas and provide scientific explanations. They can try to let their children think at a deeper level, so that their children will become smarter and smarter. • Let children have more contact with the outside world and make children\’s brains more active. Let children have more contact with nature and the world. Their horizons will be wider, which will be of great help in improving children\’s thinking ability. Take a look at the above three stages, have you mastered them? Although a child\’s intelligence is closely related to the genetics of his parents, his nurture is also crucial. Parents can make their children smarter by seizing the three golden periods of their children\’s brain development and using scientific education methods. Finally, I hope that every child can grow up healthily and become outstanding talents under the scientific training of his parents.

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