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Three major signs that you have entered the basin


Dec 1, 2023 #fetal period

When the baby reaches a certain stage of growth in the mother\’s belly, it will begin to enter the basin. Pelvic insertion refers to the entry of the baby\’s head into the mother\’s pelvis, which is an important step before delivery. It is very important for expectant mothers to understand the three major signs that the baby has entered the pot. Now, let us take a look at these three major signs. Sign 1: Abdominal shape changes After the baby enters the basin, you may find that the shape of your abdomen has changed significantly. The originally round belly may become slightly saggy, and the highest point of the abdomen may also drop. This is because after the baby\’s head enters the pelvis, the position of the entire body moves downward. Sign 2: Frequent urination. After the baby enters the pelvis, it will put more pressure on the mother\’s bladder, making the phenomenon of frequent urination more obvious. You may find that you need to go to the bathroom more often, especially at night. This is because when the bladder is squeezed, the space for storing urine becomes smaller. Sign 3: Breathing becomes easier. After the baby enters the basin, the mother\’s diaphragm moves up and the lung space becomes larger, which will make you feel that breathing becomes much easier. You may find that you don\’t get out of breath as easily as before. What is the Life Guide for Pregnant Women and Expectant Mothers PDF The above are the three major signs that the baby has entered the uterus. Expectant mothers should pay close attention to their body changes. If you have these signs, congratulations, your baby is ready for delivery. However, every mother\’s condition is different, so these signs may not appear at the same time or be obvious. At this critical moment, expectant mothers should maintain a relaxed attitude, trust their bodies, and trust their babies\’ abilities. At the same time, remember to communicate with the doctor in time, follow the doctor\’s advice, and be prepared for delivery. Finally, I would like to end this article with a classic saying: \”Mother\’s love is the greatest power in the world.\” I wish every expectant mother a smooth delivery and a healthy and lovely baby!

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