To parents: If you don’t want to harm your children, don’t be too nice to them [Good in-depth article]

How terrible is meticulous love? Many parents in Chinese families believe that love is a kind of meticulous care. Therefore, many parents will do their best to treat their children well and give them loving care when their children are growing up. But many parents have never thought that this kind of love that makes their children feel extremely comfortable is actually a \”trap.\” Once a child is trapped, it will be difficult to get out and control his future life! Once upon a time, the news about a master\’s degree from a prestigious school who stayed at home and grew old changed the outlook of many people. It is said that David, a 48-year-old man, has been a top student since he was a child and even received a master\’s degree in engineering from a prestigious Canadian university. However, after he returned to China after completing his studies, he refused to work and stayed at home every day. He lives a life of sleeping during the day and playing games at night, relying on the pension of his elderly mother who suffers from uremia. His mother regretted her son\’s situation today: \”I did not educate him correctly and took care of everything. He grew up with everything ready-made and became accustomed to dependence…\” The greatest tragedy of family education is that we try our best but fail to raise a grateful child. A child, but a giant baby. If parents always treat their children with the mentality of holding their children in their hands for fear of falling or holding them in their mouths for fear of melting, and give their children meticulous care, they may eventually push their children into the abyss of pain. In the end, the victims are not only the children, but also the parents themselves. I particularly agree with one sentence: If children do not endure hardship in childhood, parents will endure hardship in their later years! Therefore, in order not to raise a \”giant baby\”, parents must let go of their children as soon as possible and be willing to let their children suffer more. Every child has to go through some difficulties and setbacks as he grows up. If you have to do it for him, then the path you take for him will become a trap for him to fall into in the future. Tolerance without a bottom line is irresponsible indulgence. I once saw a sentence on the Internet: Tolerance without a bottom line is condoning evil, and kindness without principles is committing stupidity. Nowadays, many parents are tolerant of the mistakes made by their children without a bottom line. In fact, this is the process of condoning evil. A while ago, I read a piece of news on Weibo that made people laugh or cry. A man was fined 5,000 yuan and detained for 15 days for using a fake driver\’s license. The man\’s parents asked the traffic police: \”You have gone too far. He is still a child and only 31 years old! Why do you punish him so harshly?\” A 31-year-old man was still a child when his parents saw him? Their children made such a mistake and their parents were so confident. Who gave them the courage? If parents are infinitely tolerant of the mistakes their children make, do not teach their children what rules are, and do not cultivate their children\’s sense of awe, they will only allow their children to make bigger mistakes. Some people say that parents\’ indulgence is more harmful than the children\’s mistakes themselves. I deeply agree! Do you still remember the sensational \”Li Tianyi Case\”? If Li Tianyi\’s parents, Li Shuangjiang and Meng Ge, had not repeatedly allowed their son to make mistakes, maybe he would not have made a big mistake that would have led to him being imprisoned. As a parent, you must remember that the most indignant people in this world are children. When you love someone, you can be tolerant, but you can never be indulgent, especially for childrenIndulgence is harmful! Children sometimes make mistakes and are ignorant, but parents cannot be ignorant and cannot blindly use the excuse \”he is still a child\” to excuse their children. When children make mistakes, parents must promptly correct them and never give in to their children easily on issues of principle. Parents love their children for the long term, and short-sightedness is definitely not what parents should do. Before children reach adulthood, parents have the responsibility to teach their children what they can and cannot do, what is right and what is wrong. Parents should set rules for their children from an early age and prohibit their children from doing things that violate rules or violate laws and disciplines. If you don\’t want to harm your children, don\’t be too nice to them. Parents who are truly far-sighted will be a little \”cruel\” to some extent. The poet Yu Ge once said: \”You can give your children everything, but you can\’t give them life experiences, joys, sorrows, successes and setbacks.\” Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing did a good job at this point. Li Ka-shing\’s two sons, Li Zeju and Li Zekai, both graduated with honors from Stanford University in the United States. Li Ka-shing is a typical strict father. Although his family is rich, he never uses money to support his children. The family has a luxury car, but Li Ka-shing often takes his sons to ride bicycles and take buses. The two brothers were going to study in the United States. In order to train them, Li Ka-shing did not give them enough money, but bought each of them a bicycle. Li Ka-shing asked his son to work part-time to earn pocket money while studying abroad, just like other children. After graduation, Li Ka-shing did not arrange jobs for them, but asked them to go out alone to find jobs. He hopes his son will know that you have to make your own way, and if you want to get ahead, others can\’t help you and you can only rely on yourself to make progress. Facts have proved that Li Ka-shing’s approach is the way to truly enrich children. His approach to enrichment is to enrich children spiritually. Because of these valuable experiences, brothers Li Zeju and Li Zekai are both outstanding and successful in their careers. People who truly love their children do not just treat them well and give them material and financial satisfaction, but give them spiritual satisfaction. There is an old saying in China that a spoiled child is like killing a child. Many parents in China believe that if they love their children, they should try their best to give them the best. Little do they know that once this kind of love crosses the line, it will become a sharp sword that \”kills\” the child. Rousseau once said: \”Do you know what method you can use to make your child a miserable person? This method is to be obedient to him.\” So, if you don\’t want to harm your child, don\’t do your best to satisfy him. His request, instead of being good to him, was slowly destroying him. Parents who are truly far-sighted are a little ruthless. After all, parents cannot accompany their children for a lifetime. The best gift we can give our children is not the result directly obtained, but the method of success!

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