Top 10 most dangerous children\’s toys of all time: Never buy them for your children

Some time ago, the news that \”an 11-year-old boy from Ya\’an accidentally injured his 9-year-old cousin while playing with a modified nail gun and died after ineffective rescue efforts\” made people sigh. It was originally a play between children, but it ended up taking a life. This poor girl had just opened a corner of her life, but she died so unexpectedly under the muzzle of a black hole. The police report showed that the modified nail gun was suspected of violating the law. Currently, the boy\’s grandfather is \”suspected of illegal possession of firearms\” and has been subject to criminal coercive measures in accordance with the law. It is difficult for children to tell which toys are dangerous, not to mention that this is a modified tool gun, and its dangers are even more difficult to predict. As netizens said, this bloody lesson also serves as a wake-up call for every parent: Never modify toys without permission. If you are not careful, you may endanger your child\’s life and may even touch the bottom line of the law. As a parent, it is really not easy to raise a child safely. Children\’s toys alone can sometimes make an old mother feel heartbroken. Many toys in life may seem \”fun and interesting\”, but in fact they have \”hidden murderous intent\”. Children\’s safety is no small matter, and parents must keep their eyes open, take good care of things, and play the role of \”safety evacuators\” to help their children keep dangerous toys out of the house. 1 Water Gun I once watched a video about a water gun experiment. Experiments have found that the water gun can fire up to 10 rounds per second and can easily break eggs, smash apples, and even penetrate cartons within 1 meter. If the eye is shot, it may cause irreversible damage in severe cases! In addition to water guns, toy guns loaded with plastic bullets and pressurized water guns are also dangerous. There was once a woman who was shot in the forehead by a naughty child with a toy gun bullet. The bullet was embedded in the skin and was only 3 centimeters away from the eye. The range of the pressurized water gun can reach 10 meters. If it hits the eyes with such power, it may cause intraocular bleeding, glaucoma, and retinal tears! Before buying toys such as guns, you need to communicate with your children and try to only buy toy guns without bullets. Even so, you still need to tell your children the rules, they can only play at home, and they cannot shoot at people while playing. 2 Magnet Buck Balls are brightly colored magnetic buck balls that many children like to play with. However, once this kind of magnet toy is accidentally eaten by a child, it is very easy to cause lead and heavy metal poisoning, and the consequences are very terrible. There are news reports that a 6-year-old boy in Quanzhou accidentally swallowed three magnetic balls while playing with his classmates. The magnetic balls remained in the child\’s body for nine days before they were finally successfully removed, which almost caused the child\’s intestinal perforation and intestinal obstruction. In fact, many families have toys containing magnets, such as magnetic puzzles, magnetic building blocks, magnetic dart toys, magnetic drawing boards, etc. I have to emphasize here that if the child is still young, try to play with magnet toys for him as little as possible. In addition, children must be supervised when playing. If a child is found to have eaten by mistake, seek medical treatment immediately. 3 Water Baby Water Baby, also known as \”Ocean Baby\” and \”Water Fairy\”, is brightly colored and will bubble bigger and bigger when it comes into contact with water. It is very popular among children. It’s just that these toys, which look good and fun, will cause immeasurable damage to the child’s health once eaten by children. Someone once made such a measurement: the diameter of the newly bought Sea Baby is about 3mm, the weight is about 0.02g. After being put into water for 5 hours, the diameter becomes 16mm, and the weight changes from 0.02g to more than 2g, which is 145 times that before absorbing water! We cannot afford the slightest mistake from our children. As a parent, you must always warn your children to stay away from such dangerous toys. 4 Toothpick Crossbow How scary is the seemingly small and exquisite \”Toothpick Crossbow\”? Someone once did such an experiment, which can easily shoot through cardboard, burst balloons, and pierce watermelon rinds. When I replaced the toothpick with a sewing needle and shot the glass, although the needle bounced back, there were scratches on the glass surface. According to the speedometer measurement, after adding a metal head to the toothpick, the speed can reach 256 kilometers per hour, the effective range is more than 5 meters, and it can even penetrate glass lenses. In addition, there are some imitation weapon toys, such as Hou Yi\’s Bow, Jing Ke\’s Death Blade and other mini weapon models, which have a certain degree of \”lethal power\” and pose great safety risks. These sharp weapons disguised as \”toys\” are very likely to hurt themselves or other children. For the safety of all children, these toys must be purchased with caution. 5 Laser Pointer I saw this news on the Internet: A 12-year-old boy in Ningbo was almost blind because of playing with a laser pointer. Ophthalmologists say that high-power laser pointers are just like cutting machines. The red light emitted by the laser pointer is a kind of infrared ray. Once it hits the eyes, it will cause irreversible damage to the eyes. 6 Fingertip Spinner A fingertip spinner can spin rapidly in your hand, but do you know how harmful it can be once it comes into contact with human skin? Last year, an 11-year-old Australian boy was playing with a fidget spinner when he threw the top into the air. Unexpectedly, the top fell and hurt the corner of his eye. The boy was almost blind. Experiments have proven that a high-speed rotating \”fingertip spinner\” can easily peel the skin of an eggshell, even break it, and easily pierce a 3mm carton. In addition to fidget spinners, there is another rotating toy that may accidentally injure children, and that is the bamboo dragonfly. Some time ago, my son was playing with a bamboo dragonfly. When the bamboo dragonfly fell, it accidentally touched his face and made a 1 cm long scratch on his left cheek. 7 Queen Bee Baby Queen Bee Baby is a \”living toy\”. Some parents keep it as a \”pet\” for their children to play with. However, they do not know that this kind of living toy has certain safety risks. Bees, initially in the form of pupae, are packed in boxes and are euphemistically called \”baby queen bees\”. When placed in a warm environment, the pupa will metamorphose into a bee. Many children think \”keeping bees\” is fun, but in fact, bees are difficult to raise. Without professional protective equipment, they can easily be stung during the raising process. More importantly, these \”unknown origin\” bee pupae may carry a large number of germs, posing great risks in the spread of diseases. 8 The moment the electric man toy pulled out the chewing gum piece, he felt his fingers tingle, and when he picked up the can, he felt like he was getting an electric shock. Can you imagine what this is? These seemingly ordinary daily necessities such as chewing gum and cans are actually toys that can \”electrify people.\” Such players also include electrified Rubik\’s cubes, lighters, remote controls, pistols, and ballpoint pens. childKids often use it to make pranks. However, experiments have shown that the power of this toy can instantly release 300 volts, which is extremely lethal. 9 Stinky butt, Stinky butt, is a kind of prank toy that enjoys fooling others. If you press the rotten egg hard, it will explode and release a pungent smell of rotten eggs that will last for a long time. This pungent smell is toxic hydrogen sulfide. Inhaling a small amount can cause discomfort, while inhaling too much can cause coma or even death. Moreover, most of these toys are products without any safety guarantee. In addition, scented butt eggs and smoke bombs have the same principle as smelly butt eggs, and will bring hidden dangers to children\’s health. A \”naughty kid\” in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, threw a smoke bomb into a car parked on the roadside with its windows open. Unexpectedly, it ignited the car. A small smoke bomb burned a car into scrap metal… 10 Pocket Slingshot The pocket slingshot is a catapult toy that many children like to play. This kind of pocket slingshot is roughly composed of a metal interface and a latex leather bag, which can be filled with steel balls or arrows. If the marbles are made of clay, they can easily pop balloons and penetrate cans; if the marbles are made of steel, a 5mm porcelain plate will be shattered, and there will be obvious craters on the lightweight cement bricks. Hunan Satellite TV once conducted a \”pocket slingshot\” experiment. From the video, it can be seen that the pocket slingshot can easily punch through cans, knock off flying saucers, and break plates. Moreover, pocket slingshots also have a much longer range than traditional slingshots. Professional speedometer test: When an adult shoots steel balls with a pocket slingshot, the bullet speed can be close to 90 kilometers per hour, and the range can reach at least 30M. Experts warn that pocket slingshots are dangerous goods and should never be bought as \”children\’s toys\” for children to play with. Children’s safety is no small matter. According to the Accidental Injury Monitoring Network, accidental injuries are the leading cause of injury for children aged 0 to 14 in China. From 2000 to 2005, the average casualty rate of children aged 0 to 14 due to accidental injuries in my country was 20.1/100,000 people. On average, nearly 200,000 children lose their lives due to accidental injuries every year. The casualty rate of accidental injuries among children aged 0 to 14 in China is 2.5 times that of the United States and 1.5 times that of South Korea. These data are truly shocking. As parents, we must keep our eyes open, be more careful, teach our children safety education, and cut off these sources of danger at the source. Parents are also called guardians. They should not only provide their children with enough love and companionship so that they can grow soft feathers, but they should also transform into safety guards and teach them self-defense techniques so that they can grow hard armor. My child, of all the best things in this world, there is nothing better than peace for your whole life. In the face of children\’s safety, false alarm is always the best word. I hope all children will grow up safely and smoothly and never have the opportunity to experience the sufferings of the world.

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