Two-no-four wants to teach you how to cultivate your child’s self-confidence?

Cultivating a child\’s confident and independent character is crucial to his growth. An independent and confident child will be even better when he grows up. To raise an independent and confident child, parents only need to do the following four dos and two don\’ts. This is how American mothers teach self-confidence pdf electronic version download four essentials: 1. Let your children do their own things. Parents should teach their children to do their own things, instead of doing everything for them. Some parents may say that it is too hard for a child to do many things at such a young age, but anyone must go through some hardships before they can be truly independent. If parents don\’t let their children do anything, then they may not be able to do everything when they grow up, and they will be very dependent on their parents. Therefore, parents need to let their children learn to do their own things from an early age. For example, let him tidy up his room, wash his clothes, clean up, etc. Don\’t let your family\’s overindulgence cause your children to develop a mentality of being dependent on their parents and lose their hands-on ability. In the future, children will not understand anything when they live by themselves. How can such children be truly independent? Therefore, the first step in making your child independent is to let him learn to do his own things. 2. Let children face difficulties and challenges on their own. Suhomlinsky said: \”What children try to do when they grow up, they should be allowed to do it. Give children an environment for free development to help them better Grow up.\” Children are actually not as fragile as you think. Parents can allow them to face some difficulties and challenges in life on their own. Hu Ke once sent Anji and Xiao Yuer to the military camp for training, hoping to exercise their independence, let them understand what the rules are, and learn how to manage their emotions. Hu Ke was still worried at first and secretly visited them, only to find that the children could become more independent without their parents and dare to challenge some difficult projects. If you love your children, you should let them go, so that your children can become independent more quickly and become more confident. 3. Encourage and praise your children more. If you want your children to become more independent, you cannot be stingy in encouraging and praising your children. Only encouragement and praise can give children confidence and strength. Parents should have a pair of eyes that discover beauty, discover the right things their children do, and encourage and praise them. However, there are many parents in life who have too high expectations for their children and often act like an elder and blame their children. Parents think that this is the best education for their children, but they ignore the wonderful educational effect brought by praise. However, when encouraging and praising children, you need to pay attention to methods and methods. Praise must be \”moderate\” and \”with sufficient reasons.\” Praise cannot be made in general terms. It needs to have specific content and focus on praising the process of hard work, not just the results of hard work. The premise of praising children is to meet their needs and respect their ideas, not to meet the needs and ideas of their parents. 4. Believe in your children’s abilities. Many parents are afraid that their children will suffer losses or make mistakes, so they can’t help but help their children make decisions and give them too much guidance. But sometimes we have to give our children the right to make their own decisions. We should believe that our children haveAbility to solve everything, and adults\’ worries should not be projected on the child\’s growth process. \”Every time you learn, you gain wisdom.\” Only in the process of constantly correcting mistakes can children truly gain experience and become strong, open-minded, optimistic and confident. Only when parents try to let go will their children grow faster. We cannot underestimate our children\’s abilities. There are no children who cannot guide well, there are only parents who cannot guide them. If parents don\’t help their children with some things, they may do better and become more independent and assertive. Two Don’ts: 1. Don’t always compare your children with others. Parents, don’t always compare your children with others. You are doing harm to them. \”Other people\’s children\” have always been a problem in family education. This kind of education method used by parents seems to be to encourage children to learn from others, but it can easily make children feel inferior and frustrated, affecting their self-confidence. In fact, even if families don’t compare their children to others, they can’t help but compare themselves to other children. Children also have their own cognitive and evaluation systems. If parents compare their children with others, it will undoubtedly make things worse. This \”provoking method\” will also lower the image of parents in the minds of their children, causing children to distrust or even rebel against their parents. Parents should be good at discovering their children\’s strengths, believe that their children are excellent, leave praise to their children, and let them discover their own strengths and make up for their own shortcomings through praise. 2. Do not criticize or ridicule children in public. In the process of educating children, do not criticize or ridicule children in public to avoid psychological abnormalities and loss of self-confidence. Respecting your child and protecting his face is extremely important for your child\’s growth. After a child makes a mistake, parents should understand the child more and look at the problem from the child\’s perspective. You might as well listen to his thoughts first and then teach him to deal with the problem correctly. If parents criticize their children in public without understanding the reason, this will not only fail to solve the problem, but will make it worse. The child is likely to develop rebellious emotions as a result, and it will be even more difficult to make the child obedient in the future. Everyone has self-esteem, and parents should protect their children\’s self-esteem from an early age and criticize when necessary, but they should pay attention to the occasions when they criticize their children. When parents educate their children, they must want their children to become better, rather than trample on their children\’s self-esteem. Bearing in mind the history and culture and being confident that the complete collection of CCTV documentary films in ultra-high definition 1080P can fulfill the above four requirements and two requirements, I believe your children will become more and more independent and confident. If you love your child, start cultivating your child\’s ability to be independent from now on. Don\’t let him grow up in your doting.

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