Wait until you teach your child to use the phone rationally before letting him hold the phone

There is a view that it is precisely because of human laziness that various inventions have appeared and made our society so rich. If you think about it, it\’s quite right. Because they were too lazy to walk, people discovered cars; because they were too lazy to go upstairs, they discovered elevators; because they were too lazy to think about the reasons for success, Edison said that success depends on 99% sweat and 1% inspiration; and because they were too lazy to study, they dropped out of school. Only then did we have the Bill Gates we all know. That’s why some parents who are too lazy to save themselves from running from home to school directly buy mobile phones for their children, so that they can be contacted at any time. Therefore, as an educator, I often see that some children play with mobile phones regardless of night or day, resulting in a decline in academic performance and a mess in their eyesight. Even so, when parents were called and suggested that they confiscate their children\’s mobile phones, some parents disagreed, thinking that this was inevitable for the development of society and that it was convenient to contact them. At first glance, the parents’ reasoning sounds sufficient and reasonable. But they ignore one premise: they must understand who is convenient for holding a mobile phone, and their children must know how to use mobile phones reasonably. Otherwise, it will only facilitate the parents and ruin the children. Just like poppies are not all poison, mobile phones have their good sides too. But it is precisely the improper use of poppies that makes us avoid them like savage beasts, for fear of becoming addicted and unable to extricate ourselves. Mobile phones are actually poppies. They look beautiful and are convenient to use. However, if used improperly, they can only be time bombs that will blow up the user and destroy family ties. A high school boy, his father often visits him at school and brings him delicious food from time to time. He is always afraid of wronging the child and affecting his growth. Only because his old father had cancer and was being treated in the hospital, he had no time to communicate with his son. At that time, thinking about the convenience of contact, I bought a mobile phone for my child. As a result, my son played in a hazy manner and had already forgotten about his studies. After the teacher found out, he immediately called the parents to the school to negotiate and solve the problem. But at this time, students who have lost themselves in mobile phones do not think about study or family at all. They only have mobile phones in their hearts. When his father went to school to discuss the matter with the teacher, the child was still very impulsive. Even when his father asked him why he was using his mobile phone in class, he glared at his father through gritted teeth and kept muttering in a low voice: \”If you don\’t take your mobile phone, you won\’t go to school.\” In grief, the parent said pitifully: \”Your grandfather has cancer and is still in the hospital. How could you do this!\” The child said angrily: \”What, what\’s wrong with holding a mobile phone?\” Yes, you can\’t hold a mobile phone. How about it. But when the love for mobile phones has surpassed family ties and forgotten the pain of parents, then there is a problem. Let alone affecting learning, mobile phones are a big problem when they threaten parents or even destroy humanity. It is no longer a simple communication tool, but a demon that devours conscience. So parents, do you want to consider whether you can buy a mobile phone for your child because it is convenient for you to communicate? When Xiaojing first entered the school, she was a very sensible and good student. Although he is not very talented, he is diligent and studious. hourShe is often seen asking the teacher questions after class. During that time, her grades skyrocketed. Although he did not become the best student instantly, he was the student with the most room for improvement. Unfortunately, everything changed during one holiday. At the end of the winter vacation, her parents told her that they were going out to work. In order to facilitate contact, I decided to buy her a mobile phone. Although Xiaojing was reluctant to let her parents go out and couldn\’t bear them working so hard for her, she thought about her studies and thought that having a mobile phone could relieve the pain of missing her parents, so she reluctantly accepted her parents\’ arrangement. But soon, the teacher discovered that she often fell asleep in class and could not wake up no matter how she screamed. The teacher became suspicious of her situation. When I asked the students in the same dormitory, they said that she got under the covers very early, did not stay up late to study, and did not chat with them, so there shouldn\’t be a problem. The teacher was worried and communicated with her, but she flatly denied taking the mobile phone and only said that she was not in a good state recently and would naturally get better after correction. The teacher believed it, comforted her, and encouraged her, hoping that she could improve on her original performance. But everything is a beautiful expectation and cannot become reality. She remained sleepy and her grades plummeted. The teacher had no choice but to call the parents, who disapprovingly said that they had bought a mobile phone for their child. Could it be a problem with the mobile phone? Under questioning from her parents, Xiaojing admitted that she would get into bed every night, covered with a quilt, and read online romance novels on her mobile phone until one or two o\’clock in the evening when she got interested. The teacher asked the parents to confiscate the mobile phones. The parents also saw that if they did not accept this suggestion, the children\’s learning would only get worse, so they took the mobile phones home. But it didn\’t take long for the situation to improve, and she became lethargic again. When the teacher asked, she learned that her parents felt it was very inconvenient to have no phone between the two places, so they gave her their mobile phone instead. The teacher chatted with her, pointed out the disadvantages of playing with mobile phones, and encouraged her to give up her temporary confusion, cheer up, and start over. But the girl said disapprovingly: Teacher, you don’t need to persuade me. After reading the book for so long, I realized how stupid I am. I don’t want to live a life of exhausting work. I want to live my life in a relaxed way. As for the future, the future is still far away, that is not something I consider. The girl left very characteristically. No matter what method the teacher used, she refused to accept it. She only wanted to live the life described in the book. But we all know that Cinderella marrying the prince and living a happy life is just a beautiful fairy tale. In reality, if the real Cinderella does not have the ability to be independent, even if she marries a prince, she is destined to be abandoned. So, parents, have you considered using your mobile phone to find a rich husband for your children? If not, please take your phone back temporarily. In this society, just because parents selflessly protect their children, others in the society will not forgive a child who has no self-control without principles! In this society, parents will not save time and convenience because when their children get frustrated playing with mobile phones and achieve nothing, when they apply for a job and have no merit, parents can say on behalf of their children: In fact, he is very capable, just because play cell phonedelayed. When parents and children make mistakes, society will not tolerate them, and opportunities will not wait for them. When all the dust has settled, all the sorrow has become irreparable youth. If you, a parent, really need to give your child a mobile phone, please teach your child how to use it first. The mobile phone is a double-edged sword. It can stab the enemy sharply, and it can also stab oneself ruthlessly. The key to all this is who the arrow points to! Love your children and tell them that the mobile phone is just a tool that can make our lives more convenient. It is by no means a weapon to enslave us. Love your child and tell him that a thing can only exert its own value when it is used reasonably and scientifically for me. When it has lost its original appearance and reveals its ferocious face, trying to devour souls with conscience, it becomes a scourge. If you love your children, you should tell them that the communication of family affection is far greater than the comfort of a mobile phone. A hundred text messages on the mobile phone are not as good as doing something that makes parents feel relieved and happy. Each child\’s level of self-control and self-discipline is different. As he grows up, we must not only respect him, but also limit his reckless impulsive behavior when his mind is immature. So parents, when mobile phones may be eroding the minds of children and they are not aware of the harm, please put away the mobile phones.

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