Want your child to exceed genetic height? This mother has a secret, luckily she saw it early

Doudehui said: How to make their children grow taller is an anxious question for many parents, especially those who are not tall themselves. Today, the parent Doudehui introduced to you is only 1.56 meters tall. Her husband is 1.65 meters tall, but her 18-year-old son is 1.83 meters tall. How did she let her child grow so tall? Let’s take a look at her eighteen years of experience and observations below. I am 1.56 meters tall, my husband is 1.65 meters tall, and my son is 18 years old and 1.83 meters tall. People who know me will sigh, why is your son so tall? I know their implication is that neither of you are tall, so why do your children grow so tall? I always say with a smile, there is a secret! Perhaps every mother can tell you some secrets to promote the growth of children, such as nutrition, exercise, sleep, etc. However, since everyone knows the theory, why do so many mothers worry about the height of their children in today\’s rich world? I will share my secret today. Seize the critical period for children’s height growth. There is a widely circulated saying on the Internet that the three golden periods for children to grow taller are early childhood (4-6 years old), school age (10-16 years old), and adolescence (17-25 years old). age). However, according to my experience, if mothers believe these data to be true, they will be crying without tears until their children have passed the critical period and have no hope of growing taller! So, when is the critical period for children to grow taller? The first key: before half a year old, especially the first three months. My son was 49cm tall when he was born, and the average height for newborns is 47-53cm. First month: My son has grown 11 centimeters and is 60 centimeters tall. The average height of a baby in one month is 51.1-58.5 cm. Second month: My son has grown 3 cm and is 65 cm tall. The average height of babies in February is 54.8-62.3 cm. Third month: My son has grown 3 cm and is 68 cm tall. The average height of babies in three months is 57.6-65.3 cm. When I saw these data, I initially wondered if the nurse had made a wrong measurement, but in any case, my son\’s height is already above average, which means that my practice is effective! As you can see, my son\’s height was below average or at the average level when he was born. However, starting from the first month, his height suddenly exceeded the average level. And since then, his son has maintained this level, always exceeding the average height, until he reached 1.83 meters at the age of sixteen. Let me first introduce to you how my son grew 10 centimeters in the first month? First of all, newborns cannot be bundled. Many parents, especially their children\’s grandmothers, like to tie their children tightly, commonly known as candle bundles, which means to straighten the children\’s arms and legs in the bundle, then clamp them with the bundle and tie them tightly with ropes. I want my child’s legs to grow straight. My mother-in-law and mother thought the same way at the time, but I flatly rejected them. I want the child to maintain a natural posture, especially when sleeping, with his arms always in a surrender position and his legs bent in an M shape, so that the child can grow in a comfortable state. Secondly, let the children maintain a happy attitude. When the child cries, the parents askGo check it out, go hold it, and don’t listen to some so-called experts who say you shouldn’t hold your child whenever he cries, otherwise you will develop bad habits. What I want to say is that when a child cries, he must be hugged as soon as possible, because there is a law in psychology that emotions must be processed first at all times. Don’t think that babies have no emotions or that emotions are unimportant. In fact, emotions are important at any time, but newborns cannot express them yet. Therefore, as soon as the child cries, the mother should check the situation immediately, feed the child immediately if he is hungry, and change the diaper immediately if it becomes wet. No matter what happens, you should talk and communicate with your children. Treat him as a person, an equal to you, a person who has emotions and can communicate, but you have to communicate with him in a way that he can understand. Third, take a shower frequently. Bathing is very important for newborns, and it is best to wash them every day. There are many newborn swimming pools now, which I think are quite good. Children can move freely in the water, and they can also receive professional massage after bathing, which is very beneficial to promote the growth and development of babies. Although the cost of infant swimming is not high, the fees are high. Not every family can afford it, and it cannot be done every day. Therefore, it is beneficial to bathe the child every day, which not only cleans the secretions on the child\’s body, but also promotes blood circulation. In addition, physical touch can also promote the development of children\’s subcutaneous peripheral nerves. The second key: Pay attention to the best time of year for your child to grow taller. March every year is the season when spring flowers bloom and all things revive. It is also an important period for the growth and development of the human body, and an important period for children to increase their physical height. During this period, children’s nutritional sleep is particularly important, and most parents should know this. What I want to say is that children do not grow every day, but only in a few days in a month or even a year. The most obvious manifestation is that the child can eat and sleep particularly well these days. Especially when sleeping, I can sleep for fifteen or six hours without waking up. I remember that when my son was young, he usually slept in the morning and in the afternoon, but there was always one day every month when he would go to bed in the afternoon and then sleep until the next morning. At this time, I Always let him sleep and check his little nails. After a day of sleeping, I can always notice that he has grown significantly or developed somewhere. Let growing taller become the child\’s own strong desire and conscious action. When my child was young, in order to let him grow taller, I would always arrange everything for him, such as when to go to bed and what to eat. But after a child becomes sensible, growing taller becomes his own wish and a practical activity that he practices. I remember when my son was three years old, he had just become sensible, and I said to him: \”Son, my parents are not tall, so my mother is particularly worried that you will not grow taller, but now you are taller than other children of the same age under your mother\’s upbringing.\” , this shows that mother’s method is correct, so if you listen to mother, you will definitely be able to grow taller, okay?” My son nodded after hearing this, and I continued: “The human body relies on growth hormone to grow taller, and Growth hormone is secretly secreted after you fall asleep after ten o\’clock every day. Therefore, you must go to bed before nine thirty every night, so that more growth hormone can be secreted, and you willCan grow taller. \”The son nodded again. He insisted on going to bed before nine o\’clock every day, telling stories or reading in bed, and turning off the lights before going to bed before nine-thirty. Every time I said: \”Let\’s go grow a baby.\” \”The son will obediently go to bed. Gradually, this becomes a habit and his wish. He will practice it without anyone\’s supervision. Even if it is New Year\’s Eve, the son will go to bed at half past nine. Said: \”Mom, I want to sleep. \”I said to him: \”It\’s Chinese New Year, so you don\’t have to go to bed so early today! The son said, \”No, I want to grow one!\” \”I smiled secretly in my heart and arranged for him to sleep. I remember that when my son was eight years old, our family of three went to see a live Spring Festival gala. It was a Spring Festival gala hosted by Sa Beining in Zhengzhou in person. We watched happily. The atmosphere was very lively, but just after nine o\’clock, my son said: \”Mom, I want to go home and sleep. \”I said: \”Son, it\’s a rare opportunity to watch the Spring Festival Gala live. Otherwise, I will make an exception today and go back to bed after watching the party. \”No, I want to go back and grow one!\” \”No way, I made him develop this habit. I can\’t break this rule just because I want to watch the party. Moreover, my son\’s persistence has always been praised by me. If it is because of me that he does not Hold on, how can I afford such a sin? How can I still have authority in front of my children in the future? Come on, go home and sleep! Alas, what a pity for such expensive Spring Festival Gala tickets! My son has always had the habit of going to bed before 9:30 He persisted until he entered junior high school. When he entered junior high school, his son was already 1.72 meters tall. Since junior high school had many classes, he insisted on going to bed before ten o\’clock every day. By the time he entered the second grade of junior high school, his son was already 1.78 meters tall. In fact, At this time, my fear that my son would not grow taller had come to an end. I often say that it doesn’t matter even if he doesn’t grow taller. But my son said, that’s what you said, I still want to grow taller. To grow taller, in addition to In addition to ensuring adequate sleep, exercise is also indispensable, especially high jumping, which can best promote the development of children. Before the age of five or six, playing on the trampoline is a good exercise. Since my son was five years old, our family has had a toy The basketball fence is hung at a place where he can reach it only when he jumps. Every day, his son is allowed to jump and shoot the ball, ranging from dozens to hundreds. Because this is a game-like sport, my son is very persistent. Well, I often enjoy it. When he is older, let him jump up and touch the door frame. At first, he needs to be reminded, and gradually it will become a regular exercise for him. After washing every night, he jumps up and touches the door frame. How many times did he set the target for himself. In fact, at this time, I rarely participated in his growth actions. I also posted a children\’s height measuring ruler on the wall at home and prepared a notebook to record it. His height every month and every year. Perhaps because he experienced a sense of accomplishment in the measurement, his son also found the motivation to keep persevering. The unconditional love of parents is the driving force for children to grow taller. Why is it said that unconditional love is the driving force for children to grow taller? What\’s the driving force? How many parents scold their children because they don\’t eat well, don\’t sleep well, don\’t complete their homework well, and don\’t get good grades in exams?, or even fight? Just imagine, children are in fear every day. Even if they eat well and sleep well, growth hormone cannot be secreted normally, right? No matter what the situation, no matter what the conditions, no matter what the child does, even if the whole world is annoying him, hating him, and annoying him, as long as he turns around and you give him a warm embrace, this is the unconditional love and acceptance of parents. It is this kind of unconditional love and acceptance that gives children a sense of security. Only when a child gains a sense of security can his body functions function normally and growth hormone can be secreted normally! If you want your child to have an ideal height, it cannot be achieved in a day or two or even in a year or two. This is a long-term and huge project for the child from birth to adulthood. This project requires not only the efforts and dedication of parents, but also the participation and persistence of children. Here, I hope my experience can help you, and I wish all parents can help their children have an ideal height.

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