Warm sentences to accompany children’s growth [Attached are ways to accompany outstanding children in grades 1 to 9]

Some people have found that the family education of the top scorers in the college entrance examination basically has these three characteristics: parents attach great importance to their children\’s education and help their children develop various good habits from an early age. Parents praise or supervise their children in a timely manner so that they can develop their strengths and make up for their shortcomings. Parents should set good examples for their children, communicate, learn and grow together with their children. No wonder some people lament: The best education is to \”fight your parents and fight your mom.\” The exam is not only a competition of knowledge on the paper, but also a competition of investment in education. The protagonists of investment are parents; the place of competition is the family. Excellent children must be \”accompanied\” by their parents, and all parents must know this. Five \”pitfalls\” in the company of parents are destroying children\’s potential. An education expert once said: Excellent children are the result of high-quality education, while problem children are the product of problem families. Parents\’ wrong way of accompanying them may destroy their children\’s efforts and potential. The first pitfall: being too perfunctory and not really solving the problem. Companion is not just as simple as accompanying. Habits to cultivate primary school students\’ daily behavioral norms English cartoon wallpaper ultra-clear PDF If parents accompany their children while doing their own things, it means they are not accompanied. Children need to be \”seen\”, not \”accompanied\”. The second pitfall: poor patience and failure to control emotions. Some parents hate that iron cannot become steel, and lose their temper at every turn, beating and scolding their children. Only seeing the children\’s shortcomings and failing to see their good qualities, losing patient companionship will become \”poison\” in the child\’s growth. The third pitfall: too little response and a long distance from the children. Some parents are very perfunctory. No matter what their children do, they just say \”ok\” or \”got it\” and get over it. For children aged 3-12, a lack of parental involvement is not conducive to the child\’s growth. The fourth pitfall: preaching too much will make children disgusted. Preaching is not education, it is just a way of venting and an irresponsible accusation. Parents who always preach are standing on the opposite side of their children. When parents arm themselves with authority, children will use emotions to protect themselves. The fifth pitfall: Expectations are too high and put pressure on children. Children are not machines. We must maximize the feedback from our children if we give them love and care. When educating children, one should not be too utilitarian. Accompanying your child should not be just for him to get good grades. Companionship is a very complex concept. When parents stay with their children, it is more important to understand what their children are thinking, needing, and fearing. Only by being deeply involved in the growth of children and accompanied by parents can effective education be achieved. Outstanding children are all \”accompanied\” and most need these five types of high-quality companionship. Really high-quality companionship does not depend on the length of time, but on the quality of the companionship. The first type: attentive companionship. Accompanying your children should be done \”with all your heart\”, not \”with all your strength\”. Pay attention, listen attentively, and help attentively. Only when parents are attentive can they help their children discover and solve problems. The second type: respectful companionship. Don\’t hit your children, don\’t blame them blindly, don\’t be condescending, even if they are your own children, you must give them due respect and trust. Real companionship is to be friends with children. We all need to lower our posture and respect each other.Tolerate each other. The third type: patient companionship. When communicating with your children, you must pay attention to your wording and attitude, explain the truth clearly, and avoid getting angry or labeling your children. We all understand some truths, but children may not understand them, so we need to spend more patience to educate our children. The fourth type: the companionship of a normal heart. Not all children can score 100 points in the test. If a child reaches first place, there will be children applauding on the side of the road. Achievements do not mean everything, children still have many possibilities. We need to help children understand themselves correctly and find the most appropriate growth path. The fifth type: companionship to grow together. Dong Qing said: What kind of person you want your children to be, first of all, you have to become. The process of parents accompanying their children is the process of setting a good example for their children. Leading by example and teaching through words and deeds is the best education we can give our children. The best parents are constantly making progress while accompanying their children in learning, striving to keep up with their children\’s pace and be their children\’s guides. Parents are only valid for ten years. A pair of good parents is better than 200 good teachers. Once upon a time, a small note about the interaction between a boy and his father moved the entire Internet. My father is a high school teacher and is very busy at work. He leaves early and comes home late every day, leaving very little time to spend with his children. So, the son wrote down everything he wanted to say to his father on a note, and then posted it on the door or on the coffee table. The note contained both his inner thoughts and the math questions he wanted to ask. When the father sees it, he will write a reply on the note. Although the father and son cannot \”get along day and night\”, they can \”communicate feelings on the note\”. The small note carries the heartfelt words of father and son, and also records the child\’s growth process. There are many ways to accompany each other, and being busy does not excuse parents’ absence. I remember a writer said: The role of \”parents\” has an expiration date, and it is very short, only ten years. A child only grows up once, and education cannot be repeated. Every parent must be personally involved with their children. Companionship does not require \”a lot of\” time, even if it is only 10 minutes a day, as long as parents are wholehearted and let their children feel love and attention, it will be successful companionship. You can read a story with your child; you can share interesting things with your child today; you can solve homework problems with your child; you can play his favorite toys and games with your child… We always want to give our children the best, but… I don’t know, what children need most is just the company of their parents. There is a saying that goes well: Parents and children have always been in a state of perfecting each other. Parents do their best for their children, but with their children, we can feel the most complete dependence, trust and love in the world. Even if we accomplish nothing outside, when we return home, we are still the parents of our children. \”Parents\” is the most glorious title in our lives. While the children haven’t grown up yet, while we haven’t grown old yet, we should accompany them well, educate them attentively, and work hard to achieve their success. Educating your children well is the most important undertaking in a parent\’s life, and it is also an honor that cannot be surpassed by any success. Companionship is the best education. However, there is a lot of knowledge in how to accompany. This is a piece of advice for parents, compiled for grades 1-9All done! First and second grade primary schools 1. Writing neatly If you don’t let your children develop the habit of writing carefully from the beginning, and wait until they are in senior grades to correct them, the efficiency of their homework will plummet, which will directly affect their learning. interest. 2. Children whose homework speed scores are significantly lower than the class average have a common characteristic, that is, their homework speed is slow. Therefore, accuracy is not required at the beginning, only speed. It is strictly forbidden to play while doing homework. Try not to eat or go to the toilet while doing homework. Do the homework he is not good at first. At this stage, it is important not to misunderstand the pursuit of achievement as wanting the child to be number one, nor should we only focus on scores and rankings, causing children to mistakenly magnify the meaning and importance of achievement. Encourage children to pursue \”their best performance\” and \”compete with themselves\”, and let them understand that performance is a kind of self-examination rather than the pursuit of scores and rankings. In the first and second grades of primary school, children should also be cultivated in the habit of reading aloud and writing simple diaries every day. In short, we must cultivate good children\’s study habits. The study habits of the third and fourth grade of elementary school directly determine the academic performance of the college entrance examination. The correlation coefficient between the grades of the third grade of elementary school and the second grade of high school is 0.82. It goes without saying how important it is. This stage is an important stage for children to gradually take shape in their learning. At this time, children have their own opinions, so it is also an unstable stage. The good habits developed by children in the first and second grades must be strengthened and not relaxed. After the third grade, you no longer need to sit next to your children to do their homework like you did in the first or second grade. They begin to actively accept new knowledge, but you need to teach your children to make plans, sort out wrong questions, and take notes. 1. Chinese Parents can make a reading plan with their children to record the number of words read each month. Middle grade is also a critical period for children to write good compositions. When children usually write diaries, they should be guided to write more about what happened in their lives and describe more details. 2. Mathematics Starting from the third or fourth grade, if your child learns easily and likes challenges, he or she can learn some Mathematical Olympiads, but it must not be forced. Learning the Mathematical Olympiad requires a training attitude and a normal mind, but it does not mean coping casually. The most rare thing about learning the Mathematical Olympiad is persistence. First of all, parents must persist, do a good job in emotional guidance, and use practical actions to tell their children to persist since they have chosen. If you persist, try your best to do well. 3. English English in the third and fourth grades is a transition period from listening to reading and writing. Usually, children read more English picture books and require children to spell words, etc. In the third and fourth grade, children begin to be taught to draw key points, organize error booklets, and take simple notes. Taking notes and finding key points complement each other, but children should try their best to listen and write at the same time, and remember as much as possible. Never miss the teacher\’s lecture content just to take notes. After the fifth and sixth grade of elementary school, you no longer need to worry about the details of schoolwork. You only need to remind him when he is lazy occasionally, encourage him when he encounters setbacks, and work with him when he really can\’t find a solution. Isn’t it easy to find methods? At this time, children have the ability to learn independently and a learning method that suits them. Do you understand the old saying “It is better to teach a man to fish than to teach him to fish”? Later junior high school and high schoolYou will also have peace of mind. 1. Chinese language literacy is a long-term accumulation process. Children who develop good reading habits in primary school will not be any worse at Chinese language when they enter junior high school. It is best to sort out the ancient poems that you have learned in primary school or that are required, and read and recite them regularly to make sure you are familiar with them. To accumulate idioms and classical Chinese words and phrases, one must know their meaning and characters, and understand the language feel of classical Chinese. 2. Mathematics. Parents in the upper grades of primary school should try their best to let their children learn Mathematical Olympiad. No matter whether their children learn well or not, they will definitely not let their children become stupider as they learn! After those children who have learned Mathematical Olympiad enter junior middle school, their thinking is obviously better than those who have not. Having learned the Mathematical Olympiad more actively and with a better ability to accept new knowledge than them, these children became more enthusiastic about learning, and their test scores gradually widened. The mathematics test is also based on the high school entrance examination, and many of the questions are original questions from the high school entrance examination. They are all about finding patterns, periodic cycles, counting figures, simple calculations, defining new operations, summing sequences, solving equations, etc… The laws of operations, especially the distributive law, must be used in reverse. In short, it is best to learn more knowledge about the Mathematical Olympiad in primary schools. All geometric knowledge (graphic knowledge) in primary school must be learned well, so that you will not be distressed in junior high school. Geometry in primary school is closely related to geometry in junior high school. 3. English Although English in junior high school now starts with the alphabet, the progress is very fast. New lessons are taught before they are fully digested. The homework is all extracurricular test papers, and there are several large ones on weekends. It is recommended that you learn English more solidly in primary school. If you learn more, it will be much easier to learn English in junior high school. Primary school English listening, speaking, reading, writing and memorizing are all indispensable, otherwise it will become a difficult subject. Junior high school stage From primary school to middle school, it is a relatively large span for children. Both in terms of study habits and learning methods, they need to have a new understanding. In this transition, the role of parents is also crucial. No matter how busy you are, here are 5 things you must do. 1. Increase awareness-sit down with your child and have a good chat about junior high school life. Facing an unfamiliar environment with classmates, it really takes some time to adapt. The length of adaptation time has a lot to do with the child\’s own adaptability. At this time, parents should beware of the emergence of two extreme mentalities: one is that after a long summer vacation, the heart has already \”flyed\”, and they also think that studying in junior high school will be as easy as studying in primary school, so they are careless; the other is that they are too worried about studying in junior high school , for fear that he would fall behind. The former requires \”insight\” from parents, emphasizing the importance and certain difficulty of junior high school learning, while the latter requires more encouragement and confidence from parents. 2. Establish goals—Compare the high school entrance examination formats in recent years to help children find their place. The examination scope and examination policies of the high school entrance examination, as well as the admission scores of different schools, will change every year. As the \”background\” of their children, parents need to spend some time and energy on these aspects. They can usually pay more attention to some official or educational websites. . Referring to the high school entrance examination score lines of previous years can help children basically determine a direction for their efforts and make every stepWalk steadily. 3. Fully understand the school system, basic regulations, examination selection, etc. and clarify them in advance. Many parents enter the junior high school of a school just so that their children can enter the high school of the school in the future. Therefore, they should understand the selection criteria of the relevant schools for direct admission to high school as early as possible. What conditions must be met? Ranking based on overall scores; whether there are requirements for scores in specific subjects; what is the allocation of specific quotas… These are all issues that parents need to consider in advance. Understand the relevant school systems as early as possible to create conditions for your children\’s junior high school learning as much as possible. This will prevent you from being in a hurry and affecting your child\’s progress in high school. From now on, be aware of the situation and adapt accordingly. 4. Communicate early – convey the child’s basic situation to the classroom teacher. It needs to be emphasized that communicating with the teacher is not for the purpose of \”snitching or\” \”finding out the details of the child\” in the future. Parents should set this attitude correctly and not leave the child with the feeling of being monitored at any time. Especially for boarding students, who spend most of their time in school. To know their children well, parents must go through the bridge with their teachers. The teachers here include not only the head teacher, but also various classroom teachers. After all, the high school entrance examination is a comprehensive and selective examination. The main purpose of communicating with teachers is to prevent children from being too partial to subjects, understand the changes in children\’s mentality, and actively cooperate with teachers. 5. Find a way – how to deal with children who are about to enter adolescence? When children reach the junior high school stage, they already have their own ideas, and \”disobedience\” is commonplace. At this time, parents can no longer scold or take action as before. What is needed is to patiently reason with their children. Whether you can educate outstanding children or not, this is a critical period. Parents should not only be the mirror of their children, but also constantly expand their own knowledge, learn more from outstanding parents, and change the simple and crude education methods before. Junior high school is a new starting point for children, and it is an important step in the long march for parents. If you want to play this game of chess well, you must make every move well. Children\’s education has a long way to go, and as parents, we must also grow up with our children. According to the educational focus of each stage, help children become talents and adults! Warm Sentences for Accompanying Children to Grow Up 1. Accompanying children to grow up is to return to the original happy time of life. What a thing worthy of our gratitude! 2. Mom has three wishes: first, that your father can work smoothly; second, that the whole family is healthy. ;The third is that you grow up quickly. 3. If we have too much tears, we will laugh heartlessly. Who would want to be independent if there was someone to rely on. 4. Forgetting and giving up are the best interpretations of love. Turning around is a new beginning, and I will be stronger from now on. 5. As a father, being able to spend time with your children is a blessing. Don\’t worry about what to do, don\’t worry about how disobedient the child is. 6. A father is a source of wealth, a brother is a comfort, and a friend is both a source of wealth and comfort. 7. Only mother is good in the world. Without heaven, there would be no earth. Without you, there would be no me. Thank you for everything you have brought to me. 8. Only your smile and smile will accompany me on this long journey.Rely on. 9. I wish you happiness every growing day! Happy birthday! 10. As the saying goes, father is heaven and mother is earth. Yes! It is you who give us sufficient nutrition; you give us sufficient water; it is you who give us sufficient sunshine; you give us sufficient oxygen. That is our great parents. 11. My dear child, you have the most enviable age, and all the roads in front of you are golden. I hope you will grow up quickly and have a bright future. 12. All love to our children, accompany them to grow and fly together! 13. Accompanying the day is the brilliant sun, accompanying the night is the twinkling stars, accompanying the wind and rain is the rumbling thunder and scorching lightning, accompanying the high The hills are surrounded by green peaks, the valleys are accompanied by gurgling water, and the grasslands are accompanied by tender grasses and tiny flowers. 14. Life is a profound book, and other people’s comments cannot replace your own understanding. I hope you will discover something and create something. 15. My lovely baby has just celebrated his first birthday. Auntie hopes that you will be safe and happy in your future life. Here I also wish you a hundredth birthday in advance and a lifetime of happiness. 16. The most precious thing in the world is life. Only by having life can you have everything. For this I am deeply grateful to my parents for their upbringing. The most difficult thing in the world to repay is the parents\’ kindness of giving birth and their love of nurturing. 17. Spring is a green world, and autumn is a golden world. May you use the greenness of youth to create a prosperous golden autumn in the future! 18. No matter what changes occur, do not break the original rules of life, eat on time and sleep on time. 19. A thousand roses for you, love yourself. A thousand paper cranes are given to you to keep troubles away from you. A thousand lucky stars to you, let good luck surround you. A thousand pistachios for you, let a good mood accompany you every day. 20. A happy life for me means: shopping and cooking at home on weekends, making meals that the children like to eat. My husband can rest at home, spend an hour or two working at home, or play with the children. You can go on a family trip or go home to see your parents once or twice a month. 21. The happiness I long for is: reading a lot of books, raising a few cats and dogs, planting a lot of flowers, being with my parents, and growing up with my children! 22. The white balls are connected in an arc, intertwined, like a ball. Sparkling balls. 23. A mother’s love will never dry up. This shows that maternal love is very great and is always with us. 24. Talking with your lover every day, watching TV, spending time with your children and family and having a sweet smile is happiness. 25. The sweetest word that can be uttered by human lips is mother, and the most beautiful call is \”mom\”. 26. A body of water or a continent cuts off the companionship of being together day and night, and the long and long thoughts. 27. May you be like a seed, bravely breaking through the sand, stretching out the green shoots from the ground and pointing to the sky. 28. Beautiful thoughts, without beautiful moral character to accompany them, are nothing but bubbles. 29. Yanyan gently threw the shuttlecock into the air. When the shuttlecock fell more than half a meter above the ground, she raised her feet to kick it.got up. 30. We need to learn a lot, don’t worry, just do it one by one. 31. Meeting is a beautiful fate and a romantic encounter. Just because of that moment of gaze, all the seasons bloom for you. Walk through prosperity and silence. What I still can’t let go of is the true love with you. 32. When I secretly let go of your hand and watched you carefully learn to walk, you didn\’t understand the sorrow of separation in your heart, so you happily never looked back. 33. Tomorrow, this is a beautiful and brilliant word, reflecting the colorful and charming words. May your tomorrow be infinitely beautiful, infinitely brilliant, and infinitely charming! 34. My dear baby, everything becomes better because of you. My lovely little baby, welcome you to this beautiful world and on this long road of life. I wish you healthy growth and happiness! 35. My heart is like the sea, no one can understand me if I am not as good as the chanting of poetry. That feeling of waiting, that unknown emotion. The mountains and hills have passed by in a blink of an eye. From then on, they were disturbed one after another, and the ink was full of pity. The nightmares that entangled me endlessly, blurred and unwilling to stay in my memory. 36. I hope the baby will grow up healthily. The future is bright and bright. 37. No matter how lonely the end of the world is, I will always be by your side. 38. He held the balloon in both hands, and his cheeks bulged up for a while, like half a rubber ball that had been buckled up, and deflated for a while, like a deep pit. His eyes were wide open, as if they were about to burst. 39. I am a special gift from God to you. Please take good care of me, always supervise me to do useful exercises, teach me how to make a living, and train me to be polite to others. 40. Have you ever remembered that your parents held you and me in their hands and held them in their mouths, because we are the treasures in their hands? Have you ever remembered that your parents dedicated their selfless love to us, because we are the crystallization of our parents? The continuation of love. 41. In the scenery I pass by, you are with me, and I am never lonely. In the fleeting years when I am scattered, with you by my side, I am also sunny. Goodbye is also missing. In the floating life like a dream, the dropped words become mourning. My sadness buries the loneliness of this season. 42. Love walks through every moment of memory accompanied by tears. I don’t understand why I am willing to wait like this. Maybe, I just fell into a dream, burning burningly and persistently in my dusty heart. Like strange smoke floating all over the place. 43. The wind is gentle and the clouds are calm. Fortunately, I have you by my side, supporting me to face the changes in the world every day. We know each other\’s warmth and coldness, and the happy thing is that we live in each other\’s hearts and cherish each other through the fleeting time. 44. Be strong and grow up quickly. The longer you grow, the cuter you will be. 45. Facing the future, if life forces us to make a choice, then I will definitely choose a grass-like lifestyle, facing the weak setting sun, and defending my own ideal world. 46. ​​I wish the baby to grow up healthily, be loved by everyone, be smart and lively, and be admitted to a prestigious university in the future, with a bright future! 47. A person who walks slowly, as long as he does not lose his goal, can walk faster than a person who wanders aimlessly. quick. 48. God rewards hard work. No one in the world becomes a genius without hard work. I hope you work hard day and night and become a talent soon! 49. Every little hand is numb and red from the cold, but no one calls it cold.They just smiled at each other, rubbed their hands, breathed again, shouted and laughed again, and played their own games enthusiastically. 50. My mother will always be the harbor of my soul. I wish my dear mother good health and happiness! Your love is a noble love, just give, don’t ask for anything, don’t look back on the past, and don’t ask for favors. 51. Time passes quietly, taking away my youth and memories of my life. Only these words can leave deep and shallow marks. These memories are still fresh and tender in my heart when I am about to enter another wonderful world through the long river of life. 52. It is a happy thing to be cared about by others inadvertently. 53. My dear baby, you are the fruit of your parents’ love in the season, and your smile is the happiness of the whole world. From now on, we are no longer lonely, and from now on, we have a perfect life. 54. Because I am with you and spend the days with you, life is like the wild flowers blooming in the sunshine by the stream. Facing the spring breeze, I hold my dreams and write lingering and timeless poems with my life. 55. Spending time with your children is really enough. Let us savor those \”enough\” and feel these small blessings. 56. No matter what, don’t give up hope. Just believe that your expectations will come true. No matter what setbacks you encounter, as long as you persist, you will get what you want. 57. You grow up with me, and I grow old with you. 58. If there is no need to consider external factors, I think spending time with my children and family is the happiest time. 59. Love is delicate, and maternal love is selfless and great. I have to experience it with my heart and feel it to be qualified to accept this love, this priceless love. 60. I have been spending time with my children every day recently, and I feel that this period of time is the happiest day since I started working. Although the job is gone, happiness and joy have come. 61. Not every wave comes for the beach, not every star comes for the night, and not every drizzle comes for the wheat seedlings, but your lovely baby comes for your happiness! Congratulations! 62 , I am nine parts lucky and one part jealous. When you open your eyes, you will see the world of flowers, and you will be immersed in happiness all of a sudden. I congratulate you, and I hope you will create a more beautiful world for future generations! 63. Grinding A happy needle draws a joyful thread, threads it with good luck, sews a good-luck dress for the baby, and wishes the baby a hundred days of happiness, good luck, and everything goes well! 64. Baby, you are now The beginning of a beautiful fairy tale, the subsequent story may contain all kinds of flavors, but it must be overwhelmingly beautiful; it may be a gorgeous dawn, it may be windy or rainy, but it must be greeted by bright sunshine. 65. Child, do you know? The moment you were born, your mother felt that she was the happiest person in the world! 66. All the love to our children, accompany them to grow up and fly! 67. Come, smile. , baby! I feel that your first cry when you came into the world is still lingering in my ears, your babbling words are still coming from far and near, and your birthday blessing song from last year is still lingering. My dear baby, I miss you. Every day, every hour, every moment. 68. Life is like a dream. We gather, disperse and separate. The morning is like spring withered flowers. How often we get together and how often we separate., fate comes and goes as you please. 69. May you be the wind, blowing up the white sails; may you be the ship, cutting the blue waves. Life is smiling in front of you, step forward bravely and embrace the colorful life. 70. On weekends, the family gathers together to accompany the children and go shopping, that is happiness! 71. Blessings to the baby, I wish the baby to grow up healthily! Be happy and happy! You will definitely have a successful career in the future! 72. As long as you have When I have time, I stay with my children, chat with them, be a loyal fan, and share the joy of children\’s study and life. I feel it is a very happy thing. 73. I think health and happiness are the two most important things in life. If they can be transferred, I am willing to give my share to you, my baby, happy birthday! 74. Everlasting and deep love , turn it into your motivation to pursue knowledge and help you reach the other side of your ideal. I wish you eternal health and eternal love! 75. Thank you, my dear mother, you are like my guidepost, guiding me on the road all the time. 76. Suddenly, I feel that happiness is just spending time with my children and husband. 77. The two hearts of mom and dad are equal to wings. We will use all our love to escort you. No matter how long the world is, may you let your dreams fly everywhere! 78. May you be a tree: spring, spit The faint fragrance of a mountain; in summer, a touch of cool shade like a spring; in autumn, a tree of sweet green fruits; in winter, have a good dream to recharge your batteries! 79. The happiness in my eyes is weekends, a family Reunion together, playing football with the children, basking in the sun, and going shopping. 80. Baby, let me tell you, a person is a \”1\”, and health, happiness, achievement, fame, and wealth will all be the \”0\” behind. We bless you, and countless 0s belong to you, as long as you need them. 81. May you enjoy all the joy you expect, and every little thing can bring you sweet feelings and endless happiness! 82. No matter how many years I have experienced, no matter how far I have traveled, I will miss it deeply. The road that once led me to meet you. 83. Thank you, baby. Because of you, the flowers bloom, the fruits are fragrant, and the sky is filled with hope that comes with you! 84. Being with children is a kind of happiness, and the children’s smiles are my biggest motivation. 85. Happy birthday to you, baby! May the joy your birthday brings contain all the good things! 86. True companionship can withstand ups and downs as well as the ordinary. 87. Mom needs a rest, you have to take good care of yourself. 88. My child, may you quickly put off your childishness and tenderness, raise the sail of creation, and sail towards maturity and the golden coast. 89. Smart people do tomorrow\’s things today; lazy people do yesterday\’s things today; confused people push yesterday\’s things to tomorrow. May you be a smart child! May you be the master of time! 90. You have a pair of wings. Fly tenaciously, don\’t be overwhelmed by the wind and rain; fly sincerely, don\’t be intoxicated by the sweet honey. Fly towards a clear goal and a better life. 91. May my baby always swim in the ocean of love, soar in the sky of happiness, and be safe and happy forever! 92.The fleeting things can last forever, and the seas and rocks can still be unforgettable. 93. Baby, you will always be my mother’s caring little cotton-padded jacket. Every day with you is happy and happy! Mom wishes you always good health and happiness! 94. Accompany your children, stay together, have happy times and delicious food! Raising children is not only for the continuation of life, but more importantly, to participate in the process of life growth! 95. No matter what lingering and pathos you have had in the past, no matter how beautiful and gorgeous your previous vows are, you must learn to forget the past. Because that person won\’t come back. 96. The road ahead is still long, but you let hope carry on my wings. I am willing to take you to fly. 97. When Xiaoli was not paying attention, he secretly pulled out her stool, and then gloated and waited to see the excitement. 98. The simple happiness of ordinary women is to spend more time with their children and more time with their husbands. Companionship is a lifetime of happiness, and a good woman is one who knows how to accompany you. 99. The female student playing shuttlecock has brisk hands and feet, and the shuttlecock flies up and down, just like little swallows flying away and back on her feet. 100. A happy childhood with your children is so rare and cherished. In the blink of an eye, when he is a young man, you will find that the mischief and mischief he has now are all happiness and memories when he grows up. 101. The brilliant season welcomes the brilliant you. The world changes because of you. 102. Every time the wind chime rings, she will go to see it. Every time someone sells old things, she will look for clues related to him. She guarded the one in ten thousand possibility and looked forward to meeting him again in the long river of time. She will always remember that he once protected her from danger and allowed her to live freely under this blue sky. If we can meet again, we will never leave and stay together. 103. When God gives you to us, luck will come with you at the same time! 104. Baby, mother will use all her strength to protect you, help you, love you, and use all the sunshine of mother to illuminate your life. 105. Let ideals guide your life, let knowledge add strength to you, and be a successful person! 106. Being able to be beautiful all the time and accompany your children every day is happiness. 107. Life is as deep as the vast ocean, and countless miracles are preserved in its unmeasured depth. May you be a brave explorer of these miracles! 108. On the road of my life, there are lights one after another, but your lights are the most dazzling and warm ones, always supporting my progress and always Give me endless encouragement. 109. You are a small boat anchored in the port of youth. May you raise the sail of faith, carry the dream of hope, and sail to the vast ocean. Sentences to express the happiness of accompanying children 1. The happiness in my eyes is that on weekends, the family reunites together, plays football with the children, bask in the sun, and go shopping. 2. I spend time with my children every day. This period of time is the happiest day since I started working. Although the job is gone, happiness and joy have come. 3. As a father, being able to spend time with your children is a blessing. Don\’t worry about what to do, don\’t worry about how disobedient the child is. 4. Talk to your lover, watch TV, and spend time with your children and family every day.Having a sweet smile together is happiness. 5. The happiness I long for is: reading many books, raising a few dogs and cats, planting many flowers, being with my parents, and growing up with my children! 6. Give all your love to our children and accompany them to grow up together. 7. Accompanying children to grow up is to return to the original happy time of life. This is something worthy of our gratitude. 8. As a father, being able to spend time with your children is a blessing. Don\’t worry about what to do, don\’t worry about how disobedient the child is. 9. When I secretly let go of your hand and watched you carefully learn to walk, you didn\’t understand the sorrow of separation in your heart, so you happily never looked back. 10. No matter how lonely the end of the world is, I will always be by your side. Beautiful sentences to accompany your children\’s growth 1. In every period of your life, your parents will be by your side, accompanying you to grow, giving you warm sunshine and careful care. However, this does not mean that you do not need to endure wind and rain, and you do not need to endure hardships to make yourself strong and brave in order to achieve your dreams in life. Come on, kid. 2. My child, we will accompany you and grow up happily. We will protect you with all our love. No matter how many long roads there are in the world, we wish you to let your dreams fly everywhere! 3. My child, may you be the wind, blowing up the white clouds. Sail; I hope you are a ship, splitting the blue waves. Life is smiling in front of you, step forward bravely and embrace the colorful life. 4. Dear child, we will accompany you to grow up. We will be by your side in every important time in your life. I hope you can swim in the ocean of love, soar in the sky of happiness, and be safe and happy forever! 5. My child, in the days when you are no longer with your parents, you must grow up strong and live up to the good times. When I secretly let go of your hand and watched you carefully learn to walk, you didn\’t understand the sorrow of separation, so you happily never looked back. 6. Accompany your children, be together, have happy time, and accompany them with delicious food! Raising children is not only for the continuation of life, but more importantly, to participate in a process of life growth! 7. Baby, you will always be my mother’s caring little cotton-padded jacket, and Every day you are together is happy and happy! Mom wishes you always healthy and happy! 8. The happy childhood with your children is so rare and cherished. In a blink of an eye, when he is a young man, you will find that he is now naughty Trick-or-treating is always happiness and memories when you grow up. 9. My dear baby, you are the fruit of your parents’ love in the season, and your smile is the happiness of the world. From now on, we are no longer lonely, and from now on, we have a perfect life. 10. On weekends, when you have time, you should spend time with your child, accompany your child to grow, share her pain and happiness, and give your child a complete childhood. This is the most important thing. 11. As long as I have time, I will stay with my children and chat with them. It is a very happy thing to be a loyal fan and share the joy of learning and life with my children. 12. My dear child, mother will always accompany you to grow up happily. Mom, I want to kiss your little face and wish my little baby a happy birthday! I wish my little baby a safe and healthy growth and a happy and worry-free life! 13. As a father, I can accompany my children when they are young.Being together is a kind of happiness. Don\’t worry about what to do, don\’t worry about how disobedient the child is. 14. When I spend time with my children every day, I feel that the happy time in life is the time spent with my children growing up. It is worth cherishing and will be unforgettable in a lifetime. 15. Being with children and playing with them is a very happy thing. It is definitely the happiness of ordinary people! 16. In the blink of an eye, one year has passed, and my baby has grown up another year. From babbling to now, you have brought endless joy to our lives over the years, and your little heart is full of emotional warmth. 17. Baby, you are the beginning of a beautiful fairy tale. The future stories may contain all kinds of flavors, but they must be beautiful. It is a gorgeous morning sun. It may be windy or rainy, but it must be greeted by bright sunshine. 18. My child, you have a pair of wings. Fly tenaciously, don\’t be overwhelmed by the wind and rain; fly sincerely, don\’t be intoxicated by the sweet honey. Fly towards a clear goal and a better life. 19. In the life of a child, the companionship of parents is a kind of warm companionship from the bottom of the heart, and it is also the most powerful source of inner strength as the child grows. To accompany the growth of children, I hope every parent will keep it in mind. 20. My dear child, do you know that you are your mother’s world? The moment you were born, your mother felt like the happiest person in the world.

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