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During the Chinese New Year, I took my son to watch the New Year movie \”Miracle: Stupid Kid\” early in the morning. At first, my son didn\’t like it. He felt that the setting and plot of the movie were not suitable for his preferences. But during the viewing process, I could clearly feel his concentration, heartache and emotion. \”Mom, it turns out that the adult world is so difficult!\” This was the first thing my son said after walking out of the theater. \”Miracle: Stupid Kid\” is a film that records ordinary people\’s entrepreneurship and survival in big cities, and it has a very strong historical flavor. Both adults and children will be addicted to [Avatar: The Legend of Korra, all 4 seasons and 52 episodes] in the ultra-high definition version, especially Jing Hao starring Yi Yang Qianxi, who shoulders the heavy responsibility of taking care of his sister alone, while working hard to make money to treat her disease , while struggling to survive in the cracks of the big city. Parents in their 80s and 90s who have experienced this kind of pain all know it. But our children, who have been carefree since childhood and have everything they want, find it difficult to understand the difficulties of adults who are struggling to survive. The educational thinker Tao Xingzhi once said: Life is everywhere, that is, education is everywhere, and the entire society is a place for life, that is, a place for education. This is why I wanted to watch this movie with my son. There are some truths in life that he will never understand if you don’t tell him. Most people are ordinary people when they are born. The most realistic thing about the movie is that no one in it is born extraordinary. Even Mr. Zhao, who was featured on the cover of the magazine, was once a small migrant worker in Shenzhen. Jinghao, even more so. In the early years, my father abandoned his wife and son and disappeared. My mother passed away after giving birth to my younger sister. He was left alone to raise his sister and become a father and a mother. What’s more, my sister also suffers from the same congenital heart disease as her mother. The expensive surgery fees and the current situation of not being able to make ends meet weighed on Jing Hao like seemingly insurmountable mountains. In addition to him, there are also the \”cheap\” factory workers he works around: elderly caregivers in nursing homes, hearing-impaired single mothers, boxers released from prison, Internet cafe masters who do not do their jobs, elderly people in wheelchairs… Who is not the big man in Shenzhen? The lowest and most marginal person in the city? No matter how ordinary and humble they were, they still completed the most impossible task in everyone\’s eyes, and their lives ushered in a counterattack. My child, my mother discovered that when you envy others, you will always say, \”This person is lucky and born to be a boss.\” Have you carefully understood it? Those who are geniuses and bosses in your eyes are just ordinary people by birth. Just like Yi Yang Qianxi who plays Jing Hao. This post-00s artist, who is good at singing, dancing and acting, also has a similar experience to Jing Hao. My parents were ordinary migrant workers, and my mother even had to drop out of high school because of poverty before marriage. It is conceivable that Yi Yang Qianxi\’s family was not well off when he was a child, and the family was trying hard to take root in a foreign land and survive. In fact, how many people in reality are actually born with a golden key in their mouth? Most people are just ordinary people. They are not born into powerful families, nor are they born into wealthy families. But this does not mean that an ordinary and ordinary upbringing will necessarily mean you are mediocre, let alone complain about your background. Just like the line in \”Nezha\”: My destiny is up to me. No matter how ordinary people are, they all have the ability to live their own special lives.born. Whatever you want, you have to work hard and sacrifice your children. What probably touches you the most is all the efforts Jing Hao made to raise money for his sister\’s treatment. A friend planned to resell a batch of imported old mobile phones for him to refurbish and earn the difference. Without saying a word, he took the purchase order home, which was all in foreign languages, studied it for a few days, and decided to mortgage all his wealth to give it a try. In order to persuade Mr. Zhao of the mobile phone company to agree to take over the parts he had disassembled, he not only squatted in front of the company and pestered Mr. Zhao\’s subordinates to agree to meet him, but he also rushed onto Mr. Zhao\’s train to Wenzhou at all costs, just to give him The other party introduces his/her working ideas and ideas. Recruiting factory workers to work for him, but without money to pay wages, he became the most dangerous but highest-paid \”Spider-Man\” to earn money to support his factory. Faced with the temptation of high profits from illegal metallurgical merchants, he remained unmoved and just wanted to get the rewards he deserved with his own hands. This process of perseverance is enough to show his true nature as a human being. Never take chances or aim too high, but be down-to-earth and diligently fulfill your obligations and responsibilities. As he said to his sister: As long as we work hard, nothing is impossible. As expected, the ending of the story is complete and satisfactory. Everyone who worked hard reaped their own fruits, which is touching. Children, maybe today’s society always says to lie down and fight for this and that. But no matter how much capital one has, in the final analysis, a person\’s outcome must be absolutely related to whether he works hard or not. Some time ago, my mother went to meet a relative in her hometown. Because his family was rich, he had lived a life of having to put on clothes and food before opening his mouth. After graduation, he did not go out to work and stayed at home all day long to grow old. Six months ago, his parents passed away, and with no source of income, he could only sit and eat. He obviously has hands and feet, but he knows nothing. Now he can only rely on the relatives around him to support him, and he lives a miserable and pitiful life. Children, don’t think that the pie falling from the sky is delicious. What kind of life you want to live and what you want to gain must be meaningful and valuable only if you work hard with your own hands. Never give up on your children when faced with hardships in life, have you ever thought about it? If you were Jing Hao, or experienced so many difficult moments like him, how far could you persist? Frankly speaking, there were many moments in the film when I thought Jing Hao would give up and stop struggling. For example, when driving a motorcycle to chase Mr. Zhao on the high-speed train, he was hit by an oncoming car, or after a typhoon, he saw the factory in a mess. Any small accident or difficulty is enough to make ordinary people collapse and go crazy, or even give up and never recover. But Jinghao didn’t. At every critical moment, he can always get through it. Even if he fell to the ground with injuries all over his body and was treated mercilessly with nowhere to go, he didn\’t want to give up, because only by persisting could he have a 50% chance of paying for his sister\’s surgery. Because of this, his efforts were recognized and his sister successfully completed the operation. The \”miracle\” finally happened. Children, after seeing this story, my mother once again believes: Opportunities are always reserved for those who never give up. No matter how difficult and painful the road ahead is, if you endure it, you will have a brighter future. Do you still remember the amazing acknowledgments of the paper I shared with you last year? Author Huang GuopingboShi Na\’s words, \”I traveled a long way and suffered a lot to bring this doctoral thesis to you…\” are all moving. He was born into a poor family. His mother left home when he was twelve, and his father passed away in a traffic accident when he was seventeen. In the same year, his mother-in-law, who had taken care of him since childhood, also passed away due to illness. When I was in school, I was often questioned by teachers because I was in arrears with tuition fees. I finally got into high school and college, but my health still went bad. Although life kissed him one after another, he was particularly persistent and convinced: read the book and then go out, so that his life would not be in vain. It is precisely because of his forbearance and never giving up that he became an inspiration to thousands of students. I especially like Churchill’s words: Difficulties that have been overcome are opportunities for victory. The so-called suffering and hardship are blessings in disguise. Only by persisting, not giving up, and moving forward courageously will you have the opportunity to see the dawn of success and shine not far away. There is a kind of pragmatism that calls out to go out and rely on friends. At the end of the day, my mother also wants to mention one thing, that is, when Jing Hao was in the most difficult time, the people around him helped him. He and his sister depended on each other and had no one to rely on. But no matter how difficult the road is, he will never be alone and die alone. There was no time to rush to school to pick up my sister, so the grandfather in the security room took the initiative to take her in, help her with her homework, and even offered to give her food. He thought that the factory workers just regarded him as a factory worker and wanted him to pay his wages on time. Who knew that when he had no money to pay his salary, everyone gathered around him, not talking about money, but trying to help him come up with ideas on how to tide over the difficulties. Is he not the only one who benefits? When the single mother was bullied and slapped, Jing Hao and all the factory workers went up and beat her to the ground with all their strength. Not for money, just because I don’t want my partners to be looked down upon. Son, my mother’s greatest gratitude along the way is: after leaving home, I met all the noble people who helped me. You will be like this in the future. After leaving home, you will live and work hard outside alone. Many times, when you encounter problems or get into trouble, the distant water cannot save the nearby fire. Without the company of family, the only thing you can rely on is the support and help of friendship. When I was watching \”Youth Talk\” before, I saw a particularly heart-warming clip. A boy who transferred from Zhuhai to Macau often had trouble understanding in class because of the language barrier, which gave him a lot of headaches. Fortunately, the enthusiastic classmates around him took the initiative to act as his translators and reminded him of the key points taught by the teacher and the assignments left, which resolved his biggest learning crisis. See, this is the greatest meaning of friends. As the old saying goes: The more friends you have, the easier the road. [Collection] Libo Baijia Lecture Forum Zeng Guofan\’s complete works 27 lectures MP4+MP3 Mom encourages you to make more interesting people and establish friendship with others sincerely. Maybe one day, you will receive sincere treatment from others and enjoy the friendship brought by it. Give you a sense of happiness. My child, seeing you growing into an adult day by day, I feel both happy and worried at the same time. When I think about you in the future, you will experience many unexpected things. As a mother, in addition to providing you with three meals a day, caring and caring for you carefully. We also need to use the experience and advice of people who have been there to remind you how to go about your future and how to get along with the world. Very happyThe sentence written by the author Zhou Guoping: No matter how short life is, we must live with a smile, enjoy with a smile, and suffer with a smile, so that our life will not be in vain. Today, I use \”Miracle\” to tell you these four truths about life. I hope you can keep them in mind and not forget them easily. Mom also hopes that you can face every challenge or difficulty in life with a sense of awe, tenacity, and hard work, and move forward bravely in armor.

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