Watch the popular richest man in Xihong City for free! These 5 sentences must be told to your children

\”Get rich overnight\”, I believe many people have had this fantasy. Recently, \”The Richest Man in Xihong City\”, a movie about \”how to spend 1 billion yuan in a month\”, has ignited this summer movie. It has been in theaters for 7 days, and the box office has exceeded 1.4 billion. The film is not intended to show the exaggerated life of the rich. Its ending sets up a multiple-choice question of whether to be the richest man or the guardian, money or human nature. Some netizens said after watching the movie that Wang Duoyu\’s sudden wealth is indeed enviable, but the irony and joking style of the whole story makes it clear that the movie does not promote money worship, but instead embodies full of positive energy and three views. Just enough to make you want to applaud. Indeed, the view of money reflected in this film is worth thinking about for everyone: What do we want to get through money? When money conflicts with what we really want to protect and want, how should we choose? A person\’s view of money is related to his life\’s happiness. How do we talk to our children about money after watching the movie? The movie tells a story about money and human nature. This is a movie about \”how to spend 1 billion yuan in one month.\” Wang Duoyu (played by Shen Teng), the goalkeeper of a third-rate football team, lives in poverty, but unexpectedly gets the opportunity to inherit the 30 billion inheritance of the second master. But there is a challenge that needs to be completed first – spending 1 billion yuan in one month. Otherwise, he won\’t get a penny. But the 1 billion cannot be spent indiscriminately. The second master has set various rules, such as not doing illegal things, not driving up prices, not donating, not buying famous paintings to burn, etc… Wang Duoyu began to go to the best hotels, use He ate lobsters and ginseng by hand, bought large sums of the worst stocks, and invested his money crazily in sunset industries, but he made more and more money. Spending money is too difficult. At the end of the film, in order to save people, Wang Duoyu risked losing his inheritance rights and broke the agreement, but he passed the test with kindness and gained the inheritance rights. In addition to bringing us joy, the series of ridiculous stories in \”The Richest Man in Xihong City\” are more worthy of our deep thought. Through this film, it is not difficult for us to understand a truth: a person\’s attitude towards money. , is the best embodiment of a person’s three views. Why is the way of spending money the most revealing of a person’s outlook? The answer is that compared to making money, the act of spending money often has more irrational factors, which correspond to human nature. How a person spends money can directly tell his value orientation and value ranking. This is a person\’s character and pattern. Therefore, educating children to have a correct view of money is an important lesson. However, in modern family education, many parents tend to neglect cultivating their children’s concept of money. But in fact, children who grow up under a \”lack of money\” education not only lack a correct understanding of money, but also find it difficult to clarify the relationship between money and life. Let’s talk to your children about these 5 “money”-related words through this movie! Never be a slave to money at any time. This film is not intended to show the exaggerated life of rich people. Its focus ultimately lies on a person\’s attitude towards money. In order to rescue the kidnapped heroine, Wang Duoyu gave up his inheritance and made a choice between money, love and humanity. And once thatThere is actually no essential difference between Wang Duoyu, who is worried about inheriting his inheritance, and those who pursue him because he is rich. It can be said that no matter how much money they have, they are all slaves to money. But after making the choice, Wang Duoyu is still rich, but he is no longer controlled by money, but has truly become the master of money. This may be what the film wants to tell us. Only when you no longer live for money can you truly become a free and wealthy person. Rousseau said: \”Money should be a tool to maintain freedom and realize value, rather than making yourself a slave to money.\” The so-called money does not refer to how much money you have, but to whether you can reasonably manage and use it. wealth. When we understand the nature of money and are not bound by the desire for money, we can let money work for us and gain financial freedom. And this is exactly what parents should teach their children. Money education essentially teaches children how to acquire and treat possessions. Only when children first learn to cherish money can they know how to spend money correctly and buy what is appropriate and worthwhile instead of squandering it carelessly. Tell your children that only by giving first will there be rewards. Earnings from hard work and labor should be respected and cherished, regardless of whether they are rich or poor. Money is important, but the most important thing is to keep your bottom line. Everyone wants to get rich overnight, but not everyone can keep their bottom line. When Wang Duoyu was a goalkeeper, he would spend every penny more than the 60 yuan in fares, but he was unwilling to take 200,000 yuan to play match-fixing. Not playing match-fixing is a player\’s bottom line. The heroine Xia Zhu (Wang Duoyu\’s personal accountant) hated Wang Duoyu very much at first, feeling that he was tacky, prodigal, and had problems with his character. But even so, she would not miss an account, keep her work and life separate, and would give him financial advice. Not making false accounts is the bottom line of an accountant. When Wang Duoyu became a billionaire, he racked his brains and spent money to get a huge inheritance of 30 billion, but in the end he gave up the inheritance to save others. Respecting life and being kind-hearted are the bottom line of being a human being. The bottom line is the belief in everyone\’s heart that even if they are forced into a desperate situation by life, they cannot take another step back. No matter what the consequences are, we must keep our hearts full of goodwill and original intentions. Maintaining a kind heart and keeping the bottom line may be what the film wants to tell us most. As parents, we should cultivate our children\’s money awareness from an early age, and at the same time, we must repeatedly emphasize through various channels that a gentleman loves money and gets it in a wise way. Don\’t sell your bottom line for money, don\’t lose your conscience for money. Money is not vulgar, what is vulgar is the human heart. In fact, under the shell of this comedy, there is also a social reality hidden: the evil nature of money is really great. The football coach who looked down on Wang Duoyu and thought he was mentally ill immediately led the global team to defect to him after seeing a large stack of banknotes. The most upscale western restaurant in the city originally refused them entry on the grounds of being \”disheveled\”. But after hearing that they wanted to cover the whole hotel, the arrogant supervisor immediately transformed into a \”waiter\”. Wang Duoyu\’s good friend, after tasting the sweetness, cried bitterly at the dinner: It\’s great to be a dog! Woof! Woof woof! There is another very interesting character: one of the top ten outstanding young people in Xihong City,Orator Liu Jiannan. One second he was saying \”Don\’t be a slave to money\”, but when Wang Duoyu offered a high price, the next second he nodded and bowed to please him. This detail is a vivid illustration: money is not vulgar, and having more money is not a bad thing. The most frightening thing is that people’s hearts have become vulgar. There is a saying in \”Rich Dad Poor Dad\”: If you don\’t teach your children about money, someone else will replace you in the future. Who is this guy? Maybe it\’s a creditor, maybe it\’s a profiteer, maybe it\’s the police, maybe it\’s a liar. Money education does not make children become \”misers\”, but gives them healthy value guidance so that they have a certain understanding and planning about money. Children will grow up sooner or later, and they will eventually face \”money\” and a series of problems caused by money. How to face them? All this requires your guidance. Rather than pursuing financial freedom, it is better to say that we are pursuing freedom of choice. The true meaning of financial freedom is not freedom of money, but freedom of people. In \”The Richest Man in Xihong City\”, financial freedom is the key word throughout the film, but it is also the most difficult word to achieve. Wang Duoyu spends all his money to inherit his inheritance, but he is still so far away from a fortune of 30 billion yuan. His life seems casual and luxurious, but it is quite depressing. In fact, Wang Duoyu did not really have the right to control money. He was restricted by many rules set by the second master. He has no freedom of choice. But when he turned his attention away from wealth, paid attention to the lives of others, and channeled his kindness, wealth and freedom suddenly came. As writer Yi Shu said, you must first remain independent before you are qualified to talk about what you should strive for. Therefore, smart and independent people will not focus on money and will not regard money as the only way to solve all problems. What they care more about is following their inner guidance and making their families live a good life. What they want more is the freedom of choice. Freedom of choice is more important than financial freedom. This is an important part of money education. This concept may seem complicated, but it is also an important part of cultivating children\’s independent personality. When a child is independent and strong, kind and warm, the child\’s shackles will become wings. In his life, he will have freedom of wealth and freedom of choice. In this world, there are many things that money cannot buy in modern society. Many families are \”accommodating\” their children\’s requests, giving children the wrong idea that \”money can buy everything.\” But that is absolutely not the case. There are some things in this world that money cannot buy. Such as happiness. Does having money necessarily make people happy? In fact, happiness is not based on money. Maybe it’s having a meal with your family, maybe lying on the grass and watching the stars, maybe catching fireflies in the fields at night. These little things in life can bring inner joy and satisfaction, but the happiness brought by money is only temporary and based on material basis. Happiness is a state of mind. Whether you are happy or not has nothing to do with money. The key lies in the human heart. Such as feelings. Hypocritical and duplicitous people get money, but they also don\’t get sincere feelings. In the film, what Xia Zhu first liked was Liu Jiannan\’s righteousness and his aura of treating the world\’s wealth as dirt. But when Wang Duoyu spent a lot of money, Liu Jiannan quickly became a flatterer. Xia Zhu recognizedAfter finding out Liu Jiannan\’s true face, he resolutely broke up with him. Such as kindness. At the end of the film, in order to rescue the kidnapped heroine, Wang Duoyu gave up his inheritance and made a choice between money and humanity. As the movie line says, \”If a person forgets humanity for money, he will live with guilt all his life.\” After this decision, Wang Duoyu and the audience may understand that there are many things in this world that money cannot buy. The reason why parents need to constantly emphasize to their children that money is not everything when educating their children about money is because they hope that their children will understand two truths: first, there are many things more important than money; second, even if they are not rich, There is still a lot of fun to be had.

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