What abilities should kindergartens cultivate in children?

7 abilities that children need to develop in kindergarten. Children should develop these seven abilities in kindergarten. Then when they enter elementary school in the future, whether it is learning knowledge or completing actions, it will be very easy. Most of the children who are leading in primary school have developed these seven key abilities in kindergarten. Today I will share it with you and train this ability through interesting and fun games. The first ability is auditory concentration ability. For example, our parents prepare many iron spoons, then let the baby blindfold his eyes, let the child listen to the sound of the spoon falling, and then ask the child to say the sound of the spoon falling. A few times. This will train children\’s auditory concentration ability and prevent them from becoming distracted while listening to classes after entering elementary school. The second ability, auditory span training, is to let children pluralize sentences and let them listen to sentences of different lengths. Then let the child speak it out. A child with a complete hearing span will be able to receive it completely, which will prevent the child from mishearing or missing something when listening to the class in the future. The third ability, auditory memory ability. For example, our parents said: \”There are hangers, clothes, shoes, brooms, clothes drying poles, shoes, washing powder…etc. in the balcony.\” Then ask the child: \”Are there shoes on the balcony? Are there bear toys? Are there grapes? Are there brooms?\” and wait for the children to answer in turn. Then ask questions one by one to prevent the child from being unable to remember the key points of the teacher\’s lectures in the future. The fourth ability, comprehensive audio-visual and dynamic response ability, is to let the child draw colors, squares, and shapes. After telling the child, let him quickly search and find them. For example, among the squares, which one is a square, which one is a triangle, and which one is a circle, allows children to better interact with each other. The fifth ability, visual span, is trained using the Schulte grid. Children can read numbers quickly from small to large. The faster the reading speed, the better the child\’s visual span. The sixth ability, the visual discrimination ability training project is the number discrimination ability. In this project of children\’s number discrimination, let the children find the missing numbers. The seventh ability, the hand-eye coordination ability training project is a trajectory game, which allows children to train their left and right hands along a path at the same time to train children\’s hand-eye coordination ability. Kindergarten insists on training the above seven core abilities. After children enter elementary school, they can not only listen carefully in class, but also listen, remember and respond.

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