What are some behaviors that parents do that are very harmful to their children?

01. Vicious comments about appearance, such as \”so fat\”, \”so short\”, \”so thin\”, \”the hair is so ugly\”, \”the clothes are ugly\”, such words will be harsh to adults, let alone children. , can\’t stand it. Sometimes adults may just be joking, but the speaker is unintentional and the listener is intentional. As psychologist Susan Forward said: Children cannot distinguish between facts and jokes. They will believe what their parents say about them and turn it into their own ideas. The movie \”My ID is Gangnam Beauty\” tells such a story. Langdon Children\’s English Graded Reading Step Into Reading audio + courseware + e-book + teacher\’s manual Meilai was a chubby girl when she was a child. Because of her appearance, she was bullied in school all her life. She was ridiculed as a \”fat pig\” and was rejected as \”embarrassing\” when she confessed to the boy she liked. Even though she lost weight, she was still just a slender \”ugly girl\”. Her biggest wish was to become ordinary and not be too ugly. She was exhausted by her appearance, so she decided to have plastic surgery. No one cares about their appearance. We need to tell our children that you have your own uniqueness and cuteness and help them discover their own advantages, which is actually more important. In this way, children will not spend too much time worrying about their appearance, and will have more energy and time to spend on more important things. -02- Blindly emphasize \”I am doing this for your own good\” and \”How hard I have worked for you\”! Parents especially like to put one foot on the dividing line quietly under the banner of \”for your own good\”. In the name of love, interfering with children actually turns \”I am doing it for your own good\” into a kind of harm. Papi Jiang once posted a video on Weibo. She changed her usual humorous and funny attitude and chatted with netizens in a sincere way about what she wanted to say to parents all over the world. She said that many parents like to say, \”Everything I do is for you\” and \”I am what I am now because of you.\” I am touched by my parents\’ dedication. However, as a child, after hearing this, my heart is not moved, but a sense of guilt. It makes us think that all the bad parts of a parent\’s life are caused by their children. I hope that your happiness does not all come from your children. Your happiness should be composed of many, many things. The words \”I am doing this for your own good\” are very affectionate and hurtful, and the more sensible the child, the deeper the hurt. These five words \”I am doing it for your own good\” have become the best excuse to convince others, and they are also the heaviest pain in the hearts of contemporary people. -03-Unhealthy comparisons There is a very heart-breaking joke: Every child has a natural enemy since childhood, and that is \”other people\’s children.\” I believe that many children have lived or are living in such a shadow. In \”Youth Talk\”, a girl plucked up the courage to go up to the rooftop and shouted out her innermost thoughts to her classmates and her mother below: \”There is a man who can do all decathlons and is good at everything. He is Someone else\’s child.\” \”My mother always said, if your grades are so bad, why did sheWill I be friends with you? \”\”Children are not only good from other people\’s families. \”Why can\’t you see my efforts?\” \”In her family, there is \”someone else\’s child.\” The top student in the class, the grade, the school, and the league is her best friend. Because of poor sports, her parents , completely negating the past achievements and efforts of this girl with excellent morals and academics. Even if her daughter shed tears in the end and said that she was not suitable for combating education, the mother remained unmoved. Children who have not been recognized for a long time will only Doubly inferiorizing themselves, eventually becoming a habit of self-denial. Adults often think that they are self-righteous, but they don’t expect that young teenagers can see clearly and know more than anyone else. Zheng Yuanjie said: People who are stronger than children are often used to stimulate them. He, this kind of language is the most impactful and destructive, and it is the trump card quotation that destroys children. Stimulation will not inspire children to make progress. Do not judge or compare children, accept them as they are, and explore their shining points. The source and motivation that keeps him making progress.

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