What are the benefits of having children memorize ancient poems from an early age?

Many parents have questions, why should their children memorize ancient poems from an early age? Is memorizing ancient poems useful? There are also many parents who let their children carry it when they see everyone else carrying it. Anyway, they feel that there must be advantages and no disadvantages to carrying it. There are many benefits to memorizing ancient poems, such as enhancing memory and improving children\’s literary accomplishment. These intrinsic benefits were not visible at the time, so some parents had questions. When children enter elementary school, the benefits of memorizing ancient poems will become obvious. Many parents begin to regret not letting their children memorize more ancient poems when they were young. My personal experience is that when my children are in first grade, the teacher will recite tasks every day. One of them is ancient poetry, because ancient poems are required for primary school students to memorize and take exams. Teachers will take advantage of the ample time in the first and second grade to let the children memorize more. . Because it has been memorized, children will recite it again, which is a reproduction of knowledge. Children will memorize it after reading it once or twice. Reciting is painless, and they can get praise from teachers and envy from classmates. Children are highly motivated to learn and have self-confidence in learning. Full. For first-grade children, learning enthusiasm and self-confidence are very important. The \”good impression\” of teachers and classmates, the child\’s self-confidence, and sense of superiority are enough to motivate the child to study hard. Compared with children who cannot memorize an ancient poem for half an hour or even an hour, children who memorize ancient poems have obvious advantages. They can also use the time saved on difficult learning to improve learning efficiency. In addition, there are many famous lines about scenery and people in the poems. Children can memorize them and use them directly in their compositions to add points to their compositions. For example, a mother said that memorizing ancient poems is very good. Her child, who is in third grade, knows how to use \”Autumn has been sad and lonely since ancient times, and I say that autumn is better than spring\” when writing autumn compositions. When ancient poems or idioms are used in compositions, they are considered \”golden sentences\”. It is a bonus for children to memorize compositions and accumulate many good words and sentences. Even if their grades are not excellent, it will be difficult. Top academics have had the habit of memorizing ancient poems almost since childhood. Why are children allowed to memorize ancient poems from an early age? How to memorize ancient poetry? After reading it, I understood that Peipei, a senior from the Chinese Department of Peking University, scored 140 in Chinese in the college entrance examination. He once said that his good performance in Chinese was thanks to his mother who asked him to memorize ancient poems since he was a child. And he said that when he went to Peking University, he asked many classmates from Tsinghua and Peking University around him, and they all had the habit of memorizing ancient poems when they were young. Therefore, parents should cultivate the habit of memorizing ancient poems in their children from an early age. A senior student from the Peking University School said that there are two important periods for memorizing ancient poems. Memorizing ancient poems is faster and more effective. Based on my many years of teaching experience and practical experience, combined with the sharing of senior students from Peking University, the summary is as follows: First, 2 to 5-year-old preschool children are illiterate. The methods for them to recite ancient poems quickly: First, listen more; The second is to look at the picture. The reason for listening more is the same as when children learn to speak. If they listen more and have enough input, there will be output. The same is true for memorizing ancient poems. Let the children listen more, which is commonly known as \”sharpening their ears\”. If the children listen too much, they will blurt it out. Whether it\’s a picture book story or an ancient poem, experienced mothers know that if a child listens to it too much, he will immediately know the next sentence after hearing the previous sentence, which means that he has subconsciously memorized it. For example, a mother said that when her daughter was 1 year and 8 months old, she accidentally discovered that she could recite a few poems that she often heard. She began to consciously let her child recite poems every day.Tian listens to ancient poems and children\’s songs. At the age of two and a half, he has already recited 40 ancient poems proficiently. The potential of children is really great. The reason for looking at pictures is that preschool children focus on image memory. They like pictures and can easily remember things with specific images. Therefore, parents can use poems with pictures and specific images to help their children remember. It is normal for children at this time not to understand ancient poems. Parents should not get entangled and let their children memorize poems with the help of image memory. Children start reciting slowly, and then recite faster and faster, which means they develop a sense of language and their memory is enhanced. Second, the new curriculum standard for primary school students aged 6 to 12 requires that primary school students must memorize 75 ancient poems in class and 80 poems outside class. It is best to memorize it first in the lower grades of elementary school, because the learning difficulty increases in the upper grades. By memorizing ancient poems in advance, you can save time to learn difficult knowledge points. Many children memorize slowly and easily forget because there is no method. Primary school students can quickly memorize ancient poems and remember the methods: ① Listen to the audio segment and read the correct pronunciation of the characters ② Understand first and then recite, combine annotations and translations to understand and memorize. Primary school students focus on understanding, because The test questions involve comprehension fill-in-the-blank questions. I can only memorize poetry but not understand it, and I can’t even handle the exam. ③ Use the image memory method to memorize the previous article. It is also mentioned that images can be memorized firmly and quickly. Whether primary school students memorize ancient poems, texts or English, they must be good at using mind maps to memorize. They have frameworks and keyword pictures in their minds, so they can memorize them quickly and firmly. . For example, if the children only read the words, it will be difficult to remember the two lines of the poem \”The little lotus has just revealed its sharp corners, and a dragonfly has already stood on its head.\” However, if there is an image in the mind that is transformed from the words \”a lotus leaf with sharp corners\” Pictures like \”dragonfly\” were quickly memorized. (See the picture below) \”Primary School Students Must Memorize Ancient Poems\” contains 75+80 poems, with audio + annotations + translations + appreciation + mind maps to help children memorize in an all-round way. In these two books, 75 poems are ancient poems that must be memorized in the textbooks for grades one to six of primary schools. It is very convenient to memorize and search by grade. 80 poems are expanded extracurricular ancient poems and are required to be memorized in the new primary school curriculum standards. Elementary school students must memorize 75+80 ancient poems with color phonetic notation in ultra-clear pdf. For senior elementary school students, in addition to consolidating the recitation of ancient poems, they also need to start enlightening themselves on ancient prose. Conclusion The younger the child, the stronger his memory. Parents must let their children memorize ancient poems from an early age, seize the two important enlightenment periods, and use the right methods to help their children memorize ancient poems more efficiently.

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