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What are the benefits of vaginal delivery for mothers?


Oct 1, 2023 #neonatal period

After ten months of pregnancy, the biggest wish of expectant mothers is to deliver a healthy baby smoothly. Most expectant mothers can bear the pain of natural childbirth, and research shows that natural childbirth has many health benefits for both mother and baby. Benefits to babies (1) Babies have stronger living abilities. Babies born naturally have better physical coordination. They seem to be more energetic in life, more sensitive to touch, and respond more quickly to the external environment. (2) Avoid neonatal complications. During natural delivery, the regular contractions of the uterus can exercise the fetal lungs and promote lung maturity. Hyaline membrane disease rarely occurs after birth. At the same time, the fetal head is squeezed during labor, and the amniotic fluid and mucus in the fetal respiratory tract are squeezed out, making the fetus less prone to amniotic fluid aspiration pneumonia and neonatal wet lung after birth. (3) Promote fetal learning. During natural delivery, the rhythmic contraction of the uterus and the compression of the fetus by the birth canal can promote the development of the fetal nervous system. (4) Expectant mothers have more benefits. During the process of natural delivery, the mother can transmit her love and warmth to the baby through the nervous system, so that the baby can receive the signal of love from the mother as soon as she is born; and for women who give birth vaginally, Recovery is quick after giving birth, there are no scars on the abdomen, and you can eat immediately after delivery, so recovery is quick after delivery. Benefits to mothers (1) Postpartum recovery is fast. Mothers who give birth naturally can eat immediately after delivery, while mothers who have had cesarean section cannot eat before the first time they have gas after delivery. Mothers who give birth naturally do not need analgesics after giving birth in an average of two days after taking oxytocin. After cesarean section, there are inconveniences such as having to have a urinary catheter inserted and being unable to urinate on their own for two days. Natural delivery has less postpartum bleeding; cesarean section has a higher chance of complications. (2) Mothers who give birth naturally have no severe pain during delivery and the pain is less; mothers after cesarean section will have pain in the wound every time they have their period and may have abdominal adhesions. Natural childbirth is much better than cesarean section in terms of pain and subsequent physical recovery. The only possible drawback of natural delivery is that the entire labor process takes nearly 10 hours, but it is much better than cesarean section. Although mothers who choose cesarean section for the first time may have another cesarean section during subsequent pregnancies and births, they can choose natural delivery as long as there are no indications for the previous cesarean section. Anyone who the doctor thinks can be delivered vaginally can choose natural delivery. With the application and popularization of painless delivery technology, the use of analgesics, diazepam and other drugs given to mothers during the first stage of labor has made vaginal delivery much safer, so don\’t worry about accidents. If unpredictable situations occur during labor, the doctor will communicate with the mother and her family members in a timely manner and make corresponding handling measures. Doctors will only recommend cesarean section to complete delivery when the medical indications are clear. Even if a cesarean section is required, the difficulty and risks of the operation are much simpler for women who have had a cesarean section than for women who have had a cesarean section for the first time. Nowadays, the development and popularization of painless delivery technology has made more people choose natural delivery. In addition, natural delivery has more benefits for mothers and babies, and people are more favored by it.About it. Although it is indeed difficult to conceive in ten months, maternal love is great. It overcomes all the hardships and ultimately results in an extremely happy harvest!

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