What are the dangers of children playing on their tummy? You regret knowing it\’s too late…

Many parents are reluctant to let their babies lie down, either because they are worried that they will be injured or that they will be tired. In fact, as long as the method and time are properly grasped, lying down more often has many benefits for the growth and development of the baby. For example: it can help the baby control the head as early as possible, exercise the strength of the back, neck, and arms, help the baby learn to turn, roll, and crawl as soon as possible. It can also prevent the baby from having an excessively flat back of the head or a partially deformed flat head~ So just let the baby When practicing tummy time, parents should hold their baby\’s shoulders and remember not to cover their mouth and nose. And the time should not be too long. It is generally recommended to do it about 2 times a day, for three to five minutes each time. Then as the baby becomes more proficient, gradually extend the time on the tummy. Next, let Li Di Mama share with us what are the benefits of letting the baby lie down for more time? Let’s talk about what to do if your baby doesn’t want to lie down, and how to guide your baby to learn to play on his or her stomach? Li Di, a stay-at-home mother with a college degree and two babies. The eldest child, Xiaxia, is two years old, and the second child, Guoguo, is two months old. They are keen on learning parenting knowledge and are constantly learning how to be a good mother. The growth of children is also a process of parents growing together. Parenting means raising oneself. \”Your mother told you to lie down more, come on! Guoguo, let\’s lie down!\” I was cooking in the kitchen at noon, and when I heard my teammates saying these words to Erbao in the living room, I couldn\’t help but raise the corners of my mouth. The teammate was slowly learning and accepting the scientific knowledge of parenting while silently moisturizing things day after day. From arguing to doubting to accepting, I think even he himself was not aware of the changes in this process. I remember when Dabao was born, when I came home from the hospital, I lay down and tried to let the baby slowly lie on my chest, and then put it on the bed, one or two seconds at a time. One day, my family saw me letting my baby lie down on her stomach. They were extremely frightened: \”She can\’t lie down now, her neck hasn\’t grown hard yet!\” \”We are still tired lying on our stomach, can the baby not be tired?\” my teammates heard. My family said this and stopped me from letting my child lie down. Later, for a long time, I secretly practiced lying down with Dabao, while subtly instilling the benefits of lying down and crawling to my teammates. Now that the second baby is born, my teammates have been cooperating with me seamlessly. I let the second baby lie down whenever there is nothing. So, today I want to share with you some things about baby tummy time. What are the benefits of lying down more? 1 Promote gross motor development We all know that the baby\’s motor development is from top to bottom…erect head → raise head → crawl → sit → walk. And \”lying\” is the beginning of major motor development. In fact, after returning home from the hospital, we can hold the baby\’s shoulders and let the baby lie down for a few seconds. Studies have shown that babies who lie down and crawl more have better balance, more upright and graceful posture, and brighter eyes. Lying down and crawling more often can help the baby exercise the strength of his neck, back and arms. 2. Help newborns to \”gas\”. Babies aged 0-3 months will always cry, kick, and groan. This is the most common \”flatulence\” caused by the immature gastrointestinal function of newborns. The best way is to regularly rub the baby\’s belly, use \”airplane hugs\”, take simethicone and other methods to help the baby relieve discomfort. In fact, lying on your stomach can also reduce flatulence. This is an effective and gentle way to \”exhale\”, soBecause when children lie down, they try to twist their bodies, turn their heads and raise their heads. These active movements are often more effective than passive massage, so babies who often lie down are less likely to suffer from flatulence. 3 Improve the parent-child relationship. There should be no baby who doesn’t like to lie on their parents’ bodies. When parents lie down and let the baby lie on their chest, it can not only provide the baby with a sense of security and stable emotions, but also enhance the parent-child relationship. Moreover, the baby will also try hard to raise his head to see his parents, which is also very helpful for the baby\’s head-up training. However, parents should never let their babies sleep on their chests, as this can lead to the risk of suffocation. 4. Improve limited field of vision and develop baby\’s cognition. If the baby keeps \”lying down\” to see the world, the baby\’s field of vision is almost only the ceiling. Even if the adult holds the baby horizontally, the field of view is still limited. Children\’s cognition requires benign stimulation from the outside world. It is very helpful for babies to raise their heads and turn their heads to understand everything around them while lying on their stomachs, which is very conducive to the development of children\’s cognition. What should I do if my baby doesn’t like to lie down? 1. Give the baby a sufficient sense of security. Newborns cry when lying on their stomachs but stop crying when they are held. This is because when newborns are held, they know that their parents are around and they will feel very safe. At this time, you can try to let the baby lie on the chest of the parents. You can also lie down with the baby and talk at a straight angle, or use toys to attract the baby\’s attention, so that the baby can feel that the parents are with them and that they are safe. . In addition, newborns have limited neck and shoulder strength and can only lie down for a few seconds at a time, but it doesn\’t matter, \”a small amount and many times\” will extend the time the baby can lie down. 2. Use toys to guide the baby to play more on his tummy. The reason why babies over 3 months old don’t like to tummy down is because they have been held in their arms and haven’t practiced tummy time. The baby already knows what “comfort” and “enjoyment” are. At this time, we just let them If he lies down, the baby will definitely \”protest\”. Therefore, what we can do is to practice more with our babies. Specific methods: Talk, sing, and play with toys every time your baby lies down. Let the baby feel that lying on his stomach is also very fun, and slowly adapt to the feeling of lying on his stomach. 3. Rest immediately when you are tired. No matter how old your baby is, please be sure to end this tummy time before he/she becomes tired, irritable or crying. Because if the baby\’s wishes are not respected, he/she will be more resistant in the future. Therefore, when parents intend to let their babies practice lying down, crawling, sitting, standing, and walking, they must do so based on respecting the baby\’s wishes. Wait until the baby is well rested or less resistant before trying again. How to make your baby like tummy time? Newborn babies can only lie down for a few seconds and minutes at a time. At this time, we can choose to let the baby lie on the chest of the mother and father. 2-month-old baby The arms of a 2-month-old baby are not yet strong enough to support the upper body, so we can roll a towel into a candy pillow and let the baby lie on it to support the upper body. You can also use the \”airplane hold\” to hold your baby around the house and visit it. 4-month-old baby 4-month-old baby especially likes to look in the mirror. At this time, you can try to let the baby lie on his stomach and look in the mirror. You will find that the scene of the baby talking \”Ahhhhhh\” to the mirror is particularly heartwarming. For 6-month-old babies, let the baby play on his or her stomach more than 6 months old. After the early \”difficulties\”,\”It\’s difficult\” to lie down, but now the baby can lie down for half an hour at a time. With such a small baby, how can you bear to let your baby lie down? Many parents know that more lying down is good for the baby, but they still \”can\’t bear\” to let their baby lie down. , I feel that this is a kind of \”training\” rather than natural \”growth\”. In fact, parents in the new era need to change their old ideas. Lying down is just the same as lying on your back or side. No matter how comfortable the posture is, if Not changing will also cause fatigue or discomfort, so we need to let the baby change positions more often, and never let doting hinder the baby\’s growth and development~

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