What are the dangers of long-term sleep deprivation for children?

Some time ago, a newly released survey showed that more than 80% of primary and secondary school students in my country do not meet the standard sleep duration. The secret to a clear mind is deep sleep! The report shows that the average sleep duration of teenagers in 2020 is 7.8 hours, 0.3 hours lower than in 2009, and the phenomenon of insufficient sleep among teenagers continues to worsen. 95.5% of primary school students sleep less than 10 hours a day! 90.8% of junior high school students sleep less than 9 hours a day! ! 84.1% of high school students sleep less than 8 hours a day! ! ! The current state of children\’s sleep is worrying. The vicious cycle of \”not sleeping at night and not waking up in the morning\” is eroding children\’s bodies step by step. A series of problems such as short growth, cognitive impairment, and memory loss are endangering children\’s health. Sleep is never a trivial matter. It can directly determine a child’s study and life. Therefore, all parents who are “watching” today must read this article carefully and work with Chenma to save their children’s sleep quality! 01 Who stole the child’s sleep? The \”2019 Chinese Adolescent and Children\’s Sleep Index White Paper\” released by the Chinese Sleep Research Association shows that the three major factors affecting children\’s sleep are: academic pressure, playing with mobile phones or computers, and parents\’ failure to set a good example. After the double reduction, although the workload has been controlled, the children still have endless homework and after-school tutoring classes, including almost all music, art, and dance. As a parent, it is almost impossible to have both children learn well and sleep well. Most parents will choose to give up some sleep to ensure their children\’s learning progress. Going to bed at 11 o\’clock every night is already good. If you get up at 7 o\’clock in the morning, the total sleep per day is only eight hours. In addition, the presence of electronic devices is also a key factor affecting children\’s sleep. As children are now exposed to mobile electronic products at an increasingly younger age, it is easy for them to become dependent on electronic products, leading to sleep rhythm disorders. If you play games or watch videos before going to bed, even if you go to bed on time, your body will feel sleepy but your mind will still be excited. What’s even more outrageous is that many parents themselves have difficulty setting a good example. They watch TV shows and play games before going to bed, procrastinate in going to bed, and have late-night snacks from time to time. How can their children maintain a good sleep schedule? Parents\’ ignorance is the \”culprit\” that causes children\’s lack of sleep. Only by being deeply aware of the harm of lack of sleep to children\’s growth and development can we sound the alarm for all parents! The harm of lack of sleep is developmental delay and affects height. A few days ago, Chen Ma wrote in \”These 3 characteristics of mothers are easily passed on to children. The first one is mostly passed on to boys.\” Parents account for 70% of the impact on children\’s height. The remaining 30% depends on the day after tomorrow. Among them, sleep is one of the key factors that affects the child\’s acquired height. Old people often say that \”children grow while they sleep.\” Many parents don\’t believe it. They only know how to supplement their children with calcium and drink milk during their growth period, and ignore the importance of their children\’s sleep. You have to know that the decisive element for growing taller is growth hormone, which can effectively stimulate the growth of children\’s bones. While the child is sleeping at night,The secretion of growth hormone is more than three times that of normal, especially between 10 pm and 1 am, the secretion of growth hormone will reach its peak. At this time, the child must enter deep sleep to avoid delaying the secretion of growth hormone. Therefore: if you want your child to grow taller, you must fall asleep on time at 9 o\’clock. If you miss this period, no matter how much calcium you give your child and how much milk you drink, don’t even think about how tall your child will grow. It is easy to gain weight and destroy immunity. Lack of sleep is a high risk factor for obesity. A study in the \”Journal of Lipid Research\” found that if you don\’t get enough sleep for four consecutive nights, the insulin in your body will rise, and you will absorb calories from food faster, and these are all factors that lead to weight gain. Obese children\’s exercise ability will gradually decline, and they may also be ridiculed by people around them, and have a negative evaluation of themselves, which affects their mental health. In addition, the child\’s resistance will gradually decrease, increasing the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes. An article was published in the American Journal of Internal Medicine, which stated that low sleep quality may affect cytokines or histamine, thereby affecting human immune function. Therefore, ensuring that children get enough and good sleep can help them better resist the invasion of diseases and maintain a healthy physique. It is not difficult to find that it affects vision and harms the eyes. Nowadays, many children wear thick glasses early and become myopic \”child soldiers\”. But myopia in children is not just about poor reading posture, it is also closely related to sleep. Long-term sleep deprivation in children can cause autonomic nerve dysfunction throughout the body, thereby affecting the local sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves in the eyes, causing ciliary muscle regulation dysfunction, and leading to myopia. Only by maintaining adequate sleep can the eyeballs and ciliary muscles get adequate rest and protect the development of children\’s vision. Memory loss and brain retardation. The British journal Nature Neurology once published the results of a Harvard Medical School study: Lack of sleep can damage hippocampal nerve function. We all know that once the hippocampus, an important area of ​​the brain responsible for memory, is damaged, it will directly lead to memory loss, brain slowness, and reduced learning ability. In this way, no matter how many nights they stay up, the child\’s learning will not progress, and all the time and effort spent will be in vain, which will hurt the child and hurt the parents. Nowadays, more and more schools are setting up lunch break areas in classes in order to ensure children\’s sleep. There are even primary schools that have directly renovated new desks and chairs, which turn into \”beds\” in seconds at noon, allowing children to seize the noon time and get enough rest. \”Children who know how to rest will learn.\” This sentence is not unreasonable. I hope parents will not blindly pursue learning regularly. Knowing how to let children combine work and rest is the secret to enhancing learning ability. Parents who have a bad temper and are prone to psychological problems and have watched the hit drama \”Little Shede\” will definitely remember this plot. Yan Ziyou, the bully in elementary school, gradually lost control of her emotions under the high pressure of her mother. Later, she gradually began to hallucinate and imagined a new friend \”Big Dragon\”, which frightened the whole family. When we lament the psychological fragility of contemporary children, we might as well reflect on the fact that today’s children have heavy schoolwork, more homework, high expectations, and shorter and shorter sleep time.No longer impacting the child\’s psychological defenses. The University of Arizona conducted a detailed analysis of the National College Health Assessment and found that a night\’s sleep deprivation among college students increases the odds of loneliness by 19%, depression by 21%, and suicidal thoughts by 28%. The heart is horrifying. Children\’s sleep status is not only related to their physical health, but also to their mental health. A child who does not get enough sleep will gradually become irritable and even depressed. Chen Zhiyan, a professor at the Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said in an interview: \”Many people may not fully realize the importance of healthy and adequate sleep for teenagers. If there is insufficient sleep, it will affect people\’s processing of various information, and there will also be problems. Bad emotions. Once accumulated, that is to say, lack of sleep for a continuous period of time, it may lead to the risk of depression.\” Sleep problems are by no means a trivial matter, and parents must pay more attention to them! Don’t wait until your child gets “sick” before you regret it. [Autumn Health Porridge] Shen Porridge No. 2’s method of calming the nerves and promoting sleep is amazing! If you want your children to stay healthy, the three basic requirements are: love from parents and family, comprehensive and balanced nutrition, and adequate sleep. Protecting your child\’s health might as well start by letting your child get a good night\’s sleep.

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