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What are the distinctive characteristics of women who have had abortions?


Oct 1, 2023 #neonatal period

Abortion refers to the death of the fetus or the cessation of embryonic development during pregnancy, resulting in spontaneous abortion or artificial abortion. For women, a miscarriage can have a significant physical and psychological impact. Clinically, some women may be classified as \”habitual miscarriage\” because of multiple miscarriages. This article will introduce the obvious characteristics of women after abortion from physical, psychological and behavioral aspects. Physiological aspects (1) Irregular menstruation: After miscarriage, changes in hormone secretion may lead to irregular menstruation or even amenorrhea. (2) Cervical laxity: The endometrium is damaged during miscarriage, which may lead to cervical laxity, thereby increasing the risk of miscarriage in the next pregnancy. (3) Severe uterine contractions: During a miscarriage, the uterus needs to contract strongly to expel the fetus or embryo, which may cause excessive uterine contractions and symptoms such as uterine cramping and pain. (4) Increased risk of infection: During abortion surgery, if you do not pay attention to hygiene, it may lead to infection of the cervix of the uterus, causing symptoms such as fever and abdominal pain. Psychological aspects (1) Depression: After miscarriage, women may feel negative emotions such as loss, helplessness, anxiety, and even develop symptoms of depression. (2) Psychological trauma: Miscarriage is a sudden life event that may cause psychological trauma to women and requires appropriate psychological support and treatment. (3) Increased stress: After experiencing a miscarriage, women may face multiple pressures from family, work, and social life, which may lead to physical and mental health problems. Behavioral aspects (1) Lifestyle changes: After miscarriage, women need to pay attention to physical recuperation, pay attention to diet and nutrition, maintain good sleep, and avoid overexertion. (2) Changes in the relationship between husband and wife: Miscarriage may have an impact on the relationship between husband and wife, which requires proper communication and understanding. How about the book \”Golden Confinement Sister teaches you about confinement\” pdf download ultra-clear [Precautions during confinement + confinement recipes + newborn care] (3) Increased pre-pregnancy examinations: because there may be certain risks in getting pregnant again after miscarriage , so it is necessary to conduct a pre-pregnancy check-up to ensure that the body is in suitable condition for pregnancy. In short, women need to pay attention to their physical, mental and behavioral changes after miscarriage, maintain a positive attitude and a healthy lifestyle. Appropriate psychological support and treatment can help women better cope with the impact of miscarriage.

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