What are the four principles of tutoring promising children?

The customs and upbringing of a family often internalize the conduct and temperament of family members. Good tutoring is crucial to a person\’s growth and success. Educate children to follow certain principles and not act blindly, otherwise it may be counterproductive. [Collection] 16 Chinese classics, full of traditional Chinese wisdom. \”Yan Family Instructions\” is called the ancestor of family instructions. It has been published for thousands of years and has been printed repeatedly. It has a great influence on future generations. The book warns us that a Family, educate children, adhere to these 4 principles, children will become more and more promising! 1. Leniency and severity complement each other. If parents are majestic and kind, their children will be cautious and filial. If parents are majestic in front of their children and can care for them, their children will be respectful, cautious and filial to their parents. Loving mothers often fail their children. If they only know how to tolerate their children, their children will lack a sense of fear, behave wildly, and do not know the rules. If parents are too strict, children tend to be cautious, submissive, afraid of making mistakes and dare not try many things. In this way, many opportunities will be lost. The best education is to combine leniency with strictness, so that children can be lively but not lose their sense of proportion. 2. Be careful not to indulge. I see that there is no teaching in the world but there is love. It cannot be like this. You can eat and drink as you please. You should be warned and rewarded. You should laugh instead of laughing. When you have knowledge and knowledge, you can tell the Dharma. You are arrogant and have become accustomed to it. Beating and beating him to death without any power. Parents are too indulgent with their children. They eat and do whatever they want. They indulge their children at will without any control. When they should be reprimanded, they praise them. When they should reprimand and scold them, they laugh. When the children become sensible, they think that these principles are what they are, until they become proud and neglectful. Only when it has become a habit do we start to stop it. At this time, no matter how cruel the whipping is, it cannot establish dignity. 3. The earlier the better. We are young in life and our minds are limited. After we have grown up, our thoughts are scattered. We must teach you early and don’t miss the opportunity. When people are young, they have high attention span and are easy to concentrate. However, when they grow up, they become distracted and have difficulty concentrating. Therefore, we need to educate people at an early age. Don’t miss this great opportunity. Educating children should start from an early age, the earlier the better. Once bad habits are formed, it is difficult to get rid of them and may remain with them for life. When children are young, they are like a blank sheet of paper. It is the golden period for developing good habits. The later they go, the more difficult it becomes. 4. Lead by example and teach others through words and deeds. When you are young, your mood is undecided, what you give is unrequited, and you are influenced by influence. When you are young, your mental state has not yet been finalized, and you have close contacts with others and are influenced by influence. Even if you have no intention of learning, it will be subtle. Learn from others. Meng\’s mother\’s three moves profoundly reflect this principle. You will learn from whomever you follow, and you will be affected by whatever environment you are in. To educate children, we must create a good growth environment for them. At the same time, parents must lead by example. Teaching by example is more important than words. If you want your children to be happy and optimistic, first you must be happy every day. If you want your children to be proactive, then you must first Work hard to make progress. If a family educates its children and adheres to these four principles, the children will definitely become more and more promising!

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