What are the non-material rewards for students?

Every child loves rewards, especially novel ones. In the process of class management, teachers often need some reward mechanisms to mobilize students\’ initiative and enthusiasm and help students establish good behavioral habits. What kind of reward can achieve big things with little effort? Teachers may wish to try these fancy non-material rewards. Peking University reading class video for grades 1-6, leading children on a reading journey 01 Super experience, the rewards can also be \”wow\” 1. Choose your favorite seat and experience it for a day 2. Be the monitor for a day 3. Be a morning reading leader Member 4. Choose a class position you are interested in and experience it for a day. 5. Hold the class sign once after school. 6. Choose a Chinese/Mathematics/English class representative and experience it for a day. 7. Be a primary school teacher once. 8. When school is over, replace the teacher and form a team. 9. Choose a teacher and be his personal assistant for a day. 10. During recess exercises, be the class leader. 11. On Monday, represent the class to pick up the mobile red flag and take a group photo. 12. Be a Chinese teacher and report to the whole class. One dictation13. Be the host of a class meeting14. Get the opportunity to be a disciplinary administrator in a self-study class15. Be an eye exercise examiner/supervisor for a day16. Celebrate a birthday in the class, and the whole class will celebrate you together17. Help the teacher with corrections Homework once 18. Be the class cleaning manager for a day 19. Be a class civility supervisor for a day 20. Experience the \”control\” power of being a class teacher 02 and enjoy \”special\” treatment 1. Get out of class 5 minutes early 2. Be the first in line to eat 3. Have an opportunity to decide the content and format of morning reading for the whole class 4. Give a good friend a chance to be praised by the teacher 5. Designate a classmate to help serve lunch at lunch 6. Choose a favorite song and play it in the class during class 7 . Choose a video you like and share it with everyone during class. 8. Choose a group activity game and play it with the whole class during the class meeting. 9. Designate a classmate to sing for you. 10. Allow to ask a question that the teacher must answer. 11. During recess sports, you are allowed to take a break. 12. Choose any 5 students and praise yourself in front of the whole class. 13. When asked by the teacher, you can transfer the question to any student in the class. 14. Designate the teacher to be you. Read a favorite story 15. Designate a classmate to help you answer questions in class 16. Get an opportunity to flip through the book to check when dictating 17. Know a \”big event in the class\” in advance 18. Get an opportunity for the teacher to \”mark the key points\” alone during the exam 19 . During the lunch break, sit on the teacher\’s chair and rest 20. Give homework to the whole class on behalf of the teacher 03 Let the \”exemption paper\” show its charm 1. No need to do general cleaning 2. No need to do classroom homework once 3. No need to do homework once 4. Free of copying homework once 5. Free of duty once 6. Free of dictation once 7. Free of morning reading once 8. Free of criticism for misbehavior once 9. Free of asking parents once 10. Free of doing recess exercises once 11. Obtained a free ticket for disciplinary violations Zhang 12. Exemption from the task of decorating the class learning garden once 13. Exemption from one lunch break in the classroom (lunch breaks can be arranged on campus) 14.No need to recite once 15. No need to line up once 16. No need to serve the class once 17. No need for parent signature once 18. No need to be on duty once 19. No need to answer questions once 20. Choose a question that was wrong in the exam and avoid deducting points 04 Activate the mind, Customized special honors 1. Take a photo with your favorite teacher 2. Have lunch with the teacher 3. The teacher calls parents to praise once in front of the whole class 4. Receives a letter of praise written by the teacher 5. Receives a letter from the principal Rewards for touching the head 6. Allowing one’s own photo to be set as the class computer desktop for a week 7. Obtaining public praise from the teacher once in the class group 8. As a star in the class, posting photos on the class bulletin board 9. On weekends, the class’s animals or Take a plant home once 10. Use the teacher’s mobile phone to take photos with good friends on campus 12. Select small class gifts with the teacher 13. Designate a good friend to receive the reward 14. Visit the teacher’s home 15. Receive hand-painted or specially customized items from the teacher 16. Borrow the teacher’s books for a week 17. Reward a chance to see the teacher’s old photos 18. Share snacks happily with the teacher 19. Choose a WeChat avatar for the teacher and ask to keep it for at least a week 20. Watch a movie with the teacher 21. Choose a sport that you are good at and compete with the teacher. 22. The teacher calls your parents to fulfill a small wish of yours. 23. Review the diaries/practice pens of classmates with the teacher. 24. Participate in a school activity on behalf of the class. 25. Did you get the fancy reward of 5 extra points for the exam?

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