What are the symptoms of new pregnancy?

Pregnancy is one of the things that every woman looks forward to, but in the early stages of pregnancy, women will have some special symptoms. These symptoms are signs that your body is going through changes, but not every woman will experience the same symptoms. This article will cover some common new pregnancy symptoms. 1. Delayed or missing menstruation. After pregnancy, egg fertilization will cause changes in hormone levels in the body, leading to changes in the menstrual cycle. Generally speaking, if your menstrual cycle is normal but is delayed by a week or a month, it may be a sign of pregnancy. But there are other factors that can cause delayed or missing periods, such as stress, illness, etc., so it\’s best to take a pregnancy test to confirm. 2. Breast swelling and sensitivity After pregnancy, the breasts will undergo obvious changes, including breast swelling and sensitivity. This is caused by hormonal changes that cause increased blood supply to the breast tissue. Breast tenderness and sensitivity may last for several weeks or throughout your pregnancy. 3. Nipple color changes After pregnancy, the color of the nipples and areola may become darker. This is caused by rising levels of estrogen, which is common in early pregnancy. 4. Early pregnancy reactions Early pregnancy reactions are one of the common symptoms of pregnancy, manifesting as nausea, vomiting, changes in appetite, etc. These symptoms usually begin around 6 weeks into pregnancy and peak around 8-9 weeks. The severity of early pregnancy symptoms varies from person to person; some women may experience only mild discomfort, while others may experience more severe nausea and vomiting. [The most complete and best sound quality in history] 32 sets of 100 must-listen late-pregnancy music for prenatal education for free 5. Polyuria and Frequent Urination After pregnancy, hormonal changes in women\’s bodies will cause an increase in the filtration rate of the kidneys, thereby increasing the production of urine. In addition, the enlargement of the uterus can also put pressure on the bladder, causing the feeling of frequent urination. Polyuria and frequent urination are one of the common symptoms in early pregnancy. 6. Fatigue and sleepiness After pregnancy, changes in hormone levels in women can lead to feelings of fatigue and sleepiness. This is the body\’s response to provide nutrients and energy to the fetus. Fatigue and drowsiness may last for weeks or even months. 7. Easily have mood swings. After pregnancy, women may have mood swings, which may manifest as being easily agitated, irritable, and easy to cry. This is caused by changes in hormone levels and the changes the body goes through. In summary, symptoms of early pregnancy include delayed or absent menstruation, breast tenderness and sensitivity, nipple color changes, early pregnancy symptoms, polyuria and frequent urination, fatigue and sleepiness, and mood swings. If you suspect you\’re pregnant, it\’s a good idea to take a pregnancy test to confirm. At the same time, if you have any unusual symptoms or discomfort, you should consult your doctor promptly for professional advice and guidance.

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