What are the things that can cause miscarriage when a pregnant woman touches them?

Once pregnant, pregnant women become the focus of family protection. There are many dietary taboos during pregnancy. Although many pregnant women often complain about this, they still have to endure it for the safety of their babies. I can only stare blankly at the food I usually like to eat. 200 examples of nutritional recipes for 3-month pregnant women in ultra-clear, full-color PDF. In fact, daily food is not that scary. It does not mean that pregnant women cannot eat this or that. For the healthy development of the fetus and baby, it is still necessary to eat more nutritious food. It’s just that the following foods should be kept as far away from pregnant mothers as possible. This is definitely not an alarmist. The following nine foods can cause miscarriage when pregnant women touch them. Some people have already miscarried after eating them. Whether you believe it or not, for the sake of the fetus and baby For your own safety, it is better to stay away. 1. Aloe vera: According to information provided by the China Society of Food Science and Technology, if pregnant women drink aloe vera juice, it will cause pelvic bleeding and even miscarriage. 2. Crab: It tastes delicious, but its nature is cold. Although it has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, it is not good for pregnant women, especially crab claws, which have obvious miscarriage effects. 3. Barley: It is a substance that has the same origin as medicine and food. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it is smooth and sharp. Pharmacological experiments have shown that barley has an exciting effect on uterine smooth muscle and can promote uterine contraction, thereby potentially inducing miscarriage. 4. Purslane: Experiments have shown that purslane juice has a significant stimulating effect on the uterus, which can increase the number and intensity of uterine contractions and easily cause miscarriage. 5. Black fungus: It has the function of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, but it is not conducive to the stability and growth of the embryo, so it should not be eaten. 6. Apricots and almonds: Apricots have a sour taste, are hot in nature, and have a tire-sliding effect. Almonds contain the highly toxic substance hydrocyanic acid, which can suffocate the fetus. Children who eat 7 to 10 almonds can be fatal. In order to prevent toxic substances from passing through the placental barrier and affecting the fetus, pregnant women should not eat almonds. 7. Others: fennel, Sichuan peppercorns, pepper, cinnamon, chili pepper, garlic, pork liver, etc. What are the things that can cause miscarriage when a pregnant woman touches them? The seven categories of foods that are not suitable for pregnant women are introduced in this article. In fact, if they are eaten occasionally, there will be no impact. The reason why these foods are not suitable to be eaten is because you are afraid that you cannot control the amount. If you eat too much, it will have a great impact on the fetus. Therefore, these foods are included in the \”blacklist\” menu for pregnant women.

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