What causes babies to snore? There is a scientific basis for becoming ugly!

Question 1: My child is two and a half years old. He has been snoring a bit recently. After an examination, he was diagnosed with adenoid hypertrophy. What should the doctor do now? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: Long-term snoring is usually caused by infection. Therefore, if the condition persists after ruling out disease factors, surgical removal is recommended. Without timely surgery, chronic hypoxia may occur in the long run. In addition, adenoid hypertrophy cannot be ignored, because severe nasal congestion can lead to short-term apnea, causing awakening, changing sleeping positions and falling asleep again, resulting in a decrease in sleep quality. Later, due to poor sleep, it will also lead to drowsiness, poor energy and memory loss during the next day. If the nose is blocked for a long time, breathing is difficult, mouth breathing may even affect the development of the mandible, forming an \”adenoidal face\”, which manifests as an upturned upper lip, protruding upper teeth, a high palate, and a sluggish expression. Question 2: My baby is two and a half months old. He keeps having green poop recently. What’s going on? It happened to me some time ago, but it healed in two days. This time it has been four days. How should the doctor solve it? Dr. Wang Yanli answered: Hungry, taking iron supplements, or having a cold stomach will cause green stools. It is recommended that the mother first eliminates the factors of hunger and excessive iron intake, then applies hot compress to the stomach and uses probiotics to regulate the function of the digestive tract, and she will be fine slowly. Remember, use a dry hot towel to apply heat to your belly, three to five times a day, for twenty minutes each time. Question 3: I just gave birth to my baby more than 3 months ago. I had my period last month and this month it was a week late. In the past two days, I started to feel hungry all the time and didn\’t want to eat anything I saw. I also felt a little nauseous and felt like vomiting. Doctor, could this be pregnancy again? Dr. Zhang Qiaoli answers: If you are breastfeeding, it is normal to have irregular menstruation. However, the factor of pregnancy still needs to be ruled out, and it is recommended that mothers check for early pregnancy.

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