What causes retching in babies?

Question 1: The baby is 3 and a half months old. He has been retching for the past two days and is breastfeeding. When I wake up, I will still overflow milk, sometimes it is like water, sometimes it is milk, and I feel like there is phlegm in my throat. I am in good spirits and my bowel movements are normal. What should I do? Dr. Sun Cuiying answered: Check whether the baby\’s tongue coating is thick. If the baby has phlegm in the throat, it is recommended that the wet nurse eat a lighter diet, do not dress the baby too thin, and pay attention to keeping warm. At present, if the child is doing well in all aspects, you can observe and see. Generally, children are uncomfortable or prone to retching due to cold, so you can observe and see in this regard. Also, remember to clean your baby’s nipples every time after eating. Don\’t feed your baby too much. The baby will be prone to retching after being overstretched. You can lengthen the feeding interval. Question 2: My baby girl is 4 years old. A month ago she found that her throat was red, her tonsils were swollen, and her left cheek was swollen. Ask how to do? Dr. Yuan Yunlong answered: If the baby is in a good mental state and eats, sleeps, and defecates normally, there is no need to worry too much. Some babies have physiological tonsil hypertrophy. If the swelling on the left side of the baby\’s face does not affect breathing or sleep, there is no need to intervene. However, trauma, toothache, gum inflammation, mumps, etc. need to be ruled out. Question 3: My baby is one year and seven months old. He drools a lot and has a slight drool rash on his chin. Ask how to do? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: Drooling is not a problem. Many children will do this during the teething period. You can wash the affected area with warm water (do not use wet wipes) and dry the baby\’s affected area, then rub it with Piyanping and Baiduobang ointment 2-3 times a day.

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