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What causes stretch marks?


Oct 1, 2023 #fetal period

The so-called stretch marks are actually a relatively normal physiological change in the human body. However, some mothers do not want to have stretch marks because they can no longer wear low-waisted pants or navel-baring clothes, which will affect their \”external image.\” After pregnancy, as the belly becomes larger, the skin of the pregnant mother\’s abdomen becomes thinner and thinner, causing the skin and fibers of the abdomen to be damaged to varying degrees, and the chance of stretch marks will increase. About 80 to 90 percent of pregnant mothers will almost always have stretch marks. This can be said to be a headache for many pregnant mothers. After giving birth, not only is it difficult to return to the original figure, but stretch marks of varying lengths may even appear on the belly, which greatly affects the appearance and affects one\’s mood. Just like my best friend Xiaohua, after giving birth, she has always paid attention to body and skin care, doing regular yoga, and even participated in fitness classes after confinement. Of course, hard work paid off. It didn\’t take long for Xiaohua\’s figure to gradually lose weight, and his lower abdomen gradually became firmer. But the stretch marks on her abdomen really gave Xiaohua a headache, so what if she lost weight? Not to mention navel-baring clothes, she dared not wear a slightly shorter T-shirt for fear of exposing ugly stretch marks. Xiaohua was also very confused in her heart: Why did her colleague Xiao Wang, who gave birth to a child at the same time, have no stretch marks, but she had no stretch marks? So many stretch marks? It\’s so unfair. In fact, pregnant women who develop stretch marks all have certain \”common characteristics\”, especially these points, which account for a high proportion. •Excessive weight gain First of all, the pregnant mother\’s weight gain is relatively fast. During pregnancy, many mothers choose to \”tonic\” themselves. They cannot abuse their stomachs or let their children be hungry, so they keep eating and may even suffer from overnutrition. As your weight gradually increases, your belly gets bigger very quickly, which causes more \”damage\” to the skin and fibers of your abdomen, and stretch marks naturally come to your door. •Furthermore, pregnant mothers with poor congenital skin conditions are more likely to develop stretch marks. The latest and most complete 2023 [Kindergarten, Junior High and High School] premium VIP course catalogs from famous teachers in various disciplines on the entire network, click to view now! If the congenital skin condition is better and the skin is more delicate, the probability of stretch marks will naturally be greatly reduced. This is the innate skin condition of pregnant mothers. •Mothers who often lack exercise are also closely related to the appearance of stretch marks and exercise. Women who like to exercise and exercise before giving birth will have a lower probability of developing stretch marks during pregnancy and after giving birth. Because the flexibility and ductility of their skin are much stronger than that of ordinary people, most mothers who develop stretch marks are due to lack of daily exercise. For the above reasons, let’s see which one applies to you? Don’t be sad if you meet one of these conditions. It doesn’t matter if you do get stretch marks after childbirth. After all, 80% to 90% of mothers will have this condition, and mothers are not sure that they are the exception. Once stretch marks appear, mothers can also try these tips to get rid of stretch marks easily.Say goodbye to stretch marks! 1. Take in more water. The first thing is to take in more water. \”Drink more water every day\” has to be said that this sentence is applicable most of the time. Moisture can moisturize the skin. Replenishing more water at ordinary times can quickly repair the faults in the skin and fibers, which is of great benefit in eliminating stretch marks. 2. Avoid direct sunlight. The second step is to avoid direct sunlight. Whether during pregnancy or after pregnancy, you must avoid direct sunlight. Otherwise, it will easily lead to serious water loss in the body and cause greater damage to skin fibers and muscles. s damage. Therefore, it is a good idea to avoid direct sunlight on the belly skin, whether it is to prevent stretch marks or to eliminate stretch marks. 3. Daily Strengthening Exercise The last point is to strengthen exercise in daily life to enhance muscle expansion and extensibility. In this way, not only can the appearance of stretch marks be prevented, but even if stretch marks occur, they can also be effectively alleviated or eliminated. 4. Eat more fruits. Whether during pregnancy or postpartum, vitamins are very important for a woman’s body, and the healthiest way to supplement vitamins is to eat more fruits. Fruit can make the skin white, tender and delicate, and can also provide sufficient nutrition to the skin that already has stretch marks, thereby accelerating the skin\’s repair ability. The appearance of stretch marks is actually not terrible. The terrible thing is that I can\’t find the correct way to eliminate them, which makes me fall into depression. It is also very easy and simple for mothers with stretch marks to master and adhere to the above points to eliminate stretch marks. If you persist for a long time, you will see results. Finally, I hope that every mother can do the above points, and even after giving birth, she will still be her beautiful self, happy, healthy and contented.

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