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What\’s the fastest way to improve and prevent your baby\’s red butt? Apply balm or comfrey ointment! Yes, this is indeed the fastest way to improve your baby\’s red buttocks. Therefore, every time after peeing, parents will apply nappy cream on their babies to prevent or repair the problem of red buttocks in babies. Moreover, in the online Q&A with Aercon experts, doctors also recommend that babies with red buttocks or eczema use lithospermum ointment moderately to relieve symptoms. However, there was a baby lithospermum ointment that caused misfortune to Mr. Yu’s baby from Jiangsu… Event Review 1 [Cause] The “miraculous” baby skin care product actually caused the baby to contract a strange disease (Photo source: Nanjing Zero Distance) Mr. Yu\’s daughter from Jiangsu developed redness on her buttocks when she was 40 days old. I heard that Lithospermum ointment is particularly effective in treating red buttocks of babies, so I bought a \”Ziwa\” Lithospermum ointment on the recommendation of a friend to relieve the baby\’s discomfort. What surprised Mr. Yu after using it was that after only two or three hours of application, the symptoms of the baby\’s red buttocks were improved. When Mr. Yu saw the immediate effect, he read the product description carefully. The product packaging clearly states: \”This product is developed in accordance with baby cosmetics standards and has passed rigorous skin testing. It can be used with confidence.\” (Photo source: Nanjing Zero Distance) As soon as Mr. Yu saw that since it was a baby skin care product and it did not contain any irritating ingredients, it was so effective, he decided to keep using it. Unexpectedly, when the baby was 8 months old, Mr. Yu discovered that his daughter\’s face seemed to be \”inflated\” and her eyebrows were also very dark in color. And in a quiet environment, you can hear the abnormal sound of bones crunching when the baby moves. Seeing these symptoms, the couple decided to take the baby to a doctor to find out the cause. After a doctor\’s examination, Mr. Yu\’s daughter had problems such as high blood sugar, kidney stones, and delayed growth and development. However, the causes of these problems have been difficult to identify. (Picture source: Nanjing Zero Distance) 2 [Seeking medical advice] The culprit turned out to be the things that the baby uses every day to draw blood, enema, and do CT scans… The couple went to various major hospitals without finding out the cause, and then sent the blood samples to In Shanghai, Beijing, and Nanjing, it was discovered that these symptoms in babies may be related to excessive long-term intake of glucocorticoids. The doctor immediately confirmed to Mr. Yu: \”Have you ever used hormones on your baby? Or do you often use a certain product or thing?\” Mr. Yu said: \”On weekdays, the baby will never be exposed to hormones. The only thing that is often used is Ziva. Brand ointment.\” However, Mr. Yu was very confused. The ointment of this brand was clearly labeled as a baby skin care product and did not contain any drugs. How could the doctor suspect it? The doctor explained based on rich clinical experience that pure Chinese herbal ointments take about two weeks to take effect. If some Chinese herbal ointments take effect within two or three hours, it is likely that hormones have been added. Therefore, Mr. Yu immediately sent the ointment to the Jiangsu Institute of Food and Drug Supervision and Inspection for testing. It was discovered that the ointment does contain a glucocorticoid called \”clobetasol propionate\”! According to Gu Wei, chief physician of the Endocrinology Department of Nanjing Children\’s Hospital, clobetasol propionate is a powerful hormone. If used in large quantities, it will inhibit the growth of children and cause hirsutism., moon face, sanguine temperament, fat body but thin limbs. In severe cases, problems such as high blood pressure and abnormal calcium metabolism may occur. A situation like Mr. Yu\’s baby is most likely caused by Ziva brand ointment. (Video source: Nanjing Zero Distance) 3 [Penalty] Banned sales and discontinuation of illegal products. Since Ziva brand Lithospermum ointment is a skin care product, we can only refer to the relevant regulations on cosmetics in my country to judge whether it violates regulations. my country\’s \”Cosmetic Safety Technical Specifications\” explicitly prohibits the addition of ingredients that are harmful to human health in cosmetics. The national standard jointly issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and other departments also clearly stipulates that 41 types of glucocorticoids, including \”clobetasol propionate\”, must not be added to cosmetics. However, Ziva brand Lithospermum ointment, which claims to be a cosmetic, contains the hormone clobetasol propionate, which is banned in cosmetics. On December 14, 2018, the State Food and Drug Administration issued an announcement: Jiangxi Ziva Industrial Co., Ltd. produced cosmetics at an unapproved site. The production quality management system had serious defects and seriously violated the \”Cosmetics Hygiene Supervision Regulations\”. Therefore, the company was ordered to cease production and temporarily stop selling all cosmetics. At the same time, Mr. Yu also filed relevant complaints with the court. (Case source: @南京 zero distance) How to relieve baby’s red butt? Red buttocks are one of the common skin problems in infants and young children. This is because the baby\’s skin is delicate and the buttocks are stimulated by peeing and peeing, so red buttocks are very easy to appear in the area covered by diapers. Babies with red buttocks often have erythema, edema, yellow blisters, peeling, scabs, or even infection and ulceration on their buttocks. Due to unbearable pain, infants and young children will cry and sleep restlessly. So, how to improve the baby\’s red butt problem? To relieve baby\’s red buttocks, it is important to first ensure that the baby\’s skin is intact and the buttocks are kept dry. Therefore, diapers or diapers need to be changed promptly after the baby defecates, and parents should wash them with warm water to avoid skin damage. After cleaning the buttocks, do not rush to change diapers or diapers. Instead, pat the buttocks dry with a soft cloth or paper, and then expose the buttocks to the air for a while, or use a hair dryer to blow the buttocks until the skin is dry (pay attention to the temperature and wind speed of the hair dryer). So, how to choose a safe nappy cream for your baby? If the skin on the baby\’s buttocks is normal, parents can apply a layer of butt cream for isolation care after each time the baby urinates, which can reduce the irritation of the baby\’s buttocks. Considering the delicate skin of infants and young children, it is recommended that mothers and fathers pay attention to the following points when purchasing diaper cream for their babies: 1. Purchase baby-specific skin care products. Because baby-specific skin care products are more stringent in raw material selection, production technology, and formula development than those for adults; 2. Check whether they are products with natural ingredients. Pay attention to the substances in the ingredient list, such as olive oil, glycerin, sunflower seed oil, and natural ingredients squalane. If the product contains ingredients such as spices, pigments, alcohol, etc., do not buy and use it for your baby. 3. Look at the information on the outer packaging. Before purchasing skin care products for infants and young children, parents need to check whether there is an approval number and certificate of quality on the packaging, as well as the shelf life of the product. If you still don’t know which products to choose, Xiaokangjun has a few that are relatively safe and reliable.Products to repair baby\’s skin. For example: calamine lotion, 100% pure medical petroleum jelly, and zinc oxide ointment. Parents can choose one of these to care for the baby\’s skin after each time the baby urinates. This can reduce the stimulation of the baby\’s buttocks by excrement and prevent the baby from having red buttocks. If your baby\’s buttocks develops a tear or infection, antibiotic ointment is recommended. Such as Baiduobang ointment. Note that before using the above products, be sure to consult your doctor about the dosage and timing, and strictly abide by the doctor\’s instructions.

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