What causes white spots on children\’s faces? Is it a zinc deficiency or a worm in the stomach?

Question 1: A 6-year-old baby tested positive for zinc deficiency last month. Are the white spots on his face a zinc deficiency? What medicine should be used to supplement? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: This is not zinc deficiency. From the picture, it is considered to be pityriasis alba. The main manifestation is the appearance of hypopigmented round or oval patches on the face. In addition to the face, it occasionally occurs on the neck, trunk or limbs. The surface of the plaque is dry or accompanied by a small amount of dandruff. It will heal on its own without medication or intervention. If your baby is found to be zinc deficient, you can take lysine and zinc glucoside, which has good clinical results. Question 2: A nursing mother has a cold (while taking medicine). On the third day today, the baby is 3 months old. After waking up in the morning, the cough and sneezing are obvious, but not obvious during the day and night. What should I do about this situation? Dr. Wang Yanli answered: A mother’s cold can easily be transmitted to her child. Mothers should wash their hands before feeding, wear a mask at home, and try to isolate themselves. Don’t worry if your child sneezes or coughs occasionally. If your child coughs frequently, you should consider being infected with a cold and need to go to the hospital. Once a child catches a cold, it is easy to develop pneumonia, so be particularly cautious. Open windows at home appropriately for ventilation, but do not allow children to be blown by the wind. Question 3: I am 34 years old and I am two months pregnant. I went for a check-up today and it was said that the fetus has a weak fetal heart rate and is only about 40 days old. Can I catch up with nutritional supplements? Dr. Zhang Qiaoli’s answer: It may not be due to nutritional reasons. Check to see what causes it. If the blood HCG value is low, it will also affect the growth and development of the child. You can do the test as soon as possible, try to do it in the morning, without fasting, and the results will be obtained on the same day. can come out.

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