What does it mean to open your fingers when giving birth?

Dictation is an important indicator during labor and a key criterion for measuring the progress of labor and deciding whether vaginal delivery or cesarean section is needed. During normal delivery, uterine contractions gradually increase, causing the cervix to begin to dilate, and the uterine opening also gradually expands. When the uterine orifice is expanded to the point where it is fully open, that is, it can accommodate the passage of the fetus, it is called dilatation. In layman\’s terms, open fingers means that a woman\’s vaginal opening is completely open and the fetus can be delivered smoothly. Dictation is a relatively intuitive indicator. Doctors can determine the progress of labor by checking the size of the vaginal opening. The uterine opening expands slowly in the early stage of opening, but accelerates as labor progresses. Experienced mothers will feel that labor pains become more frequent and intense before opening. In a normal delivery process, the time to open the fingers is generally 8-12 hours, but everyone\’s situation is different, and some mothers may need longer time. If labor takes too long or progress is slow, your doctor may consider using tools such as a suction device or forceps to help deliver the baby, or performing a cesarean section. Dictation is a crucial step in the entire delivery process. Whether it is natural delivery or cesarean section, doctors and mothers need to work together. Mothers should follow the doctor\’s advice, report any discomfort symptoms in a timely manner, and cooperate with the doctor to complete various examinations and operations to ensure a smooth and smooth delivery process. In short, opening the fingers is a very important stage in the birth process, marking the progress of labor and the imminent birth of the fetus. It is very necessary for mothers to understand the meaning of the fingers and the relevant knowledge of the delivery process, so that they can better cope with and reduce the discomfort and pain during delivery, and ultimately

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