What does Montessori education mainly train children?

To cultivate and educate children, we should not just place our hopes on schools. Parents should take the initiative to take the responsibility of cultivating and educating their children. Especially today when involution is becoming more and more severe. Moreover, many skills that are necessary and necessary in life are not taught in schools, but a person should master them. Skills that those schools will not teach, but parents should pay attention to cultivating. 01 We all hope that our children will have a bright future in the future, so we always urge our children to study hard. In the process of children\’s growth, their scores and achievements are extremely important. But have you ever thought about it? What kind of people are the most popular in society? Are they those who are good at reading and have good grades? Certainly not. But those who can make money, are willing to endure hardship, and are willing to study. Generally speaking, people with high mobility and overall quality are the most popular. Such people often have one or at least several shining points: they are down-to-earth; willing to endure hardship; eager to learn; diligent; have a certain specialty;… We can call this type of person a person who is ready. But in real life, most people (children) are not ready. 02What are the basic skills a person should possess? Based on the actual situation of the current society, I believe that a person or a child should have the following skills before he is ready: The first is basic survival skills. That is, the ability to work and do housework. Secondly, it is the main ability to assist a person\’s growth and development: 1. The ability to communicate with others; 2. Thinking ability, that is, learning ability; 3. Writing ability; 4. The ability to make money and manage money. Let’s go into details one by one. First, it is the ability to work and do housework. Why put this point at the top? Because this is the most basic skill for a person to survive and live. If a person doesn\’t even have this skill, how can he take care of the hygiene of a home and take care of his own life? Not to mention once you start a family. A person\’s quality of life is actually closely related to his ability to do housework. rather than the amount of income. Which one is more comfortable for people to live in, a spacious house full of clutter and a mess, or a small, simple and clean house? Which house has a better quality of life for its owner? The answer is clear. Therefore, if you want your child to be able to live a good life in the future, you must consciously cultivate his or her ability to work and do housework from an early age. Moreover, developing good habits of organization and diligence from an early age will also be of great benefit to the workplace in the future. The educational effects of 103 kinds of games for young children: U.S. student games and quality training manual to cultivate children\’s cooperation, self-esteem, communication, and emotional intelligence PDF People in the workplace will have this experience: those who have neatly arranged desktops have a very different impression from their colleagues. It\’s better than those people who have a mess on their desk. And such people will work more efficiently. Secondly, it is the ability to communicate with others. Wherever there are people, there are rivers and lakes. Living in society, we inevitably have to deal with, communicate and communicate with all kinds of people. Whether our family relationships are harmonious, whether our lives are happy, and whether our work is smooth are all closely related to our ability to communicate with others. Therefore, it is very important to consciously cultivate children\’s communication skills from an early age.Thirdly, it is to cultivate thinking ability. Regarding thinking ability, my understanding is: it is actually also a kind of learning ability. It is to learn and master the inherent laws and skills of something through thinking. Likewise, as thinking progresses and deepens, a person\’s creativity is constantly developed and improved. In other words, how powerful a person\’s thinking ability is, his learning ability and creativity will be correspondingly powerful. The biggest drawback of current school education is that it fails to cultivate and develop children\’s thinking ability, and even buries children\’s thinking ability because of blindly cramming and indoctrination education. But what kind of talents does society need most now? Not just screws who just follow the steps and work hard, but comprehensive talents with ideas, abilities and creativity. The fourth is writing ability. Why is writing ability important? In fact, like interpersonal communication skills, it is also the most important way for people to communicate. The difference from the former is that it communicates and exchanges with others through written expression skills, while the former is language communication and communication. Its importance is no less than language communication, or even more important than language: because it can travel across regions and time better than language, and even has a larger audience. Moreover, the depth and breadth of its thinking will be deeper and broader than language expression. It can be said that writing power is not only a powerful tool for a person\’s growth, but also a powerful weapon for a person to expand his influence. Is it difficult to develop writing skills? It\’s not difficult to say. It is difficult because good writing requires mastering a certain expression structure and possessing a certain amount of knowledge storage; it is not difficult because as long as you develop the habit of writing, you will naturally strive for excellence and slowly improve your writing skills if you write more. The most important thing is that we need to continue to learn and accumulate, broaden our horizons, and improve the quality of our thinking – this is the real source of writing power. The last point is the ability to make money and manage money. As the saying goes: A wise woman cannot make a meal without rice. This rice refers to money, which is our income. If we just focus on our dreams without thinking about how to make money and live, then this dream will just be a castle in the air. Because even our survival is a problem, how can we get poetry and distance? Therefore, no matter what we study or how we plan to develop in the future, we must first learn how to make money. There are two main ways to make money: one is to make money by selling physical strength; the other is to make money by relying on mental work. For our children who have been immersed in study for a long time, of course it is most suitable to make money through mental work. After all, we have paid so much, spent so much time and energy studying. It is really not worth it if you give up everything you have learned as soon as you come out of society and take a job that relies on selling your physical strength to make money, such as food delivery. So when we are learning and growing, we should learn on the one hand and think consciously on the other: What can I do in the future? How do I turn what I learn into something valuable? In addition to learning to make money, on the other hand, we also need to master certain financial management skills. In life, many people who are good at making money fall down because they do not know how to manage money and have no awareness of financial management. In the end, all the hard work and efforts were in vainEverything is wiped out, and even heavily in debt. Therefore, financial management ability and earning ability are both very important. Similarly, the ability to make money cannot replace the ability to manage money. Both need to be learned well. Growth is a process of continuously acquiring and cultivating abilities. 03 A person\’s growth is a process of continuously acquiring and cultivating abilities. Looking around us, we will find that even with good grades, some children have excellent academic performance, rich interests, and many specialties, while some children have high scores and low abilities. How is this going? Here, it actually mainly involves the educational concepts of our parents. It can be said that what kind of educational philosophy we as parents have will determine what kind of children we will cultivate. After all, it is mainly the parents around the child who influence or even determine the direction and path of a child\’s development. Nowadays, many parents ask their children to just immerse themselves in reading and ignore everything else. As everyone knows, this has greatly harmed the children: the children have not developed any of the skills they should have. As a result, I was not prepared for anything when I came out of the society, only a diploma. Only very few parents consciously cultivate various basic life skills in their children during their growth and make due preparations for future independence and development. Rather than just immersing yourself in learning. These basic life skills are not taught in schools. This requires parents to have foresight and consciously participate in the education of their children\’s growth and development. Instead of just leaving your children\’s education to the school, you should rely on studying for exams. What is the purpose of learning? If you think about this clearly, you will be better able to grasp the direction of your child\’s education. 04 What is the purpose of our learning? It is nothing more than helping us live a better life in the future and helping us master the skills to make money legally and protect our lives. This is the basic purpose of our learning. Going deeper, when our food and clothing problems can be effectively guaranteed, we will continue to pursue a higher level: spiritual satisfaction. The premise of all this is: we should master basic life skills. Therefore, I put the ability to work and do housework first to master; secondly, the most basic ability to communicate and interact with people; and the thinking ability that a person should cultivate in the process of learning and growing; thirdly, learning The most basic writing ability; finally, it is also the basic ability to ensure life: the ability to make money and manage money. When these abilities are cultivated, they become the comprehensive qualities of a person. This is the greatest competitiveness in a person. Instead of spending all your learning and growth time on one-sided mastering of the knowledge and content in textbooks and exams. Because in the process of growth, the most important thing is the cultivation of abilities and the shaping of comprehensive quality, not the collection of knowledge, nor just the mere mastery of a certain aspect of knowledge. Because knowledge can be obtained by searching online, but no one can take away a person\’s ability and comprehensive quality. It is also one\’s most powerful tool and weapon in competition. 05 Moreover, on the basis of mastering these abilities, mastering any one of them in depth can become your own advantages and strengths. Such as the first point: labor, housework ability, if we are good at cooking, we canIf you use this as your main business and open a snack shop, coupled with several other abilities, do you think the snack shop will not run well? Even becoming a chain store is not impossible. In my city, there are several chain snack shops that have been selling well for more than ten or twenty years, and their business is still booming and enduring. And as far as I know, the owner of one of the best-selling chain restaurants bought a multi-million dollar car twenty years ago. You can imagine what the situation is now. There is also a second point: the ability to communicate with others. Dong Mingzhu is the best representative in this regard: she started as a small salesperson in Gree, and through hard work, she became the chairman and president of Gree. Of course, not everyone can achieve that high level of achievement. But what is certain is that the stronger a person\’s ability and the more comprehensive his overall quality, the farther he can go and the greater his achievements. The better you can manage your own life. It can be seen that no matter which of these abilities is mastered in depth, coupled with other abilities, people can make some achievements and achieve success as a person. 06 Speaking of this, some readers may think that ability is destined. Some people are naturally good at doing things, some people are born to think, and some people are naturally interested in making money. I used to think so, but later I found out it wasn\’t the case. Full set of high-definition video + pdf of How to Cultivate Children\’s Concentration Training Manual Because everyone, as long as they are willing to learn, will make progress no matter what they do, and have room for advancement and development. The key is to be willing to learn and keep learning. The book \”Cognitive Nature\” discusses this point of view: As long as people continue to practice in a certain field, people can always develop lower abilities into higher abilities. The so-called standardized tests only assess people\’s current abilities and levels, but they do not represent people\’s future abilities and levels. In other words, people\’s learning level and development are dynamic and changing, and they will continue to grow as long as they work hard. Therefore, we should not be fooled by the current situation, we should believe in the power and value of learning, and be a person with a growth mindset. This kind of mentality is of great benefit and far-reaching influence, whether it is for one\’s own learning and development, or for the growth and education of children. 07 Back to children’s growth and education: How to prepare children for the future? This is actually a question that every parent should think about actively and proactively. Instead of pushing it to the school and passively waiting for the so-called fate\’s decision. Especially in today\’s increasingly involutionary world, where academic qualifications are no longer a competitive advantage, we as parents should think clearly: What should I teach my children during their precious learning and growing time?

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