What fruits are good to eat during early pregnancy?

\”Eat more fruits and drink more water\” seems to be a universal saying. It seems that as long as you eat more fruits, it will be good for your body, especially during pregnancy. Many pregnant mothers think that eating more fruits can make their babies\’ skin whiter, but this does not mean that it will be good for the body. I don’t know what fruit to eat. Fruits are rich in various trace elements, vitamins and minerals, which are of great benefit to human health. Especially for pregnant women, \”eating more fruits\” is beneficial to the development of themselves and their fetuses, and fruits can also play different roles in different periods. •In the early stages of pregnancy, eating more fruits can alleviate pregnancy reactions, stimulate appetite and promote digestion, and reduce the pain caused by morning sickness to pregnant women. •During the second trimester, eating more fruits will help supplement various elements and nutrients, and can promote fetal development. •In the third trimester of pregnancy, eating more fruits can also have a laxative effect, and can even promote the smooth progress of childbirth in the later stages of pregnancy. When choosing fruits during pregnancy, \”the more sour, the better\”? It is precisely because of adhering to the principle of eating more fruits that her neighbor Ms. Wang did not refuse anyone who came during her pregnancy. Seeing that his wife loves to eat fruits, Ms. Wang’s husband is also very happy. Every time after get off work, he always brings a variety of fruits to his wife: on the one hand, it can make the wife happy; on the other hand, he thinks that it can also promote the development of the children. development. Knowing that his wife loves sour food, her husband even buys a large amount of hawthorns every time he comes home, and Ms. Wang almost always finishes them. When Ms. Wang was more than seven months pregnant, a problem arose. Although the delivery date had not yet arrived, Ms. Wang\’s stomach suddenly hurt. The husband quickly took his wife to the hospital. After a simple examination, the doctor immediately made the decision to give birth prematurely. She was born two months prematurely, and even the doctors were not sure that the baby could be delivered safely. Fortunately, after a few hours of busy work, the baby was finally born safely. However, due to its small size, the baby was placed directly in an incubator as soon as he was born. Regarding this premature birth, the young couple actually didn\’t understand it. They obviously paid special attention to conditioning, but why did they suddenly give birth two months prematurely? In this regard, the doctor made an analysis after asking the couple about their usual diet and habits: \”During pregnancy, mothers always eat a lot of hawthorn, which is actually not conducive to the development of the fetus. These highly acidic foods may promote uterine contractions and cause There is a possibility of miscarriage or even miscarriage. Fortunately, you were just born prematurely. Fortunately, the child was born, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable.\” After hearing this, Ms. Wang and her husband were immediately frightened into a cold sweat and were speechless for a long time. They did not expect that it was themselves. What I thought was a \”good thing\” actually led to such serious consequences. In fact, during pregnancy, it is not that the more fruits you eat, the better. There are also tips in choosing fruits. You must not eat them randomly to avoid accidents. Next, I will recommend several fruits that are beneficial to both mother and fetus during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers should try to pay attention to them. The latest and most complete 2023 [Kindergarten, Junior High and High School] premium VIP course catalogs from famous teachers in various disciplines on the entire network, click to view now! 1. During pregnancy, kiwi fruit is the first choice. Kiwi fruit is the king of VC. The content of vitamins and minerals in it is definitely the highest among all fruits.Best of all, during pregnancy, you can eat some kiwi fruit in moderation. Not only that, kiwi fruit can also greatly increase the immunity of pregnant women, which is beneficial to both pregnant mothers and fetuses. Of course, people with spleen deficiency and cold stomach should not eat more, and people with threatened abortion should not eat too much. 2. During pregnancy, eat grapes in moderation. The vitamin content in grapes is very high, and this fruit is also relatively high in calories. During pregnancy, pregnant mothers eating more grapes can replenish blood, replenish qi, and prevent miscarriage, which is good for the fetus. It is extremely beneficial to the health of pregnant women. Of course, although grapes are good, don’t eat too much. Once too much, it can easily lead to an increase in blood sugar, which will have a certain counterproductive effect on pregnant mothers who already have high blood sugar during pregnancy. 3. During pregnancy, it is necessary to properly supplement apples, which are rich in calcium, trace elements, and a variety of vitamins. If you eat more apples during pregnancy, it will be very beneficial to the development of the fetus, especially it can promote the child\’s intellectual development and improve the child\’s memory. Not only that, if mothers eat more apples, they can also greatly reduce the risk of asthma in their children. 4. During pregnancy, Qiuli is also a good choice. Everyone should be familiar with Qiuli. It has the title of \”the root of all fruits\”. Not only is it sweet and crispy, it also plays an important role in human health. Especially for pregnant mothers, it can greatly remove moisture from the body, play a role in urination and detoxification, and is helpful in eliminating edema in pregnant mothers. Not only that, it can also greatly promote the development of children\’s cardiopulmonary function, and also has a certain inhibitory effect on pregnancy-induced hypertension. It is one of the better fruit choices during pregnancy. There are tips for choosing fruits during pregnancy. The more you eat, the better, nor the more expensive, the better. You must choose the right fruits. The above fruits are good choices for fruits during pregnancy, and pregnant mothers can eat them in moderation. Even though fruits have many benefits, you should not eat a large amount of one kind of fruit. Try to eat different fruits separately to ensure the nutritional needs of the day. It is not easy to be greedy for too much. Only in this way can the fruit play its real role and promote the healthy development of the fetus.

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