What is ascariasis? Should children be given deworming medicine if they are susceptible to infection in spring?

Xiao Min and I live in the same community, and my daughter and her daughter often play together. Today we were walking our children together again. While the children were playing by themselves, she suddenly asked me: Have you given your children anti-worming medicine? This question made me stunned for a moment, then I came to my senses and answered, \”Didn\’t we take deworming medicine when we were children? I haven\’t heard of giving deworming medicine to children now.\” Xiao Min said, \”Yes. Ah, we all ate it when we were kids. I wasn’t willing to eat it at the time, but when I saw my cousin passing out a roundworm after eating it, I was scared to death at the thought of having this thing in my stomach. I ate it quickly. Tiantian’s mother wasn’t a nurse, so she gave it to Tiantian She ate it, and only once every once in a while. She said that she often plays with the soil every day, and also likes to put her hands in her mouth. She is afraid of parasites, so she takes anti-parasite medicine to be prepared. So, I also want to give it to my children. Let’s work together Eat it.\” Yes, in spring, many mothers will frequently hear the advice of their elders to deworm their children. They often tell you sincerely, \”You have to give your children deworming medicine, otherwise the nutrients in the body will be eaten by the bugs, affecting the health of the children. \”Children\’s development\”, \”Children will be healthier if vaccinated once a year\”, \”This is how you used to vaccinate your children, that\’s why they develop so well now\” \”Now is the time to grow, hurry up and vaccinate your children\”… Really Do you need to eat? Because many of today\’s parents are born in the 80s and 90s. Many of them took anti-worming medicine when they were children. Some of them are deeply impressed by the bugs they had when they were young. Therefore, when they face their children, they find that they have white spots and are not like others. My child is the same size and suffers from stomach discomfort, teeth grinding and other symptoms. I am worried that my child will have worms in his stomach just like I did when I was a child, which will lead to malnutrition. I don’t want my child to have worms in his stomach like I did when I was a child, so I act first and eat and fight as soon as possible. Pesticides kill insects. In fact, with the improvement of living and sanitary conditions, the infection rate of roundworms has dropped significantly. However, spring is a season with high incidence of diseases, and the news about symptoms related to roundworms still fluctuates from time to time, which shows that the power of roundworms should not be underestimated! The eggs of parasites such as roundworms and worms are mostly found in moist environments. Our north is relatively dry. Even if there are insect eggs in relatively moist soil, today\’s children are not often exposed to them, and parents now pay close attention to their children and pay more attention to washing their hands before meals and keeping dirty hands away from their mouths. Therefore, the probability of getting parasitic diseases is very small. Mothers should still pay attention, but don’t blindly vaccinate their children! So what are the symptoms of roundworms in a child’s belly? 1. Diarrhea or constipation often occurs, and there is abdominal pain, mainly around the belly button. After pressing it with your hands, the discomfort is relieved. 2. Poor appetite, do not like to eat, but prefer snacks with high sugar content; or have a good appetite, the amount of food has increased significantly, but the body appears thinner and the complexion is yellow. 3. Itching occurs near the anus, but there is no obvious inflammation. Drooling and teeth grinding occur during sleep at night. 4. If a child has roundworms in his stomach, \”worm spots\” will appear on the body, such as: pale white, approximately round or oval patches on the face or neck; \”floccule white clouds\” appear on the nails; sclera appears. Blue spots, triangular in shape,Round or half-moon shape; erythema on the tongue surface, round or oval shape with neat edges, etc. Mothers don’t have to worry if they get infected. The method to deal with roundworms is also very simple. Go to the hospital and prescribe some anti-worming medicine. However, parents should also be reminded that anti-parasitic drugs are medicine after all, and are three-part poison. For example, Pagoda Tangchangchongqing is only suitable for children over 2 years old. In fact, the most fundamental thing is to pay attention to hygiene, wash hands frequently, and cut nails frequently, so that children can be healthy and smart!

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