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I wonder if you have ever thought about: How is life determined? Are you satisfied with your life? Have you ever considered why this happens? If you don\’t think about it, at least think about your children\’s. If you are not satisfied with your life, you should think about it carefully, because you must want your children to live well. I have seen many people constantly complaining about their lives. Complaining about one\’s own dissatisfaction and complaining that one\’s own children are not as good as other people\’s children. In fact, the real reason lies with yourself. Your past, your family, your childhood, your life experiences and choices determine your present. If people choose to go back to the past, many people will choose to be reincarnated. Because his parents destroyed him step by step and failed to fulfill their responsibilities as parents. This certainly does not mean that my failed life is all my parents’ fault. But having a good family and parents will ultimately benefit the child throughout his life. Because everyone grows from an ignorant child to an independent person, and this growth process is relatively long. And the family is undoubtedly the most important place. There is a question facing all parents. What kind of child will I raise? Maybe a large number of people won\’t think about it, and these people won\’t read this article, which is a pity. Because in their world, children don’t need to be educated by their parents, they just need to be well-fed adults. Many parents are busy making a living and say they have no time to take care of their children. And patiently listening to the child allows you to squat down and hug the child, allowing you to open your ears and listen to the child. It is even more of a luxury for you to find time to spend time with your children and respect them. Too many parents regard educating their children as the teacher\’s task, thinking that everything will be fine if their children are sent to school. An uncle of a friend is engaged in real estate development, and his cousin has been living with his grandmother in his hometown since he was a child. Later, when I followed my parents to the city, I also asked my aunt to take care of me. My father is busy running business every day, and my mother is busy with the management of the company. There is no time to care about him. His father said that as long as he has money, he can get into any school. Therefore, parents must create good material conditions for their children. Of course, with his father\’s help, he went to a school that was the envy of his peers. Even if it is the best local high school, he can be specially recruited even if he is more than 100 points below the admission line. But the child has long developed bad habits. When I was in school, I often went out to surf the Internet, smoke, and get into fights. Finally, he was detained by the school for probation, and the teacher issued a warning: If he continues like this, he will be taken back. It\’s equivalent to going back to the furnace and remaking it. It\’s made and then delivered. At this time, parents are anxious. We just want our children to go to school and receive education. How can teachers do this? Irresponsible! But when the teacher compares and analyzes the situations of dozens of students in the class one by one, parents will understand. Because a teacher faces dozens of children, it is inherently difficult to teach students in accordance with their aptitude. And even if you work hard to cultivate good habits in school, when you go home and meet parents who don\’t understand education at all, the good habits will be immediately offset. In the end, you will find that the problem lies in your own home, and you cannot blame the teacher. How can a teacher handle a child who can’t handle it himself? Finally, his father transferred him to another school, but the result is still the same. After the college entrance examination, I spent money to enter a prestigious school, but other than learning to eat, drink, squander and have fun, I didn\’t make any progress. It seems that the journey has been endless and the resume is beautiful. I really learned a lot of skills. How many parents fail in their three outlooks. It\’s not because you are too busy, but because you simply don\’t have the intention. There is no way to participate in the growth of the child. What saddens me is the insensitivity of parents towards their children’s education. It is a child\’s tragedy to meet a parent who is busy every day and does not care about his children. A thousand families, a thousand different situations, a thousand children, none of them are the same. No matter how precise the scientific theory is, it cannot solve all the problems for your child. Only with true attentive companionship and continuous learning by parents can we have the opportunity to continue to get closer to the correct method. But too many people still go their own way, thinking that they are born to be parents. Still watching TV and catching up on dramas, still playing games. I still envy other people’s children and still have sweet dreams. Then the child was watching cartoons silently and playing mobile games. When you are in a good mood, acquiesce to your child\’s behavior. And when he is in a bad mood, or on a whim, he scolds the child head-on. As long as you observe carefully, you will find that every family has its own special culture. Some families have a scholarly culture, and parents and children love to study. Some families have an enlightened culture, and family members are kind, relaxed, and friendly to others. Of course, there are also families that people avoid. Every family member will be influenced by the family, and the quality of parents often becomes the core of family culture. The elite generation conveys more freedom, ambition, self-discipline and calmness, as well as the courage not to give up easily. Most of what the poor pass on to the next generation is low self-esteem, resentment, resignation, short-sightedness, laziness, timidity, and fear of taking risks. The real success of a father does not depend on the inheritance of money, honor and social status, but the knowledge, attitude and mind of his parents. Your concepts determine your behavior, your level determines your vision, your behavior and vision determine which path your children take, what kind of education they receive, and then get different results. Many parents of older children have told me, \”Father, my children never communicate with me, what should I do?\” Because the child has so many problems, I don’t know how to help him. There must be a broken growth chain – parents\’ growth cannot keep up with their children\’s growth. Parents did not accompany their children\’s growth and did not grow up with their children. After children enter adolescence, one of the biggest disappointments in their hearts is that they find that they are making progress and understanding the world, but their parents are still standing still, unchanged. It\’s as if the child has entered outer space while the parents are still in the Stone Age. You have never read any of the books your children read, and you only know whether they are good or not. The child asks you what is bad and what is good about you? You are speechless. You say the songs your children listen to are too noisy. You’ve never heard of the movie your child loves. How to have a conversation? One faces east and one faces west. How can people from two worlds have a common discourse? Fortunately, today\’s young parents are more capable of learning and can basically keep up with their children. I know one day my son will like someStuff I don\’t understand. But I will not object rashly. I will get familiar with it, look up information, and learn. I have to try to keep up with my kids. It seems that children really push us forward. If you are sweating like rain in the mahjong room, don\’t blame your children for not studying hard. If you linger over dinner parties, don\’t blame your children for alienating you. Without companionship, love cannot be placed, just like duckweed floating around. Without understanding, love cannot connect. Although we are in the same room, it seems like we are thousands of miles away. Remember to read, climb, play ball, run, listen to music, watch movies, talk about life with your children… Build a family culture that belongs to you, where even a small action can be responded to. Isn\’t that what love is? If you yell all the time, don\’t expect your child to reason. If you have never listened patiently to your child, don\’t blame the child for not listening to you. If you always expect your children to be excellent but you don\’t care about your own status, don\’t blame your children for avoiding giving up. Suhomlinsky said, \”For a family, parents are the roots and children are the flowers. Parents often \”see\” their children\’s problems, but they don\’t know that these are actually their own problems \”flowering\” in their children. He said So much, I don’t mean to make you sentimental, let alone make you anxious. What should you do if you say? Then look at yourself first. When you are good enough, your children will be good. Real education depends on parents’ devotion to their children. His hard work and spirit. It is a warm companionship in life every day, a sharing in times of joy, an encouragement in times of loss, an influence on a way of life, and a role model for how to behave.

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