What is successful family education experience sharing?

When you see the title of this article, you must think of the opening sentence in the famous book \”Anna Karenina\”: \”Happy families are all alike, and every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.\” Toon is not only a great writer , is also a philosopher. Therefore, the first sentence of his opening chapter reveals the laws of family happiness and misfortune, and his good words will last forever. If we dig a little deeper, we will find that all good things are similar, and all bad things have their own bad ways. Even religions and good teachings are similar, and evil cults each have their own evil methods. In recent years, I have discovered another phenomenon. The families of successful children (who “explore their potential, have full internal drive, are responsible, love to learn, have good grades, and live a happy life”) are all similar in family education, while the families of problematic children each have their own problems. . But why is this so? 10 Recommended Classic Family Education Books Laozi said: \”There is no confusion above, no ignorance below, the rope cannot be named, and it returns to nothingness. It is called the shape of nothing, the image of nothing. It is called trance, greeting it without seeing its head, Then you can\’t see what\’s behind it.\” It means that the law is invisible and indescribable. If you can\’t see it, it does exist. The dragon can see its head but not its tail. It is confused and cannot be understood. The same is true for any field in the world. Only a handful of people can discern its subtleties very early and achieve varying degrees of success; most people slowly explore it in life practice and gain insights from other people\’s indirect experiences. They can also get close to the rules and achieve success; a small number of extremely slow people have neither the ability nor the opportunity to catch the rules, and they are confused and confused throughout their lives. Law is both eternal and unique. It is higher than life and hidden in life. And people are all different, and the families they form are even more varied. The Zhang family lives the life of the Zhang family, and the Li family lives the life of the Li family. There are all kinds of lively things, but there are always people who inadvertently see a shadow flashing in front of their eyes. Then, as if a sudden inspiration came to me, I felt excited and felt that this was the right and appropriate way to do things, so I took action and practiced it. In the process of practice, I feel pleasure and control from time to time, gain wisdom, and get closer to success little by little. Such people often don\’t know that they have grasped the rules, but they just feel that they can do things easily and get twice the result with half the effort. A pair of parents are full of expectations before their child is born and are ready to receive all kinds of things. Once the baby who is waiting to be fed is born, the mother looks at his face, hears his voice, and measures his physical signs. From the child\’s eyes and daily interactions with the child, he reflects on his own origins, learns how to love the child, how to accept the child and the relationship between the child and the child. Own. Dad also gradually learned how to apply rules from getting along with his children, saw the uniqueness of himself and his children from the crowd, and moved forward step by step with determination. When children come into the world, parents of successful children will start to re-examine themselves, change themselves, and reinvent themselves from now on. They learn to understand and observe children, learn how to face complex relationships, and no longer stand aloof in family conflicts, but listen to children\’s confusion and confusion. As parents learn and change, children are also willing to think about how to respect their parents, how to get along with teachers, how to balance time between games and homework, and how to grow. Parents will still be anxiousYou may worry and occasionally yell, but you can definitely understand: when you get out of your inherent obsessions, wisdom and fun will come together. Gradually I came to understand that every moment I spend with my children is a reflection of life. Finally one day, parents saw the essence of education, practiced the laws of education, and gained the clear wisdom and powerful power to educate their children. We are all ordinary people, and we can only walk long distances from the dark quagmire to the broad and clear embankment. In this process, after enduring patience and tempering, we learn to loosen our ties, learn to grow in parallel with our children\’s lives, and at the same time liberate ourselves. Go beyond yourself, realize the value of freedom, and learn to love. There is a particularly famous sentence in the \”Huangdi Neijing\”: \”A wise man will detect similarities, and a fool will detect differences.\” It means that wise people can capture the patterns from the diversity, while fools always notice the subtle differences. This does not mean that those who are good at seeing differences must be stupid, but it means that it is valuable to first see the regularity and then analyze specific problems in detail. From time to time, I hear stupid people say that I don’t read articles anymore, and I don’t read books anymore. What experts say are based on their own children’s educational experiences and are not suitable for my children at all. Smart people are not like this. They will detect the shadow of educational laws from various cases of raising different excellent children, alert themselves, think about indirect experiences and transform them, and create their own unique model. Because every successful education model is the presentation of laws, the appearance of laws, and living teaching materials. Most parents of successful children are like this.

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