What is the best gift for children?

Family harmony and husband-wife love are the best gifts parents can give to their children! In family relationships, do you think the relationship between husband and wife is more important, or the relationship between parents and children? I think many mothers will choose the parent-child relationship like me at first, because in our concept, educating our children well is very important. As long as we educate our children well, other problems will not be a problem, but in fact it is really is that so? In fact, no, let\’s just imagine, if we are angry with our partner, and then the child comes over and says, Mom, Mom, look at the painting I drew, is it good? A mother who is well-educated and has self-control may immediately adjust her state and say with a smile, \”Well, the painting is good,\” and the child may not feel the mother\’s bad mood. However, in fact, many mothers cannot happily play games with their children just after an argument with their partner. Happy Children\’s Day. This list of domestic high-quality films will show your children that we are all ordinary people. As long as we are human beings, we will have emotions. Once we have emotions, our emotions need to be digested and released. Some time ago, my husband and I had an argument. After the argument, I continued to read and play with my children as usual. In the meantime, it seemed that I controlled my emotions very well. In fact, I feel inexplicably irritable and depressed. Especially sometimes when my children deliberately make trouble, I will be particularly irritable and wonder why my children are so disobedient. Especially when I say a few words of disobedience, I become even more irritable and even want to yell at my children. This may seem like the child is disobedient, but it is actually caused by the adult\’s bad mood. The root cause of the bad mood is often caused by conflicts in the relationship between husband and wife, resulting in a lack of comfort and channeling of inner emotions. Some mothers will say that since having a baby, I feel that the child is the most important to me. Yes, in terms of blood relationship and level of dedication, the child is indeed the most important to us. But from an emotional perspective, the other half who is the same age as you, builds a family together, is willing to listen to you, can give you warmth, and can understand and tolerate you, is the person closest to you in this life. A few days ago, after my husband shared with me that fingers represent relationships between different people, I felt even more that a good relationship between husband and wife is really important for us. You might as well give it a try. I did it twice, and I gained insights once I did it. The specific relationships in the game are: the thumb represents parents, the index finger represents siblings, the middle finger represents oneself, the ring finger represents husband and wife, and the little finger represents children. Align the two palms together, bend both joints of the middle finger [that is, bend yourself down first], and align the other fingers together. You will find a phenomenon: the thumb can move, the index finger can move, and the little finger can move, but only our ring finger cannot move. The thumb represents parents, who will eventually leave us when they are old, and the index finger represents brothers and sisters, who will have their own families and lives, and will not always be with us. The little finger represents children, but children will grow up and have their own lives and families, so they will not always be with us. Only the ring finger cannot move. To put it simply, our partner is the only one who can accompany us in our lives.the most important person. Since our partners are so important and are the ones who accompany us throughout our lives, we must not only manage our relationship as husband and wife, but also our own happiness, and love our partners well, not only for the sake of our children. A good relationship between husband and wife will fill our hearts with joy and happiness. Especially when we encounter troubles, we will naturally find another partner to express our dissatisfaction and troubles. At this time, if the other half can comfort us in time, we will feel great inner satisfaction. Women\’s negative emotions are often caused by trivial matters in life. What they need most at this time is to be cared about and understood by their partner. If this kind of dissatisfaction is confided and understood and paid attention to by the other half, then the dissatisfaction will be released instantly, and then there will be a full sense of happiness. Once this good relationship between husband and wife is broken, we will start to suppress ourselves, and we will even complain internally that our husband is irresponsible and how could we marry such a husband. Because we are dissatisfied, we are easily irritable. If the child is still noisy and disobedient, we will naturally burn the fire on the innocent child. Even sometimes when I am particularly irritable and anxious, I will yell at my child and complain to my child, saying that your father makes me angry, and you are disobedient and make me angry every day, which is annoying to death. If it goes on for a long time, it will seriously affect the child\’s psychology. The child cannot digest and excrete it, and will easily explode and rebel. At that time, it will be more difficult for us to discipline the child. American psychotherapist Satya said: Husband and wife are the architects of the family. A family with loving parents is like a warm nest, giving children enough security. Manage the relationship between husband and wife well. When the relationship between husband and wife is good, the husband and wife will discuss and discuss problems with their children. Because there is communication, it is easy to reach a consensus on educating children. If the husband and wife reach a consensus, then the father will be particularly helpful when the mothers are educating them. Once the father is helpful, the mothers will also feel that educating their children is particularly easy and enjoyable. How to cultivate a good relationship between husband and wife and family atmosphere? A woman who is gentle, generous and carefree and plays her role well without being overbearing. Her husband is her husband and her children are children. Therefore, do not boss or give orders to your husband like a child. Respect your partner, especially when there are outsiders, and you must maintain the man\’s dignity and face. When facing small mistakes made by your husband in life, don\’t worry about them and hold on to them, tolerate them with love, and be more considerate and caring for your partner in life. After having a child, we should not focus on the child and ignore the other half. Many times, the other half is actually an older child who needs our care. Facing an older child who has spent his life protecting us, when we love them with all our heart, they will love and care for us in the same way. Be a responsible and considerate husband. As a husband, you must also shoulder your responsibilities as a man. In life, you must not only take good care of your children, but also take good care of your wife. Especially when faced with the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law and the wife\’s bad mood, the husband should be more considerate and understanding of his significant other, and should not blame his significant other when something goes wrong. Remember every important moment of your wife’s lifeDays, such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, or Valentine\’s Day, as a husband, you can make a small gesture. These may not seem like much, but for women, these small rituals will make the wife feel that her husband has taken care of her and that marrying this man is worth it. In the relationship between the sexes: Women need men to coax men to pamper them. If they are pampered enough, women will be more willing to contribute to the family. Men are meant for worship, respect and encouragement. When a man is greatly satisfied, he will be more responsible to love his partner and protect his home. A good relationship between husband and wife is mutual. When we master the secret of the relationship between husband and wife, it will be difficult for the marriage to be unhappy, and the relationship between husband and wife will be better. The family atmosphere will be better. If the family atmosphere is better, the child\’s growth environment will be better. If the growth environment is better, the child can grow up healthily. Children have grown up healthily, which is stronger than any gift parents can give them. A good relationship between husband and wife and family atmosphere are the most precious gifts parents can give to their children.

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