What is the best home education? 8 Inspirations from “Academic Masters”

There is a kind of child called \”other people\’s children\”: they are excellent in character and academics, well-behaved and cute, and proficient in all kinds of martial arts… While you are envious, as a parent, have you ever thought about what \”other people\’s parents\” are? How? Today, I would like to share the speech of a \”student master\”. She analyzed the influence of her parents on her from multiple angles, hoping to inspire all parents. Family Education Instructor\’s Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother Chinese version e-book + English version pdf + mobi + azw301 About scores Since elementary school, my parents have asked me like this: as long as I have a good study attitude, they will not blame me no matter what score I get in the exam, so, I don\’t have any pressure on test scores. When I rarely perform abnormally, my grades are not much different. My experience is: do your homework as seriously as you do the exam, and take the exam as easily as you do your homework. When I was in junior high school, my mother told me again: In the exam, you only need to test your true level. For example, in a certain exam, your real level is 90 points. If you get 90 points, you are very good. If for some reason, you only get 70 points in the test, then your parents will feel sorry for you, because your hard work has not been reciprocated. In our family, the reaction caused by scores is basically calm. Whether it is 100 points or 80 points, there is no big reaction. Life is a test room everywhere, just face it calmly and test your true level. In our family, material things are not linked to grades or grades. Material things can bring convenience to life, and my parents will buy them for me if they can afford them. It has nothing to do with my grades. Parents believe that such hooks can easily cultivate children\’s utilitarian thinking and deviate from the essence of learning and life. I don\’t lack pocket money, I have a bank card in my wallet as a backup, and my parents often put a few hundred yuan in spare change in a small box at home. The philosophy of parents is that in today\’s era of temptation, if children are not short of money or love, the probability of making detours outside will be much smaller. 02 The ultimate goal of enjoying life education is to enable children to create a happy life and enjoy life. My parents think that to enjoy life, don’t wait until you grow up, but start from today, from now on. Once, a grandma said to me, your parents are so good to you, you must study hard and repay your parents when you grow up. My mother corrected this statement and said to me: The reward for my parents is not high scores, but living well from now on, every day. Therefore, learning is only an important part of my life, but it is not all. Making friends, watching movies, dressing up, playing with puppies, playing games online appropriately, relaxing in the countryside to accompany my loving grandma, grandma and grandpa, chatting with male classmates, etc. make my life rich and full. With love, the fire of life burns passionately. My mother said that she felt my understanding of love from every composition I wrote. 03 Reading classics Reading classics is the key to learning Chinese well and an important way to understand life. The reason why a classic becomes a classic must have its excellence. Since last year, I started reading foreign classics. I feel strongly that my essays and exam reading questions are all on theup a step. When reading, I may not feel the obvious effect, but when I write a composition, the literary talent in my writing seems to be not my own, trickling out. This is the influence of culture, which is integrated into the readers\’ lives unconsciously. It is recommended that you don’t let your children read fast-food books, such as various magazines, fairy tales, how-tos for quick success, etc. Instead, they should read classic world famous books. You may not be able to find the feeling when you first start reading it, but after reading two or three books, you will find the rhythm. Once, my mother asked me: Do you feel pleasure when reading famous books? I said, I feel it! At that moment, my mother was very relieved. Because pleasure is the highest level of enjoyment. From a staged effect, reading classics can improve Chinese language scores by a certain amount. This score is so important for the high school entrance examination. 04 Moisturize things silently. Today’s children are very rebellious, and I am no exception. For example, when I want to take a rest or do other things, my mother will respect my opinions and not force a showdown. 05 Training for independence Since I was a child, my parents have consciously cultivated my independence. Because it is impossible for children to live under the wings of their parents all their lives. Respect your child\’s choice, this is the most important thing. Because, for many things in life, there is not only one choice, but many choices, and each choice has a certain reason. Don\’t judge children by the choices in their parents\’ minds. For example: When I was five years old, the weather was very hot. When I came out of kindergarten, I was very thirsty and wanted a drink. My mother gave me money and asked me to buy it myself. I was shy because I had never tried it before, and I was afraid and refused to go by myself. My mother told me that now you have two choices. One is to buy it yourself and drink it. First, if you don’t want to buy it yourself, then just endure it and drink water when you get home. I hesitated for a moment and chose not to buy it and endured it. Mom thinks this is a choice, so she respects me and doesn\’t judge me. When I was in elementary school, if it rained after school, my mother would not take the initiative to give me an umbrella. She knows that I will always find a way, such as sharing it with my classmates, doing homework first in the classroom, or going to the supermarket to take shelter from the rain and go shopping in the supermarket. Because, I once told my mother that your daughter is not as stupid as you think, and she will always find a way. Another example: Now when I buy clothes, my mother is only responsible for paying for it. Last time, I went shopping with my classmates and bought a shirt for 25 yuan. I wore it to school. My mother said it was very beautiful, but she suggested that I cut the threads so that no one could tell at a glance that it was from a street stall. . The second time, I went to buy another one, but when I got it back I felt it was too small. My mother didn’t judge me and suggested that I give it to a friend who is shorter than me. This is all my choice. My parents respect me and do not make negative comments. That\’s it, I think all the way, and my parents respect me all the way. As I grow up, I don\’t run away from things, learn to think, and have my own opinions. 06 Regarding carelessness, I often hear parents say this about their children. My children got a lot of wrong questions this time and knew how to do them. They are just careless. Here, I would like to talk about our family’s perspective. Since the fifth grade, my mother has told me: Carelessness means poor ability and poor learning.Performance! At any time, do not say that you did not do well in the exam because of carelessness, and parents are asked not to make excuses for their children to shirk responsibility. Being careful, calm, and down-to-earth are essential abilities. If you have these abilities and occasionally lose one or two points, or if you lose a lot of points, it means that your ability is still lacking and your learning is not solid. My mother started communicating with me in fifth grade about this point of view, and I gradually agreed with it. Therefore, under normal circumstances, I can get high scores and stable grades. This perspective should play a big role. 07 To cultivate children’s abilities, parents should let go and let go as much as possible within a controllable range. For example, if your child does something, you may only get 30 points for it. If you are dissatisfied, scold him, or even do it for him, the effect of the thing at that time can be rated as 90 points. But parents, please note that these 90 points will always be your 90 points, and your child will still have 0 points. If you ask him to do it and point it out in a way that he doesn\’t resent, it may only be 30 points this time, 60 points next time, and 95 points next time, or even better than you. Therefore, parents should learn to show weakness wisely, give opportunities to their children, and encourage and affirm their children in a timely manner. Parents will eventually grow old, and they must learn to give the stage to their children in a timely manner and let them perform. Only by practicing and thinking again and again can children grow up, become independent, and then surpass their parents. The waves behind the Yangtze River beat the waves ahead. My parents were often happily \”photographed\” by me on the beach. 08The Chinese nation is a humble nation. When it comes to educating children, it is easy to fall into a misunderstanding: not paying attention to appreciating the child\’s strengths, but overemphasizing the child\’s mistakes. When I do something right, my parents will confirm and praise me in time. When a mother talks to her friends and talks about her children, she will fully affirm the advantages of her children. We occasionally hear that we pretend not to care on the surface, but in fact, we care very much. We will continue to insist on these advantages, get better and better, and calibrate our words and deeds according to the excellence described by our parents. When a child makes a mistake, analyze it matter-of-factly, without being verbose or recounting old scores. Face things correctly and correct them. It\’s over, continue to live a good life, and don\’t overemphasize and extend negative emotions.

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