What is the best look of a home?

\”Huangdi\’s House Sutra\” says: \”People\’s homes support each other and connect with the world.\” Home is the ultimate destination of a person\’s spirit and soul. The environment and atmosphere of the family hide the luck and blessings of each member. The best appearance of a home can actually be summed up in three words: clean, quiet, and respectful. 1 House Cleaning \”Zhu Zi\’s Family Instructions\” says: \”Get up at dawn and sweep the court.\” The first thing after getting up early is to clean the inside and outside of the house. Not only do people live comfortably, they feel happy, and their mental state remains positive. It will also form a positive energy field, change people\’s fortune, and bring good fortune. In 1973, when Sanmao and Jose first arrived in the Sahara Desert, the house they rented was in dilapidated condition. The location is next to a garbage dump. The concrete floor is uneven and even the light bulbs and wires are full of flies. This made her already in a bad mood after leaving her hometown even more depressed, and once broke down into tears. They then spent the entire weekend dusting and clearing the house, and then continued to add household items and decorations. By the time of the official wedding, the home had been renovated, with desks, coffee tables, new curtains… very clean and tidy. A reporter who visited her home said: \”Oh my God! This is the most beautiful desert home I have ever seen.\” The clean and orderly room also inspired Sanmao to burst out with inspiration and create with ease. The famous essay collection \”Sahara\” Story\” was completed at this time. It is written in \”Yi Jian Zhi\”: \”The high hall has plain walls, and there is no need to relax and unwind; there are clear windows, and there is peace of mind when sitting and lying down.\” No matter how hard and tired you are, if you have a clean home, you will have a haven for your soul to rest in, and you will be high-spirited. Forward momentum. Subtly, ordinary life will become more exciting, and good luck will come uninvited. CCTV recommends more than 500 high-scoring documentaries. Children will become addicted to self-discipline after watching them 2. Nan Huaijin, a master of traditional Chinese medicine, said: \”The energy of life comes from tranquility.\” In a home, if people\’s hearts are complicated, there will be endless disputes, and they will not be able to calm down. If you are harsh on small things and run away when big things happen, no matter how prosperous your family is, it will gradually fall into decline. On the contrary, if your mind is as calm as water and you can face ups and downs calmly, you can make a fortune no matter how poor you are. In 1969, Cao Dewang, whose family was poor, was introduced by a matchmaker and married his wife Chen Fengying. After marriage, the burden became heavier, so Cao Dewang began to plant white fungus, hoping to make a fortune. Since there were more people growing the crops, he even brought them from Fujian to Jiangxi to sell them and earn the price difference. And his initial capital came from selling off his wife\’s entire dowry. He did make a lot of money at first, so he bought more and more goods, hoping to make a big fortune. However, because the goods were seized by the militia on duty at the railway station, Cao Dewang was in huge debt at a young age. After his wife learned about it, she did not become impatient or resentful, but cheered him up calmly and resolutely: \”Money is nothing, as long as the person is here, the worst is to start all over again.\” Later, Cao Dewang devoted himself to running business outside. The wife takes care of the housework at home and takes care of her mother-in-law. One person concentrated on his career, and the other stayed behind, and this was how Cao Dewang, the glass king who later became famous, became famous. There is an old saying: \”A calm mind brings joy to the spirit, and joy to the spirit leads to a happy life.\” A calm mind is the calmness and calmness that is better than the sound, and contains the power of steady and long-term progress. When a family calms down and works together, it will surely be prosperous and prosperous.Prosperity and development. 3. Respect people One mistake we often make in life is: being kind and respectful to strangers, but always being rude and losing our temper towards family members. But there is always mutuality between people, and family members are no exception. Failure to understand respect will only break the hearts of family members in the end, leaving cracks that are difficult to repair. Whether it is parents, children, or close relatives, husband and wife, respecting and loving each other is the way to a prosperous family. Huo Qigang\’s father, Huo Zhenting, has always treated his family with respect. He respected his choice of affection for his son and said in public, \”Thank you for marrying Guo Jingjing.\” He respected his daughter-in-law\’s persistence in her career and waited until Guo Jingjing retired before holding the wedding. After marriage, Guo Jingjing gave birth to a daughter for the second time. A reporter asked if Huo Zhenting would like to have another grandson. He said: \”Children\’s matters should be decided by the parents.\” The same is true for Huo Qigang. He is a son of a wealthy family. He also respects Guo Jingjing\’s down-to-earth attitude and his She eats lunch on the street and wears clothes worth tens of yuan. You respect me, I respect you, and Guo Jingjing reciprocates the favor, willing to be a good housekeeper, not only raising children, but also cheering for Huo Qigang\’s career. Family members respect each other and achieve each other\’s achievements, making the Huo family a wealthy family praised by everyone. Respect is actually very simple, be more tolerant, be more considerate, be more considerate, and don’t dislike or discriminate. Only by supporting the future of a family with recognition from the heart and kindness that considers others can life flow smoothly and prosper. Sanmao said: \”Home is a source of joy for everyone, no matter how hard it is, it is warm.\” When I was a child, my parents supported my home, but when I grow up, I have to run my own home. For the rest of your life, working hard to keep your house clean, your mind calm, your people respectful, and your family happy is the greatest success.

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