What is the fastest way to treat a weak spleen and stomach in children?

Recently, I met a child who originally only ate meat and tended to accumulate food. However, after a lot of troubles, he could no longer digest even a vegetarian diet. When I asked the child\’s mother about the conditioning process, she said that she just added the daily taboos and the massage techniques I read online, which mainly focused on clearing the spleen, stomach, and large intestine acupuncture points. Many mothers may be wondering, if the spleen and stomach are weak, wouldn’t diet and massage be helpful? It may not be that simple here. Next, let’s talk about why you can’t rely entirely on taboos and what you should do to strengthen your spleen and stomach. Taboos are not a panacea. The purpose is to reduce harm. Taboos may be the first advice many mothers get when they first enter TCM parenting. The purpose of taboos is to teach children to eat and drink in moderation. Children are naturally greedy for delicious food, and sweet, greasy, raw, and cold foods are their favorites. However, according to traditional Chinese medicine, these foods are stagnant and difficult to eliminate and deplete spleen yang. If parents do not stop them, they will definitely eat too much. It will put a burden on the spleen and stomach and harm the child over time. After realizing the previous feeding errors, many mothers started to avoid food and let their children eat very light food. However, after a period of time, they found that there was no improvement. The tongue coating was still thick and greasy, and the stool was still bad. Even before, they just ate meat and accumulated food, which slowly progressed. When I eat rice or vegetables, I will accumulate food. what on earth is it? Because taboos are not a panacea. For example, if you want to make a room with a lot of clutter clean and tidy, then at least you have to stop piling more things in it to avoid making it more cluttered. This is the role of taboos. It is to reduce the burden on children\’s spleen and stomach without further harming it. But if other aspects of conditioning are not kept up and you just eat a light diet, the spleen and stomach are likely to start to be lazy. After adapting to easy-to-digest food, they will not work hard. Therefore, taboos are the basic work that needs to be done to start regulating the spleen and stomach, but if you want to restore the spleen and stomach Qi, you must take into account many aspects, which we will talk about later. The Complete Illustrated Collection of Pediatric Massage [High-definition live version, it would be a pity not to collect it] Massage also requires syndrome differentiation, clearing and tonifying in order to be balanced. Let’s talk about massage. Many people think that massage can improve the weakness of the spleen and stomach or enhance physical fitness. This perception is actually quite one-sided. Massage is just a method, and the method must be used under appropriate conditions to achieve the desired effect. For example, the mother mentioned above only learned the methods of pediatric massage to clear the spleen, stomach, and large intestine. These acupuncture points, which focus on clearing the large intestine, are generally used when there is stagnation in the body. Their function is to eliminate food, guide stagnation, and relieve defecation. But if you just push these things away when you have nothing to do in daily life, and only clean up without making up for it, your child may become more and more weak over time. Because the Qing method itself is relatively dissipative, just like often taking digestive medicine to solve food accumulation. Therefore, when we use pediatric massage techniques on a daily basis, it is best to understand the function of each acupoint and not to massage blindly. To regulate the spleen and stomach, you need to do these 5 things. Therefore, for children who are prone to overeating, the idea of ​​conditioning must not be single, but must be comprehensive. You can pay more attention to these points in your daily life: 1. Guide chewing. Don’t underestimate this detail. This is a way to reduce the burden on the spleen and stomach from the source. When we chew carefully, we will naturally secrete more saliva than before. This is the fluid that helps digestion.liquid. Modern medical research says that chewing can send a signal in advance to notify the stomach to prepare gastric acid and order the pancreas to secrete other digestive enzymes to the small intestine to help process small pieces of food. If not chewed adequately, food nutrients can become locked in food fragments, causing indigestion and gas. In addition, it may also provide rich nutrients for harmful bacteria that live in the colon, causing an imbalance in the intestinal microbiota, hindering the normal absorption of nutrients, and leading to a lack of vitamins and minerals. Many children with strong stomachs and weak spleens have this problem to a certain extent. They swallow a lot and eat a lot, but the body does not absorb what it wants in the end and keeps wanting to eat again and again. Therefore, if you have not paid attention to this problem before, you must start to guide your child to fully chew food from now on. 2. Feedback feeding is a commonplace topic for many sheep fans, but it is indeed the basis for regulating the spleen and stomach. When matching the child\’s diet, do a good job of feedback feeding. You can slowly figure out whether a food can be eaten and how much it should be eaten. This method can be used to slowly figure out. For example: If you want to give your child a food that has never been eaten before today, you can try a small amount, and then observe the subsequent stool, tongue coating, appetite, etc. to determine whether the child can currently digest the food and whether it is suitable for the child\’s physique. If there is abnormal stool with tongue coating, you can adjust it in time, reduce the dosage or try again later. 3. Reasonable exercise Why it has always been emphasized that children with spleen deficiency should exercise appropriately? This is because Chinese medicine believes that the spleen governs muscles, and everything inside must be shaped by everything outside. The weakness of the internal organs can be reflected from the body surface. Children with spleen deficiency usually have loose muscles, so we can consciously exercise. When a person\’s muscles become stronger, his inner body will also get better. It\’s still spring, so stretching and open sports like flying kites, picnicking, skipping rope, and running are all more suitable for children. Younger children, such as those who have just learned to walk, can also do more outdoor activities and have contact with the earth. They are more earthy. The five elements of the spleen and stomach belong to the earth, which is also helpful for strengthening the spleen. 4. Properly strengthen the spleen. After completing the previous basics, you can focus on strengthening the spleen. The more recommended ways to strengthen the spleen in daily life are diet therapy and massage. You can consciously eat some spleen-strengthening foods. For example, younger children can boil some millet oil and use five-finger peach stew for cooking, such as white lentils, yam, lotus seed meat, Gorgon seeds, Sishen soup, etc. These ingredients Medicine and food come from the same source and are suitable for daily use to strengthen the spleen. Of course, feedback feeding methods must also be followed and the usage and dosage should be adjusted in time. In terms of massage, you can choose several spleen-strengthening techniques and stick to them, such as rubbing the abdomen, pushing the spleen meridian, etc. Although these methods are relatively simple, they are easy to operate. The method is not sophisticated, but persistent. 5. Emotional care Traditional Chinese medicine believes that thinking can damage the spleen, and thinking too much can damage the spleen and stomach. On the other hand, excessive pressure can lead to uncomfortable liver qi, stagnation of emotions, and liver wood overpowering the spleen earth can also damage the spleen, so do not give it daily. There is too much pressure on children, so we must balance work and rest, and try to give them a relaxed and happy family atmosphere. When your children are emotional, calm them down in time. In the spring, you can do more things to soothe the liver and regulate qi, such as taking your children to fly kites.Telling jokes, drinking some lemon water, doing chest expansion exercises, pressing Taichong points, etc. are all helpful. In fact, regulating the spleen and stomach means doing a lot of basic work and taking care of the child in a steady and steady manner, but it should not be too subtle, such as strictly controlling the diet and not allowing the slightest abnormality in tongue coating and stool. If you insist on it, it will bring harm to the child. pressure. Therefore, as long as we grasp the general direction, the rest is to wait for the flowers to bloom.

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