What is the greatest happiness in a child\’s childhood?

While reading Hemingway\’s biography, I came across a passage that was thought-provoking. A young reader asked Hemingway: For you, what is the best initial training for a writer? Hemingway paused for a moment and replied: An unhappy childhood. We have no way of knowing what Hemingway experienced as a child. But perhaps it was his unhappy childhood that gave him a keen insight into life, which made him successful in his literary career. He wrote countless stunning works throughout his life and won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Regrettably, even though the experience made Hemingway successful, it still could not free him from the nightmare of childhood. In the end, he ended his life with the shotgun that had been with him throughout his childhood. Austrian psychologist Adler said: Happy people use their childhood to heal their lives, and unhappy people use their lives to heal their childhood. Childhood only happens once, and a child\’s life cannot be reversed. Recommended Children\’s Philosophical Enlightenment Wisdom Book: What is Happiness? Set of 9 volumes. In the never-ending journey of childhood, a child\’s greatest happiness may be to be allowed to do these few things… to be allowed to have random thoughts and be captured by a pair of CCTV Fans of the father and daughter who were praised by name: father Sanshi and his daughter Xiaoyu. What impressed me most was the expression of lovelessness on the face of Sanshi\’s father. It\’s 7:45 when I arrive at school, but my daughter Xiaoyu is still picking up her breakfast piece by piece. It was obvious that his daughter was so angry that he had a stomachache, but the father just kept his mouth shut, did not urge or yell, and waited quietly aside. The performance of Sanshi\’s father out of the circle has become a breath of fresh air in the circle of parents. After carefully looking at the daily life of \”Sanshi\’s family\”, I have to sigh: Xiaoyu is really a happy child! Unlike other children who constantly correct their behavior under their parents\’ \”norms\” from time to time, Xiaoyu has a lot of time to \”think wildly\” without being disturbed or stopped. The school bell rang and the students left school happily, but Xiaoyu from the Sanshi family put his hands in his pockets and looked up at the sky at a 45° angle. What is the mystery in the sky? Did Xiaoyu see a fairyland? …Across the screen, one can feel the luck of a child who is allowed to be free, and the helplessness of a father who is quietly waiting for his child to come home. Perhaps it is this free spirit that is carefully cared for. Although Xiaoyu is not outstanding in studies, her imagination and hands-on ability are outstanding. Various fruits and ingredients, transformed by her skillful hands, are refreshing. Eating watermelon is an artistic performance. The banana peel suddenly turned into an octopus. Eighteen generations of banana ancestors never imagined that they would transform from fruit into seafood. The humble mushroom turned into a vivid turtle through her hands, staging a \”turtle meeting\”. There are also crabs, which, under her tinkering, turned into centipedes that make people feel numb… Some people say that the secret of happiness is to have imagination. I deeply agree. A child who can have unrestrained imagination in his or her own life has an endless curiosity, which will be the driving force for them to explore the world in the future and generate endless creativity. And this kind of power must sprout and thrive in early childhood, otherwise it will easily atrophy. Education is not just about regulation and supervision; education sometimes requires \”indulgence\”; allowing children to think wildly is also a kind of education that seems negative but is actually positive. those that lookThe quiet time wasted by children is actually watering the fertile soil of children\’s lives with nutrients, which will grow into high-spirited vitality and strength in the future. In the book \”Emile\”, the educator Rousseau pointed out: \”Nature hopes that children will be like children before they become adults. If we disrupt this order, we will cause some premature fruits. , they are neither plump nor sweet, and they will rot quickly, and we will create some young doctors and senile children.\” Thinking of a sad news, the meme girl who once became popular around the world at the age of 5 , committed suicide not long after his 16th birthday. Just hours before she committed suicide, the girl\’s mother was notified that her child would graduate from high school with honors next month. But none of these could stop the girl from taking her own life. Her name is Kailia, and she became famous when she participated in an American children\’s beauty pageant at the age of 5. In fact, since she was 3 years old, Kailia\’s focus in life has been to participate in \”beauty pageants\”. Wearing heavy makeup and costumes, she repeatedly stepped onto the podium and received various honorary medals. Under the spotlight, her every look and smile are the beauty pageant standards; outside the camera, in order to participate in the beauty pageant, she has put in a lot of hard work that no child of the same age has ever had: learning talents and insisting on physical exercises. As a girl who has grown up under the camera, Kailia has always been the focus of everyone\’s eyes. She looks sunny and quirky. But in fact, all these appearances are just illusions for girls to please the world. Friends familiar with the matter said that Kailia has actually been struggling with her mental health, but unfortunately the situation is worse than imagined. In the end, she became the pistachio of the world, but could not make herself happy. In order for their children to have a good development in the future, many parents design a life track for their children early and help their children run forward when they are still staggering. At an age when they should be playing, their children are running for a living; however, their parents proudly claim that it is their children who enjoy the glory on the podium. But those children who have never unleashed their playful instincts in childhood will eventually be unable to live freely in the future because of this short period of time in their lives. Just like Kailia, who could have imagined that such a girl with a bright smile would end her life so decisively? Psychiatrist Stuart Brown spent 42 years interviewing 6,000 people and found that children who did not play freely as children may be unhappy when they grow up and find it relatively difficult to adapt to new environments. Playing is the nature of every child. Only children who are allowed to play during their childhood can become happy children. Because it is the free play that nourishes children\’s vitality and helps them cope with the complex life of the future with a healthy body and mind. Get attention and answer every question: \”Who can help me take care of my children?\” A father had no choice but to ask for help online. It turned out that he was caught up in the children\’s strange questions every day, and his brain was overwhelmed by the \”storm\”. At first, the child’s question was quite simple. What should I do if a wild dog has its nails trimmed? The father said, “A wild man trims the nails of a wild dog.”Just fool it. But gradually, the child\’s questions became more and more tricky. According to his father, they were simply \”a series of life-threatening questions\”: Son: \”Why is your belly so big?\” Dad: \”Because you can eat it.\” Son: \”Why can you? Eat?\” Dad: \”Because he is hungry.\”… Next, every answer the father gave became his son\’s \”why\”. In the end, the father was forced to collapse: \”Because dad is a pig!\” This dad\’s answer was hilarious. , in the comment area, the screen was flooded with \”children of the same style\”. Parents have complained: How should we deal with curious children at home? One of the comments was particularly touching: Every question a child has can be answered seriously. Isn’t it a kind of childhood happiness? Yes, looking back on our childhood, when we were young, we \”entangled\” our parents in this way, hoping to explore this colorful world from their mouths. Every time, when we can get an answer, whether true or false, from our parents, it is a sense of satisfaction and happiness. And every time, when we are scolded or rejected by our parents because of inappropriate questioning, we feel so frustrated and painful, as if we have finally found a clue to connect with the world, and it just stops suddenly. Well-known singer Chen Meiling said: Never say \”wait a minute\” when your children ask questions. Parents who actively answer questions will make their children feel that asking questions is a good thing. This continuously stimulates children\’s curiosity and enriches their knowledge. On the contrary, if parents answer negatively, refuse to answer, or even scold their children, it will unconsciously make the children feel that asking questions will trouble others. Over time, children\’s curiosity is suppressed, they become indifferent to everything, and they gradually no longer want to ask questions about things they don\’t understand. Every question a child has needs to be taken seriously. Even if there are no answers to many of the questions themselves, it is good for parents to at least give their children a response. Those happy lives of \”living to encounter new things\” can help them embark on a positive path. life path. Be warm and always have someone to talk to. In her autobiographical children\’s literature \”Little Doudou by the Window\”, the Japanese writer Kuroyanagi Tetsuko talked about an incident that made her feel happy and unforgettable throughout her life. That day, Xiao Doudou, who was ignorant and did not know that she had been expelled from school, came to \”Ba Academy\” for an interview under the guidance of her mother. Here she met an interesting Mr. Kobayashi. Unlike other principals who were serious and intimidating, Principal Xiaolin pulled up his chair, leaned forward, and said to Xiaodoudou: \”Tell me about something you find interesting!\” In this way, for the next four hours, Principal Xiaolin Rao He listened to Xiaodoudou\’s speech with interest, without disturbing or showing any impatience during the whole process, until Xiaodoudou felt that he had nothing to say. Many years later, when Xiao Doudou recalled her childhood, she couldn\’t help but sigh: \”No matter before or since, no adult has ever listened to Xiao Doudou so seriously.\” There is a kind of loneliness, not without someone to accompany you, but because there is no one to accompany you. There is no one to talk to. When you talk to your child, you don’t care about whether the child has enough food and clothing, nor does it ask whether the child has finished his homework. Talking with children requires parents to get into their children\’s hearts and useEmotional sounds create a spiritual connection with children. Be sad about what the child is sad about, be happy about what the child is happy about, and let the children truly feel that their parents\’ hearts are always with them. To talk to their children, parents need to squat down and talk to them from the perspective of looking at their children. Listening to children is not giving charity; talking to children is a natural communication of words or an exchange of emotions. Talking to children may seem simple, but it is often overlooked by parents. How long has it been since you last had a thoughtful word with your child? Then starting from today, take some time to talk to your children more! What impact does childhood have on a person\’s life? New York Times Bestseller List Top 10 Recommended Methods of Happiness Ultra-clear PDF Psychologist Sigmund Freud said that it was a journey of \”circle rotation\”. A person\’s adult lifestyle often revolves around his childhood life. For some people, his life may be just a repetition of his childhood experiences throughout his life. Childhood is precious. It is the insurmountable initial stage of every child\’s life and has a profound impact on the child\’s life. Allow your child to do what makes him happy in childhood, play the craziest games, say the most innocent words, and spend the most energetic time in his life. Many years later, this period of freedom and laughter may be able to warm up all the pain of life for the rest of his life, heal the wounds of life, and become the tearful smile in his memories…

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