What is the most nutritious food for pregnant women and good for the fetus?

Once a woman becomes pregnant, she often brings some \”surprises\” and \”touches\” to her family. But at the same time, it also seems to mean that women may be subject to many \”restrictions\”. For example, I used to be able to stay up late, but this is no longer possible after pregnancy. In the past, I could eat roadside barbecue and takeout as much as I wanted, but after becoming pregnant, I have to pay attention to my diet. I used to spend the whole day playing in front of the computer, but now, try to stay away from high-radiation places. Electronic products. Especially in terms of nutritious diet, many pregnant women are always urged by their families. Many people think that being pregnant means staying away from hot pot and barbecue, as well as all kinds of street snacks. Pregnant mothers should make reasonable nutritional supplements based on the development of the fetus in their abdomen to ensure a balanced, green and healthy diet, thereby promoting the healthy development of the mother and fetus. However, there are always some pregnant mothers and family members who do not have a sound understanding of maternal diet and nutrition, and believe that once a woman becomes pregnant, she must supplement nutrition like crazy. It even feels like one person has to eat the food of two people to ensure the nutrition and health of the fetus in the body. So, is this perception correct? What nutrients are most easily overlooked during pregnancy? The case is like that of Xiaoli, a neighbor in the community. Since she became pregnant, she has gained weight twice while taking nutritional supplements every day. Sometimes she can\’t eat anymore but she still has to endure to eat it all. In the morning, I had a bowl of old chicken soup with two eggs. At noon, there were various kinds of tonic pork rib soup. In the evening, I had to endure the pigeon warming soup given to me by my mother-in-law. Ever since her daughter-in-law became pregnant, Xiaoli\’s mother-in-law has not been idle at all. She has been cooking for her daughter-in-law in different ways every day. 200 examples of nutritional recipes for 3-month pregnant women in ultra-clear, full-color PDF. All kinds of meats and various supplementary soups were stuffed into the daughter-in-law\’s belly, for fear that the grandson in her belly would not absorb enough nutrients. After a long time, although Xiaoli felt very tired, for the sake of the child in her belly and the nutrition of herself and the fetus, she fully accepted her mother-in-law\’s kindness and took various dietary supplements every day. By the end of the entire pregnancy, the person has turned into a \”ball\”. Moreover, the whole body looked swollen, and when it came time to give birth, she was almost in danger because of it. The family is still scared. Due to excessive intake of fat and calories, Xiaoli\’s weight soared, and the size of the fetus in her belly was also larger, which invisibly increased the difficulty of delivery and almost led to dystocia. Fortunately, after the efforts of the doctors, the mother and son were safe, which brought tears to the eyes of the family. However, the family was not happy for long, as the doctor\’s other words directly sent the family into a freezing state. \”The child has been born, but the health issues still need to be studied. The fetal body fat is seriously high, and according to the examination results, the child is seriously lacking in vitamins and calcium. Now he has mild cartilage symptoms. In the future, it is very likely that It will affect the child\’s skeletal development and hinder the child\’s movement.\” After hearing this, the family was stunned and didn\’t know why this happened for a while. The experienced doctor also explained helplessly: \”Does the mother always eat high-calorie and high-fat foods during pregnancy?\”Fatty food and basically no other food? Have you ever thought that nutrition has indeed kept up with you, but what should you do about nutritional balance? \”Hearing the doctor\’s question, the family blamed themselves and were speechless. Her mother-in-law usually only cared about making Xiaoli eat and drink well, and made various \”big tonic soups\” for Xiaoli every day, but she forgot To supplement other nutrients for Xiaoli, she really ate too little vegetables and eggs, and her mother-in-law really regretted it. In fact, during pregnancy, while ensuring nutrition, the issue of nutritional balance is also very important, especially these types of Nutrition is easily ignored by many pregnant mothers. Check to see if you are taking supplements. • Vitamin supplements are vitamin supplements first. Many mothers only focus on consuming various meat foods and ignore the intake of vegetables and fruits, which leads to The lack of vitamins in the body will affect the development of the fetal brain. Therefore, during pregnancy, mothers should not only supplement meat, but also eat more fruits and vegetables, supplement vitamins, and have balanced nutrition to promote the healthy development of their children. • Calcium Material supplements, including calcium supplements, are also easily ignored by pregnant mothers. Surveys and studies have shown that Chinese women’s intake of calcium is far lower than that of Western women, and it is far lower than that of pregnant women. The recommended daily calcium intake during pregnancy. Calcium deficiency in the mother will cause certain obstacles to the child\’s bone development. Therefore, women must remember to replenish calcium in time during pregnancy and eat more dairy products, which can promote The development of the fetal bones is of great help to his healthy growth. • Dietary fiber supplement Dietary fiber is an aspect most easily ignored by pregnant mothers. Do you know what is the Life Guide for Pregnant Women and Expectant Mothers PDF? Once the mother\’s body lacks dietary fiber, it is likely to cause constipation, poor gastrointestinal function, etc., which directly affects the absorption of nutrients for the fetus and is not conducive to the baby\’s physical development. Especially after the child is born, the lack of dietary fiber will It directly hinders the secretion of milk and leads to a series of consequences. Therefore, pregnant mothers should not forget to supplement dietary fiber. When taking in daily nutrients, they should appropriately supplement some whole grains and have a balanced nutritional mix, so that the fetus can develop comprehensively. During pregnancy, in addition to supplementing a large amount of meat and fat, do not forget to supplement the above three nutrients. Vitamins, calcium and dietary fiber are indispensable. If the nutrition is not balanced, it is easy to It will have an adverse impact on the development of the child. I hope that every mother will pay attention to nutritional supplements during pregnancy, but also pay attention to nutritional balance. She can’t just eat big tonic soups, but also pay attention to the intake of some home-cooked dishes. In this way, Only in this way can you give birth to a healthy and cute baby. Finally, I wish every family can live a happy and harmonious life, and every baby can grow up healthily and happily. Moms, have you noticed a balanced nutrition during pregnancy? What do you think about pregnancy? What other nutrients do I need to supplement?

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