What is the normal sleep time for newborns?

After having a baby, what mothers hope most is that their baby can \”eat well and sleep soundly.\” If the baby does not nap and sleeps for a long time, the mother will feel very relaxed and proud. She thinks that the baby will grow taller if he sleeps for a long time. But the baby should not only look at the duration of sleep, but also should have an established pattern and a reasonable duration. Too little or too much sleep is not good for the baby\’s physical development. Some mothers are not aware of this. It is clear that their baby has potential \”irregularities\”, but they are unaware of it. Instead, they think it is a good thing, but it really shouldn\’t be. So, what is the appropriate amount of sleep time for a baby? The baby\’s sleep time is referenced as follows: 1. Newborns have the longest sleep time, about 16 hours is optimal. Mothers should try to let their babies sleep more at night so that they can be awake more during the day, so that they can play with their babies. When they are tired from playing at night, their babies can sleep longer. 2. A baby who is about one year old sleeps about 13 hours. Parents should pay attention to the baby\’s sleep time. If it is too long, the baby will eat less and lack nutrition. If it is too short, it will be detrimental to the baby\’s bone development. 3. Most babies between one and two years old sleep about 11 hours. Mothers should be careful not to let their babies sleep for too long. 4. Babies who go to kindergarten between the ages of two and five need about 10 hours of sleep. The baby should be developed into a routine, go to bed early at night, get up early in the morning, plus take a lunch break of about two hours, so that the baby can adapt to the kindergarten schedule. There are deviations in the baby\’s sleep time. As long as it is not much different from the reference time, it is considered within a reasonable range. Mothers do not need to worry too much about the accurate time. But if the baby has the following conditions in sleep, the mother should intervene with the baby and adjust the baby\’s sleep: the child sleeps soundly for 4 hours, and parents are best to \”wake up\” the newborn in time to adjust the newborn, and the newborn will sleep upside down. There is no concept of white and black in amniotic fluid. This leads to the fact that the newborn will continue the habit of sleeping in the mother\’s belly after birth. There is no fixed time for sleeping, and it can sleep whenever it wants. As a mother, you should correct your newborn\’s habit of sleeping upside down and try to sleep more at night and less during the day. The most frustrating thing for mothers who wake up early and catch up on sleep is that the baby wakes up at 4 or 5 o\’clock in the morning, and then, around 7 o\’clock, the baby becomes sleepy again and wants to sleep heavily. A baby who has had a full nap in the morning will not be sleepy when it is time to take a nap at noon. The latest and most complete 2023 [Kindergarten, Junior High and High School] premium VIP course catalogs from famous teachers in various disciplines on the entire network, click to view now! This results in the baby not sleeping at noon, not eating dinner at night, going to bed early, and getting up to play again in the middle of the night. By analogy and continuous repetition, not only will the adults be very tired, but the baby will not sleep according to the rules, which is not good for the body. If you sleep too much during the day, many babies are prone to drowsiness. They want to sleep when they are full, and they sleep all morning or afternoon. If your baby sleeps too much during the day, it will lead to too little sleep at night. This will form a \”vicious cycle\”. Therefore, mothers should try not to let their babies sleep too much during the day. If the lunch break is about three hours,If it doesn\’t cause serious problems for sleeping at night, then it\’s okay. Otherwise, the mother must consciously guide the baby to sleep less during the day and sleep well at night. Sleeping all the time during the day, but not sleeping well at night. Many babies sleep very soundly during the day, but they are very restless at night. They often fall into light sleep or wake up wanting to play. When this happens, the mother needs to intervene. Because most of the growth hormone is secreted at midnight, if the baby gets up to play in the middle of the night or cannot sleep deeply, the production hormone will be secreted too little, which is not good for growth and development. What are the sleep characteristics of babies? How to help your baby develop a good routine? 1. The baby will generally lighten first and then sink when sleeping. There will be a process. Mothers should not be too impatient. After the baby is born, he has not adapted to the external environment, so the sleep will have a process of first lightening and then sinking. When the baby adapts to the environment, Slowly and quickly you will enter deep sleep from light sleep. 2. The baby wakes up very easily and gets sleepy very easily, so the mother should be mentally prepared. The baby has a small stomach capacity and will feed frequently. The baby will wake up if he is hungry while sleeping, so the mother should be mentally prepared. Be prepared, babies are easy to sleep and wake up easily. 3. Waking up at night is normal, and mothers should guide their babies step by step. Some mothers are easily sleepy at night. If the baby wakes up at night, it will affect the mother\’s sleep. Some mothers will be very anxious. They feel that the baby should be natural. Get a full night\’s sleep. In fact, it is normal for babies to wake up at night, and there is an excessive amount of sleeping throughout the night. Mommy\’s guidance is needed to get on the right track. 4. The sleeping time is about 5 hours, which means the baby is effectively sleeping. If the sleeping time is kept at five hours, the mother does not have to worry too much about the baby\’s lack of sleep. 5. When the baby is sleeping, as a mother, do not \”escape\” from the safe area immediately because the baby needs a sense of security. Once the baby cannot sense the presence of the mother, the baby will be a little scared. 6. The number of times the baby wakes up at night will be greatest around the age of two. To improve, mothers should not act too hastily. If they want to develop a good work and rest routine for their babies, mothers can try the following two methods: You can try two \”work and rest rules\” ①. Established rules, formulate rules, and implement them according to relevant patterns. For example: what time do you wake up in the morning, what time do you have breakfast, what time do you go out to play, what time do you have lunch, what time do you take a nap, what time do you go out to play in the afternoon, what time do you have dinner, and what time do you go to bed. When these time points are set, the mother should strictly follow these rules. Over time, the baby will develop good work and rest habits. ②. Set signals Before going to bed, the mother can give her child a set signal. For example, turn off the lights, put away the toys, tell stories, etc. When the baby is familiar with the established signals, it will form a conditioned reflex, sleep will be very smooth, and the quality of sleep will be very high. Conclusion: Sleep is very important for babies. If mothers want their babies to grow healthily and grow taller than their peers, they must put more effort into their babies’ sleep. There is no casual parenting guide, and there is no established parenting template. If a mother wants her baby to be \”superior\”, she must develop a parenting method suitable for the baby based on the child\’s characteristics.

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