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What is the pain around the belly button? Don’t be careless when caring for your newborn’s belly button!

Recently, Xiaobao has been picking his belly button at night when sleeping. He just found a granule inside and water in his belly button. This has only grown recently. Do I need to go to the hospital? Or how to take care of it at home? The baby\’s umbilical cord is red, swollen and smelly. We have been disinfecting it, but why does this happen? The first thing after the baby is born is to cry, and the second thing is to cut the umbilical cord. The stump after cutting the umbilical cord is the first open wound in the child\’s life, so if it is not cared for properly, it is very easy to become infected. In severe cases, the baby will also suffer from the pain of \”under the knife\”. There are many umbilical problems in infants and young children, one of which is called \”umbilicus antrum\”, which is particularly easy for parents to ignore and delay the best time for treatment. Today, Doudehui will analyze it! What is navel antler? If one or more small fleshy balls appear in the navel of infants and young children, you should be alert to whether it is navel antlers. For example, it looks like this: There is also a kind of umbilicus with a small amount of secretion, and the surface of the umbilicus is smooth, moist, and red scar tissue like mucosa. For example, Aunt Jiang\’s: Abnormalities in the baby\’s umbilicus are mostly caused by improper care, inadequate disinfection, and long-term stimulation. If the stimulation continues, it may cause other umbilical diseases, such as omphalitis, umbilical cellulitis, Peritonitis, portophlebitis, and in particularly severe cases, sepsis can lead to death. So daddies don’t know how to judge, so let the doctor diagnose it. How to treat umbilical cord antler? If there is no pus exuding from the umbilical cord area, it does not need to be treated for the time being. It can be disinfected with amriodine or iodophor. However, parents should pay more attention to local changes. If the fluid is still discharged after 3 to 7 days, medical treatment is required. If your baby\’s umbilical cord is leaking fluid or the granulations are enlarging, he must seek medical advice. The surgeon will remove the excess part under sterile conditions, and then use silver nitrate to burn the granulation tissue locally to avoid repeated proliferation. This minor surgery may require local anesthesia, but parents don’t need to worry too much. Although it requires going to the hospital, it can generally be treated in an outpatient clinic. How to care for your baby\’s belly button? After the umbilical cord is cut, a small hole will be left, which will gradually heal with growth and development, and eventually turn into a scar and become a real belly button. It’s not easy to make your baby’s umbilical stump heal as quickly as possible. Parents must keep in mind the following care methods! Keywords for cleaning the umbilical cord: Keep cleaning. Under normal circumstances, the baby\’s umbilical cord will fall off naturally within 2 weeks after ligation. As long as the baby\’s umbilicus has no redness, swelling, secretions, or odor, parents only need to clean it once a day with clean water. After cleaning, use a cotton swab to dry the area until the umbilical stump dries up and falls off. If it doesn\’t fall off after more than a month, be sure to go to the hospital for a checkup. Disinfection in place Keywords: The delayed healing of the baby\’s navel is mostly caused by insufficient disinfection. Therefore, when disinfecting the baby\’s navel, parents must gently lift up the remaining navel (unsterilized root of the navel can cause infection) , use a cotton swab dipped in amr\’s iodine, iodophor, or rhodoiodine (choose one of them) to thoroughly disinfect the navel fossa, and be sure to rub it into the navel fossa under the black eggplant. If it still doesn’t come off after a week of rubbing, or the babyIf the baby develops fever and mental illness, he needs to go to the hospital for treatment in time. Keep dry Keywords: Dry After disinfection, don’t forget this step: dry! Because keeping the navel dry is to reduce bacterial growth and accelerate the stump shedding. If you find it slow to dry, you can use a hair dryer to dry it, but be careful not to burn your baby. If your baby\’s umbilical cord is infected, you can apply Baiduobang ointment to relieve symptoms after cleaning, disinfecting, and drying it. During the healing process of the baby\’s belly button, the umbilical cord stump first hardens and turns black. Due to frequent friction with diapers or clothes, there will be a little bleeding, a small amount of clear exudate or a light yellow thick liquid (sticky as honey) in the umbilical fossa. Sugar), parents do not need to worry, this is a normal phenomenon during the healing of the umbilical cord. However, if the yellow exudate is similar to urine and is accompanied by the smell of urine, or the exudate has a foul smell, it is a structural abnormality or local infection, which requires timely medical diagnosis and treatment of the baby.

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