What is the reason for the redness, swelling and ulceration of the baby\’s anus?

A parent asked a question: The baby is eleven months old. When he poops, he sees some rotten flesh coming out of the stool. Is this hemorrhoids in children? There is no bleeding now. I had bleeding due to constipation before. Now the constipation is gone, but when I defecate, I see cracks in the flesh and a rotten vertical line. How to treat this? Dr. Luo Zhen’s answer: Judging from the picture, it is not hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids belong to the venous plexus and are darker in color. This is caused by straining to defecate, and the problem of constipation must be improved. Also, do not hold the stool and let the baby defecate naturally. If there is an anal fissure, it is still related to straining to defecate and constipation, and the constipation problem can be treated. Usually eat more vegetables, fruits and other fiber-rich foods, such as fruits such as dragon fruit, grapes, citrus, etc., and vegetables such as broccoli, celery, spinach, etc. In daily diet, avoid eating too finely. Just boil vegetables and chop them to avoid losing too much fiber. The best effect is to eat the fruit directly, do not process it into juice. Massage your baby\’s belly in a clockwise direction with the navel as the center every day to promote intestinal peristalsis. You can take lactulose oral liquid to relieve constipation and apply zinc oxide ointment externally. Parents should understand that dietary conditioning is the foundation, and medicine and exercise are supplementary. They must pay attention to their children\’s eating problems.

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