What is the reason why children talk late? The real \”culprit\” is you

My baby is already 1 year old and can’t speak… Children talk late, that’s because noble people are late! My child understands everything, but he doesn’t like to talk, and I don’t know why? Good thing! The noble man speaks slowly. The child will definitely be smart and wealthy in the future… My son is almost three years old and he still can\’t speak clearly. What should I do? It\’ll be fine when you grow up. Boys don\’t speak as early as girls. As the old saying goes, noble people speak late! …I don’t know when it started, but “the noble man’s speech is delayed” has become a “good medicine” to comfort Mom and Dad, and is specially used to treat children who speak late, can’t speak, or can’t speak clearly… But in fact, many parents I don’t understand the true meaning of “The noble man speaks late”… The meaning of “The noble man speaks late” actually means to think carefully about what you say and do, and don’t rush to express yourself and talk nonsense. This originally comes from the \”Analects of Confucius\” Confucius said: \”A gentleman has nothing to eat and nothing to live in. He is quick to do things but cautious in speaking.\” I don\’t know how this was passed down, but it became: People who speak late are smart and will be wise in the future. Being a noble person is a symbol of wealth and destiny! So today Doudehui really wants to give you a heads-up: If your baby is 8 months old and still can’t make the sounds ma-ma, pa-pa; and if he’s 1 year old and still can’t call “dad/mom”, Can\’t make more sounds and change pitch; can\’t understand 50% of strangers\’ language at 1 and a half years old, masters 20-30 words; can\’t understand more than 75% of strangers\’ language by 2 years old, can\’t understand two consecutive words phrases of more than 50 words; at the age of 3, he still cannot understand all the languages ​​​​of strangers… Find the reason quickly, but don\’t say \”elegant people are slow to speak\” again, otherwise it will be your own child! The \”culprits\” that cause babies to speak late exclude disease factors such as hearing impairment, intellectual development disabilities, or abnormal development of vocal organs. A large part of the baby\’s inability to speak or delayed speech is due to parents\’ wrong education methods and living environment. You have to find the reason from yourself! For example, parents who are reticent or speak too fast must have appropriate guidance when their baby learns to speak. If the parent has poor awareness in this regard, does not like to talk, has too little communication with the baby, or speaks too fast, the baby will not listen. If the baby cannot understand clearly and does not give the baby enough demonstration and encouragement, then it is inevitable that the baby will be late in speaking and not talkative. Be responsive to the baby\’s needs. If there is a baby at home, the adults will definitely take good care of it. Even with a look, the baby will know whether the baby is hungry, sleepy, tired, or wants to poop or play with toys, and then take care of the baby immediately. of. But this is not good for your baby\’s language development, because you don\’t give him/her a chance to express at all. The baby does not need to express himself through language, which will naturally inhibit his motivation to learn to speak. Parents are too impatient. Some parents become impatient after teaching their children to speak, and even scold the baby: \”Why are you so stupid? You can\’t even learn this!\” You must know that the baby\’s mind is far from mature, and the little mind is even more fragile and sensitive. , if you fail to set a correct example for your baby and frequently put pressure on your baby, it will only be counterproductive and put a psychological burden on your baby. Especially for some anxious parents, this kind of emotion will cause their children to be anxious too, so the more anxious they are, the less likely they are to speak out… They laugh at the baby\’s pronunciation a lot.When a baby first learns to speak, his pronunciation is not standard (especially if someone in the family speaks a dialect). When parents hear this, they will take pleasure in it and laugh at the baby, causing the baby\’s self-esteem to be hurt and slowly becoming less and less confident. Love to open her mouth to speak. If you want to change this phenomenon, parents should try to speak Mandarin and slow down the speech speed. Then the baby will naturally be able to speak accurately after hearing clearly, and will be more willing to express it in language. Premature exposure to electronic devices With the rapid advancement of smartphones and smart electronic device technology, people have gradually become more dependent on mobile phones and spend more and more time on their mobile phones. As a result, the baby is surrounded by various electronic devices from birth, and loses communication and response with his family. Therefore, if you want your baby to grow up healthily, first of all, parents of \”phubbing\” parents must make changes to reduce their baby\’s exposure to electronic devices, control the time their baby spends watching TV and playing games, spend more time with the baby, talk and read to the baby, so that the baby Only with good language communication ability can healthy development be achieved. Of course, in addition to the five possibilities mentioned above, there is another reason that the baby may suffer from childhood autism (autism). Although the probability of its occurrence is very small, being small does not mean that it is not possible. Parents cannot take it lightly, but There’s no need to scare yourself either. If the baby only speaks late but can communicate with others, for example, can look at each other, has rich expressions, laughs normally when teased, and can distinguish between distant relatives and close relatives, this is normal. But if the situation is opposite, parents should pay close attention to it and take the baby to the hospital for examination as soon as possible. How to guide your baby to speak correctly? If the baby\’s delayed speech has nothing to do with hearing or intelligence, parents can try the following methods. To create a good language environment at home, parents should talk more and let the baby listen to how it is expressed. You must know that the baby\’s progress depends on imitation and learning. It is best to fix a time every day (the time does not need to be too long, just ten minutes a day, but you must stick to it), hold the baby in your arms, read picture books with the baby, and read to the baby. These standardized, rhythmic and beautiful languages ​​will form an impression in the baby\’s brain and continue to penetrate as time goes by. Although the baby cannot fully understand the meaning, it can help the baby gradually establish a good foundation in language. Especially for younger babies, parents can repeat words that appear repeatedly in the book. For older babies, they can retell a sentence in the book. For older babies, they can let them retell the stories in the book to practice. Baby\’s listening ability and language expression ability. Pay attention to the way you talk to your baby ◆ The language should be concise, the speaking speed should be slow, the key points should be highlighted, not complicated, and every word should be clearly stated; ◆ The expressions and movements should be exaggerated and interesting, and interact with the child as much as possible as a game; ◆ Parents should set more examples and use objects, pictures, actions, expressions, and words to guide their children in speaking. Seize every opportunity, anytime, anywhere to train your child\’s language ability. For example, when a child looks at an object, participates in an activity, or in a game, in music, on the road, in the park… it is all training. It is a good opportunity for the child to talk, telling the baby \”Grandpa is crossing the road, grandma is watering the flowers,\”This car is going so fast\” and so on. Let the baby have more contact with his friends and cultivate the baby\’s desire to talk to his friends. When the baby is talking, parents should not interrupt and let the baby finish the words by himself. If there is A fast-talking mother/father who always speaks for the baby. The baby lacks the training and opportunities to express, so the baby will never have the opportunity to express. Don\’t make negative hints to the baby, especially in front of strangers. Don\’t say that my baby doesn\’t like to talk, and put random labels on it. , then the baby will not speak even more. Parents should learn to respect the baby, build the baby\’s self-confidence, and give more positive hints to the child. Even if the baby only speaks one word, he/she should be praised. This will help the baby talk more. .Each baby has its own language development trajectory, and individual differences are obvious, so some babies speak late and some babies speak early. This is normal. Parents do not need to compare other people’s children with their own. Want If the child\’s language ability is well developed, parents should demonstrate more, speak more, and take the trouble to communicate with the baby. The more you talk, the stronger the child\’s speaking ability will be in the future. Especially those parents who are bow-headed, put down your mobile phone. Communicate and accompany your baby more and give your baby a healthy language environment for development. This will be more conducive to the healthy growth of your baby!

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