What is the sign of dizziness in an 8-year-old girl? This habit of parents must be changed

It is natural for children to love to play, and sometimes it is inevitable that they will annoy their parents. Parents get very annoyed when their children are particularly naughty. Maybe sometimes the bad mood accumulates to a point, and you want to \”educate\” your children. But have you ever thought about the possibility that even this “education” may cost your child his life? Linlin is a lively and lovely child, very good-looking and very polite. She is 8 years old this year. One day, Linlin started to feel dizzy after eating a pack of snacks, accompanied by vomiting symptoms. Her parents rushed the child to the hospital. After a series of rescue efforts by doctors, Linlin finally lost her life due to ineffective rescue efforts. At first, everyone suspected that the snacks Linlin ate were expired and poisonous, so her parents asked for an examination of Linlin\’s body. But the test results were surprising. There was no problem at all with the snacks the child ate. The child\’s dizziness is just because of a small action of the mother. At noon, before the child ate snacks, he made a mistake. When the mother was scolding the child, she accidentally slapped the child on the back of the head several times. It was because of these slaps that the child finally left the world. 8-year-old Linlin should have been nestling in the arms of her parents like other people of the same age. She should have been enjoying a happy childhood. However, because of her mother\’s unintentional move, she left this beautiful world. Such tragedies are no longer unique. Lele (pseudonym) is a 9-year-old child. One day after dinner, he wanted his parents to play with him for a while, but his father needed to do some work and his mother was busy with housework. A 9-year-old child will inevitably get angry and vent if he fails to meet his own requirements, so he takes a toy water gun and sprays it around the house to vent his emotions to his parents. But accidentally, the water from the water gun sprayed onto my father\’s computer. The computer suddenly broke when it encountered water. I thought that the information I had worked so hard on had not been saved. The father became angry and slapped the child on the head. The child sat on the ground and started crying. The mother didn\’t say anything when she saw it. She felt that her husband\’s attack should be serious. But slowly, the child\’s crying became smaller and smaller, and he started foaming at the mouth. The parents saw something was wrong and sent the child to the hospital. When the child arrived at the hospital, he had begun to fall into a severe coma and lost consciousness. The doctors tried their best and used all available treatments, but the results were still unsatisfactory. After three hours of first aid, the child finally passed away. After the doctor\’s explanation, we found out that the culprit was the father, because the father slapped the child on the head when the child made a mistake. The head is where the central nervous system of the human body is located. Any blow is very likely to cause concussion and other problems. In severe cases, it may even lead to sudden death of the child, without even the opportunity for first aid. When the parents outside the ward heard the news of their child\’s death, they immediately collapsed on the ground and cried. Lele\’s mother even fainted from crying. But no matter how much you regret, it can\’t change the fact that the child left. Seeing these children, I feel very worried and heartbroken. At the same time, I am also reflecting on myself and thinking about my own children. Sometimes my own children don’t eat well, if I don’t sleep well, I won’t be able to control myself. I will also beat my child a few times. Now that I think about it, I can’t help but feel a little scared. I couldn\’t help but look up some information, and found out that no matter what mistakes the child made, no matter how hard the parents could control their temper, these areas of the child should never be spanked. 1 The back of the head The back of the head is the final part of the human body, where it controls the cardiovascular system and the respiratory center of the human body. Not to mention children, who are still in the developmental stage. If they are hit, it may cause shock to the child\’s respiratory center, cause respiratory failure, and eventually lead to death. 2. Temple The temple is a fragile part of the human body. This acupuncture point is also very important. The inner wall of the temple is relatively thin. If the child is hit, it is likely to fracture. Temple fractures will affect the development of the child\’s optic nerve and cause the child to become blind. There have been clinical cases where a person was blinded with a slap. 3. Ears. Many parents will twist their children\’s ears when they are disobedient. While twisting, they will say: The ears are for obedience. Why are you so disobedient? In fact, this is very wrong. A child\’s eardrum is very thin, and twisting the ears can easily damage the eardrum, or even cause perforation of the eardrum, affecting the child\’s hearing. 4 Spanking is the most normal thing for children. But have you ever thought that spanking will affect your child\’s life? The spinal cord and spine on the child\’s buttocks are not fully developed. If the child is hit for a long time, the child\’s spine can easily be damaged. It is extremely detrimental to the skeletal development of children during adolescence, and may also cause children to be prone to diseases such as lumbar disc herniation when they are old. Every child is a baby in the family. Every child is a little angel in the family. Every child comes into this world with our expectations and hopes for him. We must not cause irreparable accidents to our children because of our little emotions and our little behaviors. I hope more parents can see it and pay attention to these details.

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