What is the truth about babies with bloody stools and hemorrhoids due to anal prolapse? How can I relieve constipation?

Question 1 Hello, Dr. Cui. My child\’s stool is not very dry, but every time he has a stool, it turns outwards. Two days ago, there was blood in the stool. How should I treat this situation? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: This situation belongs to anal prolapse and requires examination and treatment at the anorectal department. Hemorrhoids in babies are usually caused by improper feeding. Adults are worried that the baby will not eat enough, so they increase the concentration of milk powder and neglect to replenish water; or they blindly supplement calcium, causing the stool to contain a large amount of insoluble calcium. Soap, causing constipation. ❶ If anal prolapse occurs, the baby should clean the affected area with warm water in time to avoid infection. ❷ For babies who drink milk powder, parents should prepare it according to the instructions. The concentration should not be too high to avoid getting angry and constipated. Parents should give their children water in time after drinking milk. ❸ Help your baby develop correct defecation habits from an early age and defecate on time. If there is a children\’s toilet at home, do not play with it while defecating. ❹ If your baby is already taking complementary food, eat more fruits and vegetables. Question 2: Hello doctor, my baby is three months old. In the past few days, I have found that one of his balls is bigger and the other is smaller. What\’s going on? Dr. He Jiexin answered: It is best to go to the hospital and let the doctor feel it. If necessary, do a color ultrasound. If you have testicles, you can rest assured. Question: My three- and two-year-old boy’s legs have been sloping when he walks recently. The doctor said it was synovitis and prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs. After taking it for three days, he didn’t feel better. Does he need an infusion? Dr. Zhang Yanmei answered: You have to reduce your activities and it will take at least half a month to get better. The infusion will get better faster, but it\’s also important to reduce activity.

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