What kind of baby has a high IQ?

In fact, whether a child is smart or not does not need to wait until the child grows up to find out. Sometimes in childhood, we can tell whether a child is smart and healthy through some \”detailed\” actions. If parents pay attention to observation in daily life, they can get a glimpse of the child\’s IQ and grasp the child\’s basic situation through a few small movements after the child wakes up. Unfortunately, many parents tend to ignore these detailed issues… Even if they notice it, they don\’t understand the meaning behind these issues. Some parents will even blindly stop their babies. Some behaviors have an impact on the child\’s physical and mental health. Case: \”The child is crying, why don\’t you go and comfort her?\” My best friend Qiqi\’s husband was working in the study nearby. He heard the cry of the child in the bedroom early. He was irritated and yelled this directly to Qiqi. . Listening to the child\’s cry and hearing her husband\’s words, Qiqi was also very impatient. She even felt a sense of grievance and said angrily: \”The child cries every day. Since she wants to cry, then let her cry.\” Well, when you are tired of crying, you will naturally stop crying. You don’t care, and I don’t care either.” In this way, a child was left hanging on the bed by an angry couple, crying \”very miserably\”. In the end, Qiqi couldn\’t bear it anymore, so she went over to coax the child impatiently, and while breastfeeding the child, she complained: \”No You know you are possessed by something evil, other people\’s children don\’t cry when they wake up, but you cry a lot, if you cry again next time, your mother will not care about you.\” Seeing this scene, the husband next to me couldn\’t help but said: \”Yes, I went to several other colleagues\’ homes, and their children were not as noisy as ours. After waking up, they lay quietly on the bed. , Not to mention how well-behaved, what is the reason for our child? Is there any disease?\” After hearing this, Qiqi\’s heart also felt cold. In the end, the young couple actually took the child directly because the child often cried. Went to the hospital. When the doctor heard the description of the young couple, he was also very dumbfounded. He explained directly to the baby\’s father and mother: \”It is normal for a child to cry after waking up. Excluding hunger and discomfort. \”Compared with children who wake up quietly and cry when they wake up, their nervous systems tend to be more developed and they will be smarter in the future. Don\’t worry too much.\” After hearing this, the young couple was still dubious. In the end, they had no choice. The doctor did a basic examination on the child, and sure enough, no problems were found. Now, the young couple could go home with peace of mind. As the doctor said, it is indeed very normal for a child to cry non-stop when he wakes up. It is even a sign that the child is smart. Parents do not need to be too sensitive at all. Of course, it’s not just the crying after the child wakes up. These behaviors after the child wakes up are actually signs of the child’s intelligence. I wonder if you’ve noticed it at ordinary times. Develop the potential of children aged 0-6 years old and develop babies with high EQ and IQ. The complete collection •The baby talks to himself after waking up. If the baby always talks to himself after waking up, every time he sees the child alone,The mouth is always dripping and gurgling, and parents don\’t understand what their children are expressing. Faced with this phenomenon, parents should not worry, but should be happy. This is a way for children to communicate with the outside world. At this moment, their brains are in a state of high excitement and exploration of their surroundings, which is very conducive to the development of intelligence. Parents should try not to interrupt their children\’s self-talk. •The baby \”entertains himself\” after waking up. When the baby wakes up, he always \”entertains himself\” habitually and has no other symptoms, so parents don\’t need to worry too much. There are always some parents who immediately start to worry when they see their children being so obedient, thinking that this is not how a child \”should behave\”. But in fact, those children who entertain themselves after waking up often represent more developed brains and stronger adaptability to the environment. Such children are often better at \”observing words and colors\” and smarter than other children. •The baby looks around after waking up. Some babies become restless after waking up, shaking their heads and looking around. Looking here and there, parents are also very curious. Isn\’t it just a house? Is it so beautiful? But in fact, for children, everything in the outside world is new. In the process of looking around, they also indirectly promote the development of the brain, which is extremely beneficial to the development of children\’s IQ. With the above points, take a look and see if your child has been \”taught\”? How to raise children with high IQ? How is it made? If you have any of the above symptoms, congratulations, your child will definitely be smart and healthy in the future. Of course, in addition to the above three points, if you want your children to become smarter, parents must start with regular education and training. Cultivate your children\’s thinking ability and supplement them with various nutrients, so that they can become better and smarter, grow up healthily, and become successful happily.

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