What kind of body type can give birth the fastest?

The most natural way to give birth is \”natural delivery\”, and many mothers also hope that they can give birth naturally. This will not only help the mother\’s recovery after childbirth, but will also promote the health of the baby. However, not every mother is suitable for vaginal delivery, and the level of difficulty experienced by each mother who has vaginal delivery is also very different. Some women\’s bodies are not suitable for natural delivery, and the process of natural delivery for some women is very difficult, even taking 10 hours to give birth. However, for some people, the natural delivery process is very simple and the labor is very short. Just like I saw a report some time ago: A pregnant mother went to the vegetable market to buy vegetables in her third trimester, but she didn\’t expect that while going to the market, she felt a cramp in her abdomen and her amniotic fluid broke on the spot. People around her immediately called 120, but as the pain became more intense, the mother made a prompt decision and \”gave birth\” directly in the vegetable market. Someone consciously formed a circle around the outside to protect the mother from giving birth, and some people with rich production experience came over to deliver the baby. It was originally a very dangerous process, but I didn\’t expect that the entire production process was extremely smooth. There were no professional personnel or professional facilities. It didn\’t take long for the child to be born directly, which shocked the people around him! And this mother is also dubbed as \”the most domineering mother in history.\” Many people are confused when they see this. Shouldn’t it be difficult to give birth naturally? Why is it that this mother can give birth directly in the street at the vegetable market, but it seems so simple. Some mothers also expressed helplessness: \”It took me eight hours from labor pains to the birth of the child, and I couldn\’t hold it any longer. How can other people give birth to a child so easily?\” In fact, every woman\’s physique is different. The same, so in the production process, there are differences in difficulty and time. Pregnant mothers with these characteristics are naturally equipped to give birth naturally, and \”not only give birth quickly, but also save effort\”! 1. Mothers with a moderate or light fetus are more likely to have a normal delivery. Many people believe that the weight of a child is directly proportional to the health of the child. They think that if a child is fat, he is healthy and cute. But in fact, it is not a good thing for a child to be overweight, as it will increase the difficulty of childbirth. Those babies who are underweight or in a normal state are more likely to pass through the birth canal and will be more likely to have a normal delivery. Therefore, mothers should not blindly supplement nutrition during pregnancy. Once the fetus is over-nourished and gains weight, it will easily cause difficulties in childbirth. It is most important for pregnant mothers to maintain nutrition, eat properly, and pay attention to the normal growth of the fetus. 2. Pregnant mothers who have better personal physical fitness and pay attention to exercise are more likely to give birth naturally. In addition, pregnant mothers with better physical fitness will naturally have a simpler process of giving birth. How about the book Gold Medal Confinement Sister teaches you about confinement? pdf download ultra clear [Precautions during confinement + Confinement recipes + Newborn care] Giving birth is not only a \”technical\” job, but also a \”physical\” job. \”Life, the entire production process will consume a lot of energy and physical strength of the human body, and a lot of physicalMothers who are weak or whose physical fitness is not up to standard simply cannot survive. If your personal physique is relatively good and you pay attention to exercise, you will have more energy and physical strength than other mothers, and the delivery will be relatively easier. Therefore, pregnant mothers must take good care of themselves during pregnancy, recharge their batteries, maintain sufficient physical strength, exercise appropriately, and always prepare for childbirth. 3. Pregnant mothers with larger pelvises are more likely to have a smooth delivery. Furthermore, some pregnant mothers with larger pelvises will have a smoother delivery process. Because the pelvis is too large, it will be easier for the child to pass through the birth canal, which will naturally be more conducive to delivery. Some old people often joke that \”girls with big butts are more likely to have children\”, which actually refers to girls with big pelvises. As for the size of the hip and pelvis, many people think that this is not congenital? But in fact, if we pay attention to exercise and fitness the day after tomorrow, especially movements such as squatting, it will naturally increase the elasticity of the pelvic floor muscles, making the birth process easier and simpler. The above three points, see which one do you meet? If you want to give birth naturally, you must not only follow the doctor\’s advice, but also look at these two points: ①: Look at the physical condition of the pregnant mother ②: Look at the position and size of the fetus. Therefore, when pregnant mothers pay attention to self-exercise, they should also pay attention to diet control to keep the weight of the fetus Just within the standard range. Of course, not every mother meets the requirements for normal delivery. As for the specific delivery method to choose, the key is to follow the doctor\’s professional advice as much as possible according to her personal constitution, and not to \”have her own way\” that affects the health and safety of herself and her child. safety. Finally, I hope that every mother can successfully give birth to a healthy and cute baby, and that every family can be happy, harmonious and complete.

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