What kind of education is the best education?

What kind of education is the best education in the family? Wang Zengqi is known as \”a lyrical humanitarian, China\’s last pure literati, and China\’s last scholar-official\”. The reason for these praises is not only because Wang Zengqi not only writes excellent articles, but also has a poetic taste in life that has been lost among literati for a long time. Wang Zengqi also has his own unique insights in educating children, and lives a comfortable little happiness from the little things in life. The relationship between parents and children is \”no big or small.\” Wang Zengqi recalled in the article \”Father and Son Became Brothers Over the Years\”: His father was concerned about his studies, but he did not force it. When he was a child, Wang Zengqi\’s Chinese language scores were always the first in his class. It often received praise from the teacher, so my father would show it to others. Wang Zengqi didn\’t do well in mathematics, and his father never blamed him. As long as he could pass, that would be fine. He loved painting when he was a child, and his father never gave him any advice. But when his father was painting, he would watch from the side. The rest of the time, Wang Zengqi would be flipping through the painting notes and wiping them out. When he was in junior high school, Wang Zengqi loved to sing opera and Tsing Yi. My father played the huqin at home and Wang Zengqi sang. Wang Zengqi fell in love for the first time at the age of seventeen. He wrote love letters at home during the summer vacation, but his father was there to give advice. In the eyes of boys, a good father is like a gentleman. He has authority but is not superior; he is generous and kind, but never unprincipled; he is like a role model when he is serious and like a partner when he plays… His father will not treat Wang Zengqi badly. He especially likes to join in children\’s creations and is a typical child king. At this point, we discovered that many of Wang Zengqi\’s character traits came from his father. He was a plain and easy-going man, loved flowers and plants, and had the taste of an old-time literati. This kind of father-son relationship is enviable to say the least. But it\’s rare. Most of the father-son relationships around us are harmonious and confrontational, and some can even be said to be tense. In our impression, the most touching image of a father is Zhu Ziqing\’s \”Back View\”, which shows a fat, aging man walking unsteadily across the platform to buy oranges. However, Zhu Ziqing cut off contact with his father because of the disharmony between father and son. In our culture, just like Long Yingtai\’s famous words: \”Parents and children are watching each other\’s backs go away, but you know, there is no need to chase.\” Our family love is a \”back-view style\” \”Emotion\”, the father sends his children to travel far away, the parents are lost, and the children escape. Therefore, Wang Zengqi’s relationship between father and son has also given us new inspiration. Instead of constantly admonishing and controlling, it is better to become one with your children. \”Free-range\” and \”respectful\” parent-child interactions Wang Zengqi has a lot of talents, but he clearly distinguishes between family affection and talents. He loves his children very much. His son Wang Lang felt that his father\’s education for his children was \”free-range\”. His mother asked him to teach his children how to write articles. The family bought \”Gu Wen Guan Zhi\”, read it several times, and then told half of \”The Biography of Mr. Wu Liu\” , this is the only education in memory. Wang Lang said that his father\’s influence on them was subtle and there was basically no direct education. Wang Chao particularly remembers that when his friends came to visit his home, his father quickly became like a family member.We get along with them like people, there is no sense of distance at all. He doesn\’t like to rely on his old age, and young people don\’t treat him differently. Sometimes he can tell them that at 12 o\’clock in the night, the courtyard door is closed, and the young people climb over the iron fence to go out. When his son fell in love, Wang Zengqi adopted an attitude of \”indifferent\”. He feels that the child\’s choice should be respected. Wang Zengqi said: Children belong to themselves. Their present, and their future, should be designed by themselves. Wang Zengqi once worked in rural Zhangjiakou. His son had just graduated from kindergarten and had just learned Chinese Pinyin, so he wrote his first letter to Wang Zengqi in Chinese Pinyin. Wang Zengqi did not write in Chinese characters, but also wrote a reply to his son in Chinese Pinyin. It can be seen that during the letter communication process with his son in the same kindergarten, he paid great attention to details and respected the child\’s cognitive level. On the other hand, some of our parents now hold their mobile phones, but ask their children to read books; they don’t work hard, but ask their children to live up to their expectations; they love their children, so they interfere and control them… Virginia Satir said in \” The book \”Respect Yourself\” says: I am who I am. The world is big, but no one is exactly like me. There are some people who look like me in some parts, but no one is exactly like me. Everything that comes from me truly belongs to me, because it is my own choice. Wang Zengqi\’s \”no big, no small\” is actually a respect for children\’s self-awareness. In the budding and development stage of children\’s self-awareness, he guides himself to discover and enjoy the possibility of life, allowing children to get closer to the miracle of themselves. Wang Zengqi\’s son Wang Lang once recalled that in the eyes of his children, Wang Zengqi was a very easy-going person, very casual and gentle, and rarely lost his temper. He had great influence outside, but at home he was \” The least status.” His \”low status\” is because he has no sense of \”occupying his place\”. He never thinks highly of himself in front of his family. Even after he became famous, he was uniformly called \”Old Man\” by the whole family. He was \”old man\”, \”old man\” came, \”old man\” went, no matter who called him, he agreed very happily. At home, anyone can make irresponsible remarks on his works, or even \”trample\” on his works. In addition to writing articles, Wang Zengqi can also draw and write. However, after finishing the painting, his granddaughter and granddaughter would find fault, saying what grandpa painted, why there is no water in the lotus, and the picture is too empty. He would also pick up his pen, draw water patterns on the drawing paper, and add lotus leaves. In this way, Wang Zengqi was also cheerful and never put on a show. His articles were often criticized at home. When his granddaughter was in fourth or fifth grade, she said that what his grandfather wrote was not good at all because there were no gorgeous words. Another granddaughter also agreed, thinking that the central idea of ​​the article was not outstanding at all. After hearing this, Wang Zengqi smiled and said, \”Well said, but there are no gorgeous words.\” He believes that \”no fancy words\” is a compliment to himself. Wang Zengqi is mainly responsible for writing and painting at home, and is responsible for three meals a day for his family. Wang Zengqi cooks very seriously. He has carefully considered what dishes to buy and what to pair with them. After the meal was ready, I asked my wife three times before serving it. However, Wang Zengqi had a deep relationship with his wife. After Wang Zengqi was relegated to the right wing and was decentralized,At that time, he said to his wife: \”Song Qing, wait for me for four years.\” His wife dragged her three children by herself and waited until Wang Zengqi came back. What is the best education for children? Famous educator reveals the secret for you PDF Wang Zengqi\’s \”lack of status\” when getting along with his children and wife is actually a kind of equality between them. Bend down, bend your knees, and talk to your child on an equal footing at eye level. On the other hand, some parents often look down upon their children, blaming or humiliating them before they finish a sentence. When a child does something that is not to his liking, he starts to criticize and attack him… he plays the role of a giant in front of the child, pointing fingers at the child\’s behavior from above. Virginia Satir said in \”Connecting with People\”: \”Freedom to see and hear, rather than thinking about how to see and hear. Free to express your thoughts, rather than thinking about how to go. Express. Feel freely, rather than tell yourself how you should feel.\” Only by giving the other person free space can you build a connection with the other person. In the relationship between parents and children, Wang Zengqi\’s \”no status\” just gives the children free space to develop, creating a warm and affectionate family atmosphere.

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