What kind of education would raise such a giant baby that would endanger society?

Protecting Our Daughter Today I originally wanted to write another article on \”What to do if your child is excluded\”, but when I saw the news about that barbecue restaurant, I really couldn\’t talk about anything else… I don\’t want to say anything here. A grown man bullies a weak woman. I want to say, \”I believe that because I am stronger than you, I can do whatever I want to you.\” This shows that these men have never learned how to behave since they were young! I saw someone conclude that girls should learn self-protection and some self-defense techniques. To be honest, if we are surrounded by several adult men as strong as cattle, no matter how many self-defense techniques we learn, it will be of no use. . Calm down and let\’s analyze it. Why Ku Fei quit the Chinese version of Super Wings cartoon Season 1~7 1080P Ultra HD 36.6G When he couldn’t get what he wanted, he started destroying it to vent his emotions – doesn’t this sound weird? Sound familiar? So, today I want to talk about what kind of education will eventually produce a giant baby that will harm society. Yes, parents who are \”afraid\” of their children. This kind of parents is common. They are afraid that their children will be unhappy. They are satisfied when their children lose their temper and always want to keep their children in a good mood. The biggest misunderstanding of this kind of parents is that they believe that emotions are divided into good and bad emotions, only good emotions can be had, and bad emotions need to be eliminated. Under the influence of this concept, once a child has a bad mood, the first thing he thinks about is not how to deal with it, but how to eliminate it. The most common way for giant babies to vent their emotions: when they are young, they cry and use toys to vent their emotions; when they are older, they vent to their parents; when they grow up, the people they vent to become the people they live with. The inability to handle emotions is a common crux of giant babies. This involves the second type of family education. Never provide children with emotional outlets but forcibly suppress their emotions. When children cry outside because they cannot get toys, parents say: \”Don\’t cry! Hold it back! Boys are always so worthless!\” They deny it with fierce words. , instead of understanding, letting the child think that you rejected me is equivalent to you looking down on me. Instead of hugging the children first, listening to their desires, and then using words to guide the children while hugging them away from the scene: \”Oh~ I really want to have such a fun toy now. I don\’t want to wait at all. We all Can\’t wait!\” After the child calms down, children under two years old can divert their attention, such as \”Let\’s go on the slide.\” or \”Let\’s read this book, okay?\” Children over two years old can encourage them through , use another form to express emotions, such as \”Do you want to draw it for your mother? How much do you want that toy?\” or \”Do you want to add this toy to your wish list now…\” We have many, many different ways. It all depends on whether you are willing to respect your children mentally. Because if you don’t respect your children, of course your children will not learn how to respect others. There are so many boundaries, and the instability is entirely based on the parents’ mood. Children most need a predictable growth environment during childhood, especially before the age of five, because predictability equals predictability.Take control. If the same thing can sometimes be satisfied, and sometimes it cannot be satisfied, and it will be scolded or beaten, then what the child learns from it is – I need to test the bottom line at all times, because I can\’t tell which time it will be satisfied. I got my wish. Things that are not okay are not okay. Touching a woman’s body without permission is not okay. When a woman says “no”, she means it literally! These are social rules that boys should learn from an early age. Children’s understanding of rules comes from the transmission of family rules. If the rules at home are inconsistent and the bottom line is high and low, then he will think that the harder he cries, the better he can achieve his goal. When he grows up, his crying will become physical harm, and his language ability will deteriorate to It can only meet physiological needs. Finally, I want to say that in order for our daughter to happily play strings on the street and enjoy life, please take good care of our sons first.

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