What medicine can you take for a cold during breastfeeding that won’t affect breastfeeding?

Question 1: I gave birth to a baby a few days ago and am currently in confinement. In the past two days, my gums have become swollen and painful, and I have developed a cold and fever. I am still breastfeeding, can I take Chinese patent medicines? Is it harmful to the baby? Dr. Zhang Yanyan answered: You can take medicine and it will not affect the baby. Isn’t it right to give infusion directly after cesarean section and breastfeed the baby as usual? If the mother is not allergic to penicillin, she can take amoxicillin capsules, which will have no effect on the baby\’s breastfeeding. Also drink more water and eat lighter meals. If the mother\’s fever exceeds 38.5 degrees, she can take ibuprofen to reduce the fever. If the fever does not exceed 38.5 degrees, she can take Bupleurum Antipyretic Granules. Chinese patent medicines are not very effective for toothache and are very slow. If you want to take Chinese patent medicine, you can take Pudilan oral liquid. Question 2: My child coughed, had phlegm and had a runny nose. The clinic prescribed some pediatric acetaminophen and xanthanamine granules and cefixime pediatric cough granules. After taking these for two days, he still has a cough. Ask how to do? There are two children, one is five years and four months old, and the other is three years old. The older one coughs a bit badly and has a hoarse voice, while the younger one has a severe cough when he wakes up in the morning. Doctor Wang Yanli answered: If the child has a runny nose, phlegm, and cough, it is better to consider a respiratory infection. . If the child does not have much nasal discharge, you can stop acetaminophen and take cefixime and felixir to reduce phlegm. Disease treatment requires a process. If inflammation is not controlled and cough symptoms are not significantly relieved, it is not recommended to change dressings back and forth. It can be atomized locally and the doctor can listen to the lungs at any time to understand changes in the condition. Question 3: I am 36+3 weeks pregnant. Can I have a normal delivery with borderline placenta previa? Dr. Pan Guilan answered: Marginal placenta previa is not an indication for cesarean section. Pay attention to the baby\’s fetal movements in the later period and do not be too tired.

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